Chapter 1595

Chapter 1595 - Ancestor Provoked

This was but one of the past top ten King Clan young experts! After several hundred years had passed, his cultivation advanced greatly, at the late stage of Self Release Realm, supreme being path already in sight!

However, he was still killed, leaving everyone here shocked.

One had to understand that the blue-robed male really was extremely valiant, who knew how many times stronger than Martial Heavenly King and the others. However, this terrifying elite was still killed so quickly.

The faces of the cultivators here all changed, because the blue-robed male died too fast, even faster than when Shi Hao killed Martial Heavenly King and others in Imperial Pass.

This only proved how terrifying Huang’s cultivation advancement was!

His strength increased by a large margin in the shortest amount of time, too difficult for even one of the ten great kings of the past to face him!

This was a world-shaking individual!

These words appeared in many people’s minds. No matter how much they hated Huang, they had to admit that this young expert was too extraordinary, with unstoppable talent.

If he was given time to grow up, he might become unmatched under heaven!

Shi Hao’s projection became smaller, recovering his normal height. After trampling that human slave to death, he already arrived at the mountaintop. He looked forward.

“This… really is an ancestor!” In the rear, the gray-clothed man said to himself, his head covered in sweat. He felt like Huang really was too good at provoking trouble.

Just how much time had passed? After coming to Dao Comprehension Mountain, Scarlet King bloodline’s son-in-law exploded underneath his feet, and now, one of the past ten great young experts was torn apart. It was just too savage.

This was, without a doubt, going to stir up great waves!

He hurriedly transmitted sound out, releasing a report, best if the undying existences knew. Otherwise, he really was scared that Huang would provoke even more trouble.

The gray-clothed individual knew himself well, knowing that he wasn’t Huang’s opponent, that he couldn't stop him.

“Was this smashing a pot because it is already cracked anyway?” He began to suspect. Could it be that Huang felt like he didn’t have much hope left anyway, so he purposely came to unleash a slaughter?

Heh, interesting. Just a captive from Imperial Pass, yet still dares to stir up trouble here, not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth!” Someone on the mountaintop said coldly.

Shi Hao frowned. He sensed that this individual was extremely strong, should be a half supreme being.

However, his mind was burning with passion, not feeling any fear, really wishing to give it a go, see if he could contend against him!

This time, after undergoing a transformation in Gu Clan’s Yin Yang Furnace, he obtained tremendous benefits, entire body full of power. He wanted to find someone strong to test it out against.

At the top of the mountain, the green grass was like cushioning, all of the grass not over three inches long, every stalk like green jewels, sparkling and brilliant, extremely soft. Rich heaven and earth essence energy spread outwards.

It was because in order to reach the highest point of Dao Comprehension Mountain, one had to fight for it. Only the strong could reach this place, obtaining a spot to sit in.

The one who spoke didn’t show himself, nor did he come over to attack Shi Hao. After speaking coldly, he became silent again.

The mountain summit was extremely vast and spacious, the meadow releasing gentle light. The various great King Clans were scattered throughout, sitting on the ground. There was enough of a cushioning between them, so that there was no conflict.

Shi Hao no longer looked towards these people, nor did he seek out the one who spoke out against him just now, instead directly looking towards the center-most area of this mountaintop.

Waves of sweet scent drifted over from that place, the brilliance also released in this place.

There were people protecting that place, all of them powerful cultivators with secret treasures in hand, guarding against unexpected situations.

When Shi Hao opened his heavenly eyes, seeing through the screen of light, he saw that immortal medicine!

An ancient tree was rooted there, its trunk thick, old bark cracking like dragon scales, unfolding outwards. This tree was extremely ancient, unknown just how many years it had lived for.

Of course, the most amazing part wasn’t its branches and trunk, but rather its leaves. Every single leaf was extremely brilliant, releasing brilliance, falling like stellar rivers, winding about the branches.

These were precisely the Dao Comprehension Tea’s precious leaves, the value immeasurable!

When it was used to make tea, slowly sipped, one would enter a state of comprehension, able to experience the wonders of heaven and earth dao.

Whenever the leaves matured, it would always be a grand occasion!

Shi Hao was stunned, producing a strange expression. The leaves of this tea tree were extremely strange, no two leaves the same. Their shapes were strange, colors brilliant, not identical.

The sweet scent was released from the tree leaves, just the smell alone making one’s body feel light, primordial spirit relaxed, as if they could directly comprehend the dao.

