Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592 - Human Race

The little girl wasn’t big, only four or five years old. Originally, she was quite pretty, but now, her small face carried fear, large eyes full of tears. Her body was thrown over the old woman’s body.

She was crying, shouting, reaching out her small hands to protect her grandma, blocking with her weak little body, not letting that man hurt the old woman.

The young man didn’t show any mercy, that foot stepping down towards the grandmother and granddaughter pair, eyes full of cold light, expression a bit fierce.

If they were trampled on, how could that little child take it? Meanwhile, that old woman didn’t seem like a powerful individual either, already quite old, difficult for her to bear serious injuries too.

“Don’t hurt her!” The old woman had blood on her mouth, forehead full of wrinkles, white hair filling her head, weather-beaten. She did her best to turn around, using her own body to protect the little girl.

“Grandma!” The little girl cried out, tears tumbling down, feeling extremely grieved.

The youngster’s foot trampled down, still not stopping, about to land on them.


Right at this time, this youngster felt intense pain from his back, entire body flying out, landing on the ground with a putong noise. His muscles and bones felt as if they were all snapped and broken, entire body in pain.

This was especially the case with his back, burning with intense pain.

“Who?!” He roared out in anger.

It was because he was sent flying by a kick.

Originally, his foot was stamping down on the grandmother granddaughter pair, but in the end, he was the one kicked flying. This really was a bit unexpected.

“Human, Nine Heavens’ descendant, you… dare humiliate me?!”

When he saw Shi Hao, sure that this was a human, he immediately became furious, face falling ashen, shouting, “Whose family’s servant are you?”

It was because in his opinion, the Nine Heavens’ descendants were all servants of different clans, rarely did they have their own freedom.

“Treating a child like this, aren’t you a bit too vicious?” Shi Hao stood there, looking towards the young man on the ground.

“What does it have to do with you? This is my family’s servant, if I want to kill, then I’ll kill, if I want to cut them, then I’ll do what I want. You are just a human, yet you dare act unbridled before me?!” The male on the ground erupted in rage.

In that instant, he leapt up, looking coldly at Shi Hao. It was because even though that kick inflicted great pain, Shi Hao didn’t deal a killing blow.

Right now, the surrounding creatures all looked over.

“Young master, what’s wrong?” In addition, when people further away heard sounds of activity, they quickly rushed over, clearly this male’s subordinates.

Of course, there were some who cried out in alarm, because those creatures immediately recognized Huang, never expecting it to be this disaster.


Shi Hao walked over, a foot extending out. With a peng noise, he stepped down on this young man’s body, stuffing his following curses and words right back down his throat.

This male was stunned. He was extremely strong, yet right now, he already dodged, moreover took action, ancestral methods covering his body, yet in the end, he was still kicked flying.

This wasn’t like the kick just now, his chest now had several bones that directly cracked apart. He screamed miserably, blood vomited from his mouth, falling onto the ground.

“Who are you, daring to attack me?!” The expression in the young man’s eyes was malicious, gnashing his teeth in anger.

“Little friend, you should hurry and leave!” That old woman on the ground urged Shi Hao, fearing that he was bringing disaster onto himself.

That young girl’s face carried tears, large eyes carrying gratitude, and also alarm. When she looked at Shi Hao, she was at a loss for what to do, not expecting someone to help them.

“Human race, nothing more than servants, yet you dare take action against me! I don’t care which King Clan’s battle servant you are, you are going to die!” That youngster said with a cold voice.

That young girl’s face immediately became snow-white, horrified. Her nose twitched, and then she cried out, full of fear as she said, “Big brother, you should hurry and go.”

The grandmother and granddaughter both advised Shi Hao.

Quite a few people in the surroundings already recognized Shi Hao. They all released cries of alarm, discussing amongst themselves.

“It’s Huang, he came!”

Moreover, that young man’s servants also hurried over, carrying shocked expressions, but also killing intent, looking in this direction.

“Kill him for me!” The young man roared out with red eyes.

“Young master, cease your anger! He is Huang!” These servants hurriedly supported the young man, advising against it.

“Huang, what Huang? Ah, it’s hum?!” The young master suddenly realized within his shock, the red color in his eyes disappearing. He was still angry, but when he looked at Shi Hao, he felt a bit helpless.

This young man was extremely upset. First of all, their strength was definitely inferior to Huang’s, moreover, if one wanted to retaliate against him, they had the undying existences’ decree to worry about.

“Huang, even though you are forceful, what I do is none of your business, right? That is my family’s servant, I can deal with them however I want!” The young man said in rage. He came from a King Clan, so he had the backing to be a bit more fierce.

