Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591 - Nine Heavens’ Descendants


A cough sounded. This was an elder dressed in gray clothes. He walked over, saying, “This is Scarlet King’s final land of seclusion, a place no one dares approach.”

He had to give this warning. Even though he was a follower, he wasn’t one of those who carried hostility, but rather acted on orders, precisely fearing that Huang might act recklessly and be headstrong.

Scarlet King, his vicious reputation was too well-known.

Even after all these years had passed, he still never appeared, but he was still remembered by the people of this world.

Even if they were foreign creatures, they still felt like this undying king was too fierce.

In the back, many people carried regret. Why did they have to remind Huang? They should just let him follow the path of his own doom.

In the ancient land, undying aura pervaded through the air, the embodiment of a powerful and terrifying will. It was like immortal energy, all the same level of substance, extremely rich in this place.

Shi Hao didn’t have any way of entering. He stood here, closing his eyes, as if he was comprehending, but also like he was reflecting.

After a long time had passed, only then did he begin to move. He extended his limbs, continuously forming imprints, and then it was as if he was experiencing a wondrous technique, completely ignoring everything else.

After a long time had passed, Shi Hao made an entire trip around this place, but still didn’t enter.

He naturally wouldn’t be too stubborn, he only came because he had heard of Scarlet King’s vicious reputation, just looking around outside was enough. Who knew if Scarlet King was still alive or dead, it wasn’t something he wanted to investigate.

Shi Hao went on his way, heading west. Soon afterwards, he arrived in a swamp. He silently looked around, not saying a single word, standing there for a very long time.

It was because he could feel a wave of sadness here, mysteriously resonating with him.

Heh, you really are sharp. You can sense it, right? The reason this place is a swamp is because it was formed from flesh and blood. Back then, a group of servants rebelled, and then they were all slaughtered here. However, those really were quite the strong rebels, even after their deaths, their blood didn’t dry, soaking the great earth, forming this blood swamp.”

Someone spoke up, clearly carrying hostility, provoking Shi Hao. These people followed him here, yet didn’t dare take action, but provoking him with words was not an issue at all.

Shi Hao knew that the so-called servants should be the experts who were brought here after the Nine Heavens’ defeat. They were definitely subdued cruelly.

It was because he had heard about this more than once. When he was fighting against the foreign younger generation, they had previously purposely provoked Shi Hao, saying their clans had old servants who used to be the Nine Heavens’ predecessors, now still carrying out tasks for them.

Shi Hao stood here for a long time, not saying a word.

In the end, he turned around and left.

Then, he entered a grand great mountain, many stone cliffs here. All of them had great dao symbols engraved on them, some whose resplendent light rushed into the heavens, some incomparably grand.

“Golden List!”

Shi Hao was quite shocked when he saw this. There really was a formidable great dao aura here, many experts previously leaving behind their names here.

“All those who established heavenly arts, researched precious ancestral methods, could leave their names here for later generations to admire, recording their ageless achievement.” Someone said from the side.

The foreign side was warlike, praising military strength.

As long as one made extraordinary contributions on the path of cultivation, then they would be remembered.

This was clearly not a normal place. Shi Hao couldn't enter, because this place was sealed, he could only watch from the distance.

However, despite this being the case, he was still extremely moved. The names engraved on the stone mountain were full of great dao aura, revealing some of their understandings of the dao.

Even if one watched from the distance, there would still be benefits.

Shi Hao stayed here for several days before leaving.

“This fella really can keep his composure, just walking around and stopping here and there, is he really just comprehending the dao?” Someone said with a low voice, frowning.

Just like that, a month passed. Shi Hao went to many places, even entering several King Clan ancient lands, as well as the outer regions of Emperor Clan residences.

Today, Shi Hao continued on his way. When he passed by a village, he discovered that the people inside were quite primitive, many of them with shaggy clothing, arms bare. Their appearances were fierce like bandits.

“What clan is this from?” Shi Hao was shocked.

In the other side, he had never seen such a poor community before. The village was run down and old, moreover extremely filthy, as if this was the residence of a group of wanderers.

“They came from the same place as you.” Someone said with a cold laugh.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was immediately shocked. He then walked over, approaching the village.

“You all came from Imperial Pass’ side?” Shi Hao asked.

As a result, the creatures in the village were all extremely careful, eyes flickering with radiance. None of them were willing to reply.

“I also came from that side!” Shi Hao took the initiative to tell them.

“Really? Are you also destitute and homeless, no one willing to take you as a servant now?” A robust male walked over, carrying a pressing aura.

At the same time, the others moved over, surrounding Shi Hao.

“Hand over all of the precious tools and magical artifacts on your body!” The group of people were extremely fierce, cold light flashing through their eyes, actually about to rob Shi Hao.

Meanwhile, this was definitely no joke. Shi Hao could feel their killing intent. A single misunderstanding and they were going to kill him.

Why was this? Shi Hao stared blankly.

“All of you, go away!” Right at this time, the gray-clothed elder who advised Shi Hao not to enter Scarlet King’s place of seclusion appeared again, berating those people here.

