Chapter 1596

Chapter 1596 - Miraculous Tea Leaves

Shi Hao’s words sounded rather easygoing, not all that serious, immediately making some creatures reveal strange expressions. This really was opposing him with equal harshness, not giving an inch!

The two of them had previously been refined in the same Yin Yang Furnace, but there was no good karma established. Chi Menghong still carried hostility, really wanting to kill Huang!

Meanwhile now, they met again on Dao Comprehension Mountain. He had long prepared to fight a great battle. Scarlet King’s descendants were always cold-hearted, iron-blooded and ruthless, other clans always fearful of them.

On the mountaintop, the earth was hard, revealing a metallic color. However, there was still a mattress of green grass covering it, releasing sparkling green radiance.

Right at this time, strong winds suddenly surged between the two, tearing apart space. Then, great thunder sounded, erupting there.

Before they even traded blows, the formless fields between the two of them already displayed such shocking destructive power, making the other cultivators shudder inwardly.

From start until now, Chi Menghong didn’t get up, always sitting on the green grass, extremely self-confident. Even when facing Huang, he still didn’t stand up.

He had a pair of scarlet eyes, red like gemstones, also like blood suns, extremely intimidating.

His long hair scattered about, extremely young and heroic in appearance, giving off a type of supreme confidence, calm and confident. When he calmly sat there, he was an insurmountable archaic demonic mountain!

Chi Menghong was definitely powerful, able to look down on all creatures of the same generation!

Shi Hao walked forward, his footsteps extremely light, as if he was just going for a stroll, advancing step by step. However, the mountain itself seemed to tremble with his steps, the entire world starting to resonate.

This was a type of formless great power!

With this type of power, it was the same as moving the great dao, commanding the world.


Precisely between the two, there were terrifying fluctuations rippling outwards. This time, all types of irregular scenes appeared in the void, dragons crying and lions roaring, lightning flashing and thunder rumbling!

With a kacha noise, the cracks in the void became even more concentrated. Moreover, the black cracks became larger, as if the heavenly dome was shattered, about to reveal another world.

“Stop, if you all wish to carry out a great confrontation, please leave the mountaintop central region!”

There was someone who shouted, an expert in charge of protecting the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree. There were many experts seated beneath the tree, all of them older generation figures who remained here year-round.

It was because this tree was too important, worth watching over by the various clans to avoid someone stealing it. There were always powerful cultivators overseeing this place.

Chi Menghong was always arrogant, proud and unfeeling, but now, he didn’t retort, instead calmly sitting there, not taking action again.

It was because the distance from this place to Dao Comprehension Tree was too close. If people at their level fought, the blastwaves would reach the ancient tree, worrisome even if there were formations protecting this place.

Chi Menghong didn’t move again. When he looked at Shi Hao, his eyes were extremely cold, a cold smile resting at the corners of his lips, killing intent not decreasing. However, he didn’t say anything else.

“Huang, just enjoy your final bit of time, or else you won’t have any more opportunities.”

The servant at Chi Menghong’s side spoke. He had an extremely young face, a light smile on his face, carrying a sunlight-like gentle temperament.

It was just a slave, yet he was this easygoing when speaking to Shi Hao, thinking his own status as high, as if on equal footing with Shi Hao, pointing and talking about him.

Shi Hao frowned, how could he not develop a feeling of disgust? The most important thing was that this battle servant was a human, yet he was perfectly happy to be in this role, enjoying his position and status.

Servitude nature!

These two words directly appeared in Shi Hao’s mind as he stared there. However, he didn’t say any more. If he bickered with a servant, then that would only lower his own status.

Heh heh, Huang, you are quite strong, but do not make any mistake, I advise you to beg for forgiveness earlier. If my family’s young lord is satisfied, your fate might be changed.” The one with the young face spoke up again.

There were three battle servants behind Chi Menghong, their ages comparatively greater. They weren’t humans, right now, they released battle auras, extremely powerful in appearance. These three’s eyes revealed divine radiance, their expressions not good, really wishing to fight in Chi Menghong’s place. If they suppressed Huang, then the meaning would be completely different.

Shi Hao’s eyes were cold. For Chi Menghong’s servants to dare act like this proved just how arrogant they were normally, even daring to throw their weight around in this type of situation.

Heng!” Shi Hao released a cold snort. It was as if a streak of lightning hacked down on that human servant’s body, making his sea of consciousness tremble greatly, simply about to explode.

Chi Menghong stared at Shi Hao, eyes like cold lightning. An expanse of light surged behind him, helping that servant neutralize this danger, or else there would be a huge problem.

When others saw this scene, they all sucked in a cold breath of air. Huang was this powerful, just a snort enough to take down many enemies.

“There’s not much time left, prepare to pick the Dao Comprehension Leaves!” Someone spoke. The mountaintop immediately became noisy, everyone revealing expressions of joy, eyes brilliant.

They were all extremely happy, because they came to Dao Comprehension Mountain precisely for this tea. Now, it matured, could be picked.

Shi Hao and Chi Menghong’s confrontation was interrupted, not continuing. Instead, they all looked towards the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree.