A light breeze blew past. The tree was brilliant, releasing huala noises. All of the leaves were shaking, indicating that the tea tree’s leaves had matured, that they could already be picked!

At this time, the others’ eyes weren’t looking at the immortal medicine, but rather all at Huang.

When they saw that he was this calm, acting as if no one else was here, just looking at the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, a few experts released cold snorts.

This was especially the case when streaks of lightning were released, incredibly penetrating, cutting across the void like lightning, making even space distort, shooting towards Shi Hao!

These were people’s gazes, extremely fierce. When normal cultivators stood before it, they would most likely be directly torn apart!


Those eyes aimed over, actually piercing space, could be considered attacking Shi Hao.

Everyone was alarmed. Just a look could tear apart the void, these were definitely experts among experts, extraordinary figures!

However, when it approached Shi Hao’s body, those gazes couldn’t do anything. He stood there calmly, body incomparable, not injured.

His body shone, bright and sparkling, locking this place down, not letting any other power approach his body.

Shi Hao’s eyes were bright, looking towards the creatures seated on the meadow.

His face was cold and indifferent. Those who released vicious looks weren’t simple after all, likely the same as that blue-robed cultivator, all of them heaven warping figures from many years ago.

However, he didn’t feel any fear!

As expected, this was a distinguished meeting. He saw many King Clans, all of them surging with blood energy, clearly formidable individuals.

The most important thing was that these people all looked quite young, regardless of whether they were under a hundred or several hundred years old, they were all still part of the younger generation, having powerful potential. It was hard to say how far they would reach in the future.

What left Shi Hao the most amazed was that there were some who were even stronger than the blue-robed cultivator he killed, moreover even younger!

Soon afterwards, he understood. It was because the clans all had young elites, but most of them always remained in seclusion, only today did they leave their family’s ancient lands.

Apart from this, there were some that kept a low profile, never seeking any reputation!

There were some extremely young creatures, their origins should be extremely great! It was because their fighting strength was extremely shocking, Shi Hao reckoned that they should be close to He Ziming. One had to understand that the latter was the number one expert of the King Clans, not weaker than Emperor Clans!

In short, there weren’t many old and gray-haired elders, most of them young cultivators.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao saw Yu Yu, Qing Kun, Wu Kun, and other Emperor Clans. They also came!

Of course, the most unexpected was that Chi Menghong was also here, seated on the grass, not moving at all. There were some battle servants behind him, their auras terrifying.

This left Shi Hao shocked. Chi Menghong was here, yet he didn’t make a sound all this time, nor did he express his position. This was quite unexpected.

One had to understand that he killed their so-called son-in-law. This could be considered Chi Menghong’s brother-in-law!

Shi Hao always thought that Chi Menghong didn’t come yet, or maybe he had something else to do today. He didn’t expect him to be sitting right at the top of the mountain.

Why didn’t he save his own brother-in-law, actually remaining here?

“I’ve always wanted to kill you, but I’ve always been stopped, held back by those Emperor Clan supreme beings. Now, it seems like I might have ample reason to end you today!” Chi Menghong spoke, his voice extremely cold.

This person didn’t hide his hostility towards Huang. Ever since Shi Hao met him, he could already sense that the other side really wanted to kill him.

Now that they met, was Chi Menghong really going to fight against him?

“You really can keep your composure, just watching your brother-in-law throw his life away without even lifting a finger, really are ruthless enough.” Shi Hao said with a sneer.

“Not even able to take more than a dozen or so moves from you, even someone like him wants to vainly marry into my Scarlet King bloodline? Not qualified at all!” Chi Menghong said coldly.

Everyone was looking in this direction, feeling that an Emperor Clan was going to face off against Huang.

In a few experts’ eyes, Chi Menghong will take action, but not necessarily go against the undying decree and slaughter Huang. However, there will definitely be the most ferocious battle.

Scarlet King bloodline was always the most ruthless, merciless when they took action, full of viciousness. This might be a killing intent stored within their very bones.

Back then, Scarlet King slaughtered too many experts, even more so refined an Immortal King into a bloody paste, known to be the most vicious undying king!

His descendants possessed a similar style!

“Emperor Clan, what a pity, you were called Chi Menghong? Try not to lose your life later.” Shi Hao said. Since the other party was so full of hostility, then there was no need for him to hold back either.

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