“Your distinguished self came from a King Clan? May I ask if you need any battle servants?” One of the robust men asked carefully. He was staring at a marking on the gray-clothed elder’s sleeves, recognizing that he belonged to a King Clan.

Shi Hao was stunned. How could this be? They actually wanted to become battle servants?

Heh heh, do you see? The creatures that were seized aren’t all tough nuts, this is the truth!” The gray-clothed elder said with a smile.

Shi Hao was quiet. What could he even say? These inhabited areas actually had such a strong feeling of servitude.

At this moment, he understood that many things were different from how he imagined it. The predecessors’ descendants in this world weren’t all unyielding to the end.

The so-called fighting a bloody battle to the end, the unyieldingness, much of it was just idealized.

However, Shi Hao also understood that he shouldn’t blame these people. After endless time passed, the situations of generations being terrible, they had long changed from the predecessors of Immortal Ancient Great Era, long not feeling any sense of belonging to the Nine Heavens.

Even the clans who were previously extremely strong-willed might be tortured until they lost all of their pride.

This type of village was reality, there was no way every single descendant of the Nine Heavens would maintain their bloodiness and loftiness.

Time is a sharp blade, it cuts away too much, removing glory, self-respect, as well as the past unyieldingness and pride.

Shi Hao sighed. He didn’t blame these individuals, instead, he sympathized greatly with them. This was actually a group of pitiful people.

Sure enough, in the following path, he saw a few more stone villages. There were more primitive and declined groups willing to become battle servants of King Clans.

Shi Hao didn’t wish to stay here for too long, quickly leaving this region.

“Only these types of people can live longer, you’ve seen how those descendants of the Nine Heavens who are aggressive and unyielding are, their lives difficult, constantly unsure of life and death, for example War God Academy’s fighters, they are destined to die bloody deaths.” The gray-robed elder said.

Two days later, Shi Hao received an invitation card, the words on it glistening with radiance, shining extremely brilliantly.

Yi, they are actually inviting him?’’

In the back, there were some followers with enmity who never left. When they saw this invitation, they were all extremely shocked.

“This is but a great opportunity! There is no reason to invite him, why should he be able to go?!” A few people were upset, not even they were given this type of chance.

Shi Hao looked towards that gray-clothed elder. This was precisely the one in charge of following him.

“This is an invitation to a tea ceremony, only exceptional talents are invited.”

Shi Hao obtained a reply, moreover quickly understood the details.

The so-called tea ceremony was also known as a dao comprehension tea party.

In this world, there was a stalk of immortal medicine that was extremely special, incredibly valuable. It was precisely the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree!

Immortal medicines that became trees were extremely rare to begin with, moreover, this was a tea tree that could help one comprehend the dao. This was simply unimaginable, whenever it matured, it would create a great commotion.

Whenever its tea leaves could be picked, it would always become a grand occasion for this world!

At that time, many heaven warping figures would appear, sit beneath the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, enjoy the tea while discussing the dao, exchange pointers.

Of course, if one wished to enjoy the tea, they had to have the qualifications to do so.

Each year, the number of those who went exceeded the millions, yet in the end, only a few had the fortune of tasting Dao Comprehension Tea.

It was because that ancient tree, normally speaking, produced extremely few leaves, in its most flourishing times only three thousand leaves. A single leaf could allow one to gain insights, its value astonishing.

“Will there be undying beings there?” Shi Hao asked.

“Even though it is a distinguished meeting, it is mostly for heaven warping geniuses of later generations.” The gray-clothed elder replied.

Moreover, he didn’t hide anything, telling him that winners could obtain more Dao Comprehension Tea Tree leaves, meaning that they could continuously gain enlightenment.

In the past, there were people who drank cup after cup of Dao Comprehension Tea, in the end comprehending the great dao, breaking through the Supreme Being Realm and becoming an undying existence, shocking everyone.

There were others who were well prepared, sitting under the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, climbing up from the Self Severing Realm, irregular scenes shocking the heavens!

“Interesting!” Shi Hao nodded. In the end, he decided to go.

Dao Comprehension Mountain, this place was definitely famous, a holy land of this world!

It was all because of the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree that grew here. This was a world shocking ancient immortal medicine, unimaginably precious.

Whenever the tea leaves matured, there would be a distinguished meeting.

Shi Hao arrived beneath Dao Comprehension Mountain. This mountain really was big, extremely grand, giving off immortal mist.

He saw many creatures as soon as he arrived at the foot of the mountain, with creatures of all different clans here.

“Don’t hurt my grandma, wuwu…” At the foot of the mountain, weeping sounds could be heard, the sobs tender. There was a four or five year-old little girl standing in front of an old woman, hugging her body, guarding her, not letting others hurt her.

“For servants who committed crimes, even death is deserved. After all these years passed, the Nine Heavens is already almost finished, yet you all are still so bold and unyielding? Laughable!”

A youngster’s face was extremely cold, raising his foot and stepping down.

Shi Hao’s eyebrows stood on end, carrying anger, but also gratitude. This youngster was extremely vicious, even stepping on the little girl. The gratitude he felt was because he saw that there were still descendants of the Nine Heavens who weren’t like those villages.

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