The grandmother and granddaughter were stunned, because from these words, they realized that the so-called Huang was incredibly valiant, even King Clans’ young masters feeling restraining fear.

“Big brother, please save us!” The little girl spoke, large eyes full of tears. With a blink of her eyes, tears tumbled down, incredibly pitiful.

Shi Hao nodded, not even asking why. It was because he could guess at their situation without even thinking too much about it. As the Nine Heavens’ descendants, their lives were extremely miserable.

“Huang, what right do you have to manage my servants?” That King Clan young lord said coldly.

“Young master, forget it. It’s just one servant, don’t act rashly.” At his side, there were old servants who hurriedly walked up, stopping him, bringing him away.

That young man also calmed down a bit, not continuing to berate the other side. It was because he felt a bit of restraining fear, long hearing about Huang’s rumors. If there was someone who provoked him, then they might really be directly killed.

Shi Hao started to ascend the mountain, the grandmother and granddaughter following him. This made him sigh. This was only temporarily helping them, it didn’t truly free them from their misfortune.

Dao Comprehension Mountain was extremely large. When walking on it, one would feel like a speck of dust. The mountain was spacious, as if over a hundred great mountains were pieced together.

Many people ascended the mountain, but there weren’t many who flew up, most of them walking up the stone stairs step by step. It was because if they wished to comprehend the dao, they had to do this.

At the same time, because this was a sacred land in many creatures’ eyes, flight was not permitted out of respect.

Even though the mountain was extremely large, still very far from the mountaintop, Shi Hao already felt that this mountain summit’s life essence energy flourished like a sea. Needless to say, this was naturally because of the long life medicine -- Dao Comprehension Tea Tree.

At the same time, there was a wave of gentle light that scattered down. Despite the mountain being so great, one could still sense an auspicious aura undulating.

There were many creatures on the mountain. Some of them recognized Shi Hao, none of them daring to get too close, maintaining a set distance from him.

Just like that, the originally crowded mountain path, in the space around Shi Hao, actually became extremely spacious, no one coming here.

The mountain was sturdy, actually releasing wisps of immortal energy, clearly an immortal mountain suitable for cultivation. It was no wonder this place was known as Dao Comprehension Mountain.

At the side of the road, there were some pavilions and kiosks for people to rest in. There weren’t many, scattered about the mountain. Together with the waterfalls,flowing springs, and rising immortal mist, this place carried quite the elegant feeling, extremely beautiful.


When Shi Hao raised his head, he saw people drinking in a distant pavilion. There were some young people who gathered, chatting and laughing there.

On that table, not only was there food and drink, there were children!

When Shi Hao saw this scene, he immediately felt his scalp turn numb. It was because he saw a male open his mouth and swallow a child, bright red blood splashing out from his bloody mouth.

At Shi Hao’s side, the old woman’s body trembled, as did that of the young girl, she was even more frightened, shaking in fear, eyes full of fear.

Shi Hao immediately knew why the grandmother and granddaughter were treated like that.

Right at this time, the youngsters also looked over, currently looking at Shi Hao!

“I knew the emperor’s son-in-law was at a critical point, about to transform, which was why I found some human spirited children who had special bloodlines, never expecting one to get away, moreover with that Huang interfering, ruining everything.” The King Clan young master who had previously been beaten by Shi Hao said.

Moreover, at this time, he stared at this side, expression in his eyes cold. He stared at Huang, carrying a bit of provocation.

Shi Hao saw that there should only be one person eating children. Right now, he was currently looking over, blood still dripping from the corners of his mouth, because he was still chewing.

He ate a child alive!

Moreover, there was a large jade plate with several children, all of them spirited children of the human race, within them some strange bloodline power.

“You’ve touched my food, human. Huang, aren’t you treating yourself as too big of a deal?” Inside the pavilion, the leading male said coldly, gabeng gabeng sounds coming from his mouth, blood flowing out.

At this moment, Shi Hao’s scalp went numb, not out of fear, but rather because a wave of anger was surging. He immediately rushed over, wishing to unleash a great slaughter.

Behind him, the people who followed Shi Hao were all horrified, because right now, Huang’s aura was just too terrifying.

“Huang, what are you trying to do?!” That King Clan young master immediately stood up, berating Shi Hao.


What he received in reply was a fist. Shi Hao used Earth to Inches, arriving with a single step, smashing at those in his way.

That King Clan young master, even though he resisted with everything he had, his eyes immediately became full of horror, his body exploding with a pu sound.

Only a head remained, carrying fear and alarm, rolling to the side. He still didn’t die, but this was even more frightening, experiencing a torment that made him wish he was dead rather than alive.

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