Chapter 1593

Chapter 1593 - Obliterated

The group of people were all shocked, all of them suddenly standing up in the pavilion, facing Shi Hao.

No one expected Huang to be this domineering and direct, taking the initiative to provoke them. That King Clan young master’s head tumbled about, making all of their bodies go cold.


That King Clan young master was frightened. The head that was spared was purposely left by Huang, rolling next to the pavilion. He endured the great pain as he watched everything.

Shi Hao erupted with killing intent, using the Earth to Inches great divine ability just like that, pressing over step by step, staring at all of the creatures in the pavilion.

There were several children in the jade disk, all of them only three or four years old. Their bodies were sealed, unable to speak or move, but their eyes were full of fear, already about to faint from fear.

Shi Hao had met some vicious beasts who were extremely savage before, but he had never seen creatures like these. They put on refined appearances, could be considered beautiful young men, yet had such terrifying bloody mouths when eating.

“Huang, this place isn’t Imperial Pass. You are in my world, do not go too far!” Someone shouted.


Shi Hao still released a fist, his eyes ice-cold. The power around his fist was extremely concentrated, releasing a streak of terrifying divine light, directly blasting through that person’s body. He immediately cried out miserably, flying outwards, and then exploded on the ground, only a head left to roll about.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t kill them, but rather that Shi Hao purposely left them alive, to let them watch, at the same time taste the threat of death.

There were eight or nine people, every one of them ruthless and cold-blooded. However, when they faced Shi Hao now, they all panicked, not as calm as before.

Only the scholarly looking male referred to as emperor’s son-in-law remained extremely calm, still chewing, slowly swallowing his food. In the end, he used a towel to wipe away the blood from the corners of his lips.

“Huang, do you know what you are doing?” He spoke up, questioning Shi Hao like this.

In the back, the young girl next to the old woman had long begun crying. It was because if Shi Hao didn’t save her, just now, she would have met the same fate as what just happened before her eyes, be eaten.

“Huang, you better not act randomly.” Inside the pavilion, there were others who put on fierce appearances while actually terrified inside, shouting out like this.

“You reached a crucial point, needing special human blood? However, you just eat them this savagely?” Shi Hao said coldly.

If it was a wild beast, then that was that, but this was a humanoid creature, extremely graceful and calm looking, yet he carefully ate these children, this contrast really was too great.

This was precisely the reason why when Shi Hao saw this himself, he decided to take action powerfully. In his opinion, that so-called emperor’s son-in-law was intolerably savage.

“These children are so small, yet you have the heart to eat them in such a cruel manner?” Shi Hao shouted.

He carefully sensed, discovering that these children innately had a few strange bones within them, bloodlines unordinary. After they grew up, they should precisely be the so-called ‘exceptional talents’, innately having a type of precious technique.

Meanwhile, this type of spirited children, innocent and pure, still at such a young age, were treated as food, eaten alive.

“I will give you one chance. Immediately turn around, don’t overestimate yourself, because this isn’t any of your business. This is my food.” This emperor’s son-in-law said.

The King Clan young master definitely wanted to offer up the small girl as a form of boot-licking.

“You think you are anyone special? Do I need you to give me any chances? Shi Hao said. Moreover, he condensed a fist imprint, about to take action.

“Huang, hurry and stop, don’t stir up conflict!” The gray-clothed individual who had always followed behind him, hurriedly transmitting sound, telling him to not act rashly.

Shi Hao wanted to know what kind of background this scholarly male had. As a result, the gray-clothed elder told him that this was an Emperor Clan’s ‘son in law’.

Moreover, he was related to the most vicious Emperor Clan, someone from Scarlet King’s bloodline.

“His fiance is Chi Menghong’s younger sister!” The gray-clothed individual warned.

Chi Menghong, the outstanding inheritor of Scarlet King’s bloodline. He had previously been sent into the Yin Yang Furnace together with Shi Hao, his cultivation extraordinary.

Moreover, Chi Menghong always wanted to kill Huang.

Now, this emperor’s son-in-law was actually related to Scarlet King’s bloodline.

Chi Menghong’s younger sister was under the Emperor Clan’s direct line of descent, so this person before him was naturally extremely terrifying.

“Huang, you should understand your current situation, right? You still aren’t backing off?!” When the people in the pavilion saw Shi Hao’s blank look, not saying anything, they thought that he was scared, thus now provoking him.

The things that happened here naturally caused a disturbance, because in the distant mountain path, there were many creatures on the stone stairway who saw this scene.

“Are you forcing me to kill you all one by one?” Shi Hao finally spoke up.