The people below the tree all stood up, putting away all types of secret treasures they held. The screen of light disappeared, revealing the immortal tree’s full appearance.

The old tree was large and thick, as if a horned dragon was laying dormant here. It had many branches, upright and strong, but the leaves on them weren’t that many, sparse.

This wasn’t this year’s low yield, but rather that the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree was always like this.

There were many branches, but not every branch had a leaf. That was why when it was examined as a whole, it seemed a bit bare.

However, the tree was definitely not lacking in vitality, because it released rich life energy. This was an immortal tree, known as one of the world’s most astonishing medicinal herbs, immortal energy naturally swirling about it.

“One, two…” Some people counted, and then they all cheered, crying out.

It was because when they were carefully counted, there were three thousand leaves on the branches, not more, not less, perfectly matching the amount of certain natural laws.

“Three thousand great dao, three thousand leaves, haha, this really is too great, a year of great harvest!” Everyone became incomparably happy.

It was because it was unknown just how many years would pass before the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree could be picked once again, often hundreds to over a thousand years before it could mature. Whenever the leaves matured, when it was few, they would number a hundred or so, only in special situations would there be three thousand.

Sigh, now that there are three thousand this time, for there to be a great harvest next time, it will likely be another few thousand years!” There were others who sighed, feeling like there was another endless wait ahead.

After the old tree’s leaves were picked, it would germinate once more sooner or later, and then slowly grow. The amount of time this would take was too great.

“Sacrificial offering!”

Before the harvest, there was actually a special ceremony carried out, and only afterwards did those elders begin to pick them. They picked those leaves extremely carefully.


Cold light flickered, a leaf actually releasing sword radiance when it was touched, moreover releasing waves of sword cries.

The leaf was long and fine, looking like a divine sword, rising and falling in the air.


A long drawn-out bell sound rang out. Another leaf shone, releasing an earthen yellow radiance, as if a great bell was ringing.

Moreover, its appearance was extremely special, not flat, but rather also like a bell, extremely strange!

With a hu noise, fiery light surged. This was a scarlet red leaf, its appearance not much different from a precious furnace, currently releasing fiery light.

Others couldn’t help but be shocked, especially Shi Hao. This was the first time he saw the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, leaving him completely astonished.

The other youngsters were also greatly amazed, because even though they had heard about it before, this was the first time they came here. It was because at their age, the last time the tea leaves were picked, they still hadn’t been born yet.


A tiger roar sounded, the voice fierce and powerful, released by a white leaf. It was shaped like a white tiger, vivid and lifelike. Right now, it actually released roaring sounds.

Then, there was a five-colored leaf that released five-colored divine light, releasing phoenix cries. It bathed in rebirth holy splendor, accompanied by divine flames, dazzling and brilliant. It was a leaf that looked like a phoenix!

Upon closer inspection, the three thousand leaves were completely different, every single one standing apart from the others. Regardless of whether they were in the shape of creatures or various great dao weapons, they were all extremely lifelike, moreover giving off a type of pressure.

This was precisely the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree!

It was just this mysterious and miraculous, which was why it was known as a rare treasure throughout eternity. This was a rare precious tree cultivators yearned for even in their dreams!

The elders who picked the tea leaves were extremely careful, fearing that the leaves might be damaged. In the end, they separately stored these leaves in three thousand small jade containers, sealing them.

“Now is the time of harvest, the tea ceremony will begin!” An elder declared, one of the protectors of the ancient tea tree.

The tea leaves were picked clean, the upright and strong ancient tree completely bare, not a single leaf left behind. However, it still carried exuberant life essence energy, not appearing dispirited.

Under the tree was an altar that was extremely short, but it was holy and divine. It was made of earth, currently releasing mysterious splendor.

The three thousand jade containers were all placed on the altar, densely packed and numerous, specks of radiance flickering about.

The earthen altar shone, extremely gentle and soft. The three thousand jade containers were surrounded in a curtain of light, appearing increasingly auspicious and tranquil.

“Through your own strength, even more so through fate, come and choose the tea!”

“Only one tea leaf can be seized each time. After the tea is created and finished, dao comprehension successful, you may continue picking another tea leaf.”

The elders spoke up one after another, informing everyone about the rules of this place.

“Every single leaf contains a type of unmatched great dao, it will depend on your own fate with that dao. Perhaps you are more intimate to a certain leaf, this will signify that you should walk that path.” Another elder reminded.


Immediately afterwards, many people took action. They stood in the distance, using powerful magical force to seize the jade containers from the altar.

However, most of them were covered in sweat, unable to move that altar at all. Even though they tried again and again, it was to no avail, unable to obtain any of the leaves.


Finally, a jade container moved, rushing out from the earthen altar, flying towards the crowd.

There were so many experts, yet only a few dozen jade containers were seized by magical force, flying out one after another, pitifully few.

One of them flew towards Shi Hao, he succeeded! At the same time, he was extremely excited, wishing to see what shape the leaf that had affinity with him was like, if it could point out a path for him!

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