Inside the pavilion, the faces of the ones who spoke up just now became pale, subconsciously backing up, feeling a bit of regret, a haze appearing over their hearts, extremely scared.

“Huang, you’ve crossed the line. This is my food, what right do you have to interfere?” That emperor’s son-in-law laughed coldly.

“I am a human, yet you all are this savage. Since I saw it, I naturally have to get involved.” Shi Hao said.

“You feel like just because of you are a human too that you have to interfere? However, humans are my food to begin with, should be eaten. Is this something you can afford to meddle in?” The emperor’s son-in-law said.

“You treat humans as food, but I see you as prey. What do I care what kind of place this is, what the situation is like? You already see me here, yet you don’t have a trace of repentance, in that case, just die!” Shi Hao said domineeringly.

Everyone was shocked. Huang was about to take action.


The emperor’s son-in-law moved, a golden long blade appearing in his hands. He brandished it about, the aura devouring the world, truly extremely powerful, bringing with it divine chains of order, hacking towards Shi Hao.

He believed that even if he wasn’t a match, he could still hold on until reinforcements came. There were too many experts on the mountain, which was why he wanted to find a way to hold on.

However, the result was outside his expectations, as well as beyond everyone’s predictions.

Huang directly stopped his divine blade with two fingers. With a ka ba noise, a light shake, the golden long blade shattered.

What kind of strength was this?


However, the emperor’s son-in-law was indeed quite strong, releasing heaven overflowing light. Many secret techniques were released, blasting towards Shi Hao.


It was still that simple. It was as if Shi Hao had an Imperishable Golden Body, completely unstoppable, charging right through the ancestral techniques barrier of light, arriving in front of the emperor’s son-in-law, breaking one of his arms.

This was quite astonishing. Huang was this powerful? Even though they already made some mental preparations, this was still shocking.

Ah… he screamed, face becoming pale. He didn’t expect to be seriously injured as well. Of course, the most shocking thing was that Huang’s strength far exceeded his imagination.


Shi Hao took action, this time, after a fist smashed out, even though the emperor’s son-in-law continuously resisted, after eight moves, his body still exploded to pieces, only a head remaining.

“This is bad, things have now become big!” The gray-clothed individual transmitted sound to Shi Hao. Scarlet King bloodline’s people weren’t good to provoke.

Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention, walking over just like that, trampling the King Clan young master’s head from before to pieces. Blood splashed out, the restricted primordial spirit also turned into scattered ashes.


Another light noise sounded. Another creature who only had a head left had his head crushed to pieces, losing his life.

“Don’t act randomly, Chi Menghong’s sister is going to become my dao companion, you…” That so-called emperor’s son-in-law was now truly frightened, shouting out like this.

“Turns out you aren’t an emperor’s son-in-law yet. Even if you were, what are you still hoping for now that things reached this step? I’ll send you on your way just the same!”


Shi Hao crushed his head to pieces with a single stamp, this so-called emperor’s son-in-law’s life ended just like that.

Everyone in the surroundings had blank looks on their faces, simply not daring to believe what happened, not even reacting properly yet. Huang decisively took these peoples’ lives just like that.

This was too brash and domineering!


Only a moment later did everyone erupt into discussion, really shaken. Huang was so daring, actually able to do even this type of thing.

Even now, everyone was still in a bit of disbelief. That person was about to become the dao companion of a princess from Scarlet King’s bloodline, yet he was slaughtered just like that.

“Huang, you’ve provoked a huge disaster!” The gray-clothed individual was shaken. He couldn’t help but shout out, warning Shi Hao.

“Huang killed the son-in-law of Scarlet King’s bloodline!”

“Heavens, an emperor’s son-in-law was killed just like that, powerfully slaughtered by Huang!”

In that instant, everyone snapped out of their daze, couldn’t help but cry out.

Shi Hao ascended the mountain, climbing it step by step. The old woman and little girl always followed him, their expressions complicated, but also extremely happy.

Below the mountain, news spread like a storm, sweeping over, the disorder quite great.

Meanwhile, at this time, Shi Hao already approached the mountaintop. He stood below, looking at the hazy radiance released by the immortal medicine.

From the distance, this immortal tree was rooted at the mountain summit, entirely sparkling, releasing an extremely gentle and divine radiance.

“Huang, you touched an Emperor Clan’s person?!” On the mountaintop, someone roared out.

“So what if I did?” Shi Hao replied, continuing up, becoming more powerful and resolute.

“The Emperor Clan won’t let you go!” That person shouted.

“Then I’ll just fight!” Shi Hao replied.

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