Chapter 1590

Chapter 1590 - Freedom

The decree of undying existences descending from outside space. This was through the power of the World Tree, arriving from the ancient realm!


The World Tree was boundless, its might dominating past and present. When its leaves turned, stars moved about, the sun and moon rumbled, shaking the world.

Normally speaking, few dared to make contact with the World Tree, only doing so if there was something major!

This was this world’s protector tree!

The decree descended, falling down, releasing endless rays of brilliance. There were characters written all over its surface, glistening with brilliance, the strokes like metal and silver, possessing terrifying might.

This was the power of the undying. Even though they didn’t personally descend, a strand of their essence energy already entered the decree!

The faces of the supreme beings here were all extremely serious, solemn and respectful as they carefully received the decree.

Even the Emperor Clan supreme beings had serious expressions, not daring to act carelessly, similarly complying with the law decree, displaying how strict the ranks of status were.

It was because even though they were quite strong, they might not necessarily become undying existences. There were definitely experts at the peak of mortal dao in every Emperor Clan, but they might not necessarily take that final step.

In reality, it should be said that it is extremely difficult to take that step!

In this world, even though there were many people, the territory vast, the number of undying existences was still extremely few!

It could be said that as long as an undying existence emerged within a clan, then they could immediately become a King Clan!

Even if the undying being died, for a comparatively long amount of time, they would still remain a King Clan. This was, unless a clan completely declined, never having any hope of rising up again.

Even the powerful Emperor Clans, after endless time, only had a handful of undying beings, to the extent where it might just be one or two.

One could see just how rare undying beings were, how hard it was to reach that step!

After the decree fell, the expressions of everyone here changed greatly!

Before they read the text, they first saw the names signed. It was actually a decree written by many undying beings, hurriedly sent over.

“This is… to pardon Huang!”

Even the most powerful cultivators under those who achieved long life were shocked. As for how they were to deal with Huang, there was now a clear ruling. The undying beings seriously passed down the decree that no one was allowed to harm Huang, if they dared to secretly take action, they would be suppressed!

This was a clear decision, no longer like a few days ago where the attitude towards Huang was extremely indistinct, leading to a series of events happening.

Why was there this sudden change in attitude?

Soon afterwards, they received the answer.

When they headed out again, passing by a few giant cities, there were other Emperor Clan supreme beings who understood the details from their people.

The undying kings hadn’t returned yet, still inside Burial Land.

However, an old servant previously appeared, hinting that Huang couldn’t be harmed right now, but instead had to be left behind intact!

This old servant wasn’t an ordinary creature, but rather the vicious beast who guarded Anlan’s cave, an old wolf spirit. Even though he was a servant, his status was great.

Anlan’s place of seclusion could not be approached by anyone, not even his descendants normally able to step foot inside. Only an old wolf guarded the ancient cave, ready to take orders at any time.

This old servant appeared, stating that Anlan personally said the youngster who seized the rotten wooden chest is quite interesting. If he is caught, he has to be carefully examined.

It was clear that this was what was said a long time ago. At that time, they had just suffered a defeat in Heavenly Beast Mountain, having the wooden chest seized.

They never expected the situation to change like this, Imperial Pass really handing Huang over!

This time, there were undying beings who went to ask for guidance. As a result, the old servant came out of the mountain, this old wolf mentioning the words Anlan said before, naturally triggering a great commotion.

Many undying beings immediately wrote a decree, passing it down through the World Tree, immediately informing the rest of the world.

It was because they feared that something unexpected would happen to Huang. Even though several days ago, after undercurrents moved about, it should be considered saving Huang, they still feared that something unexpected might happen.

“Youngster, you’re safe.” A supreme being said.

Only, when they looked at Shi Hao, their expressions were a bit complicated, a bit of pity within the depths of their eyes.

Being targeted by an undying king like this wasn’t something good!

That day, a few great clans already learned that Huang couldn’t be killed, that they couldn’t target him anymore.

Of course, these so-called great clans were all clans who had a strong desire to get rid of Huang, either because their clan’s genius or older generation Self Release Realm figures had been killed by him.

Shi Hao was rather surprised, his crisis was resolved just like that.

That decree was extremely severe, mentioning that those who went against this would face ‘clan destruction’!

This wasn’t just a single person’s blame, if they harmed Huang again, it would involve their entire clan.

Shi Hao wasn’t sent into Blackwater Prison, because there was no way he would be tortured now.

At the same time, he wasn’t sent to War God Academy either, because they couldn’t act against him. If he was sent to the academy again, then it was too dangerous for others.

Not long ago, he already stirred up quite the disturbance, leading to the deaths of over a hundred young experts. This was an inauspicious bringer of disaster!

He obtained freedom!

No one expected Huang to be able to freely roam this ancient great earth.

Of course, there were at least six imprints left on his body, flying out from the decree, making it so that great figures could sense where he was no matter where he went.

They weren’t spiritual imprints, but rather law decree fragments, engraved on his body, couldn’t be removed.

“Little friend, what kind of plans do you have now?” A supreme being asked amiably. Meanwhile, many days ago, he was still extremely cold.

“This ancient world is vast, full of secret lands. I wish to visit those beautiful mountains and rivers, the king city historical sites.” Shi Hao calmly replied.

Just like that, Shi Hao went on his way alone.

When news spread, this triggered an uproar.

No one expected things to end like this, many creatures who bore hostility were full of unwillingness.

A black vile river surged, traveling through hundreds of thousands of li, incomparably vast.

One could see a wide black river. When the terrain was level, it was still and silent, quietly flowing past, giving everyone an oppressed feeling.

However, when the terrain was precipitous, when it moved through the mountains, it roared like a dragon of thunder.

The most terrifying thing was that regardless of whether it was calm or violent, the rocks, earth, and plants at its side were all frozen.

Moreover, it was black ice, sealing both shores.

This was the Great Yin River, rich with yin energy, able to seal the two shores!

That day, a small boat drifted on the great river. A youngster stood on top, moving along the black Great Yin River.

“This brat really is calm, already a prisoner, yet he still has the mood to enjoy the scenery.”

“Who gave him freedom, he’s all leisurely now.” Someone mocked.

“This is only temporary, he won’t have a good conclusion!”

Along the way, there were many creatures who stared at Shi Hao, some of them even more so tailing him, even releasing killing intent.

However, when they thought about the law decree, they didn’t dare act rashly, fearing that they might involve their entire clan if they recklessly took action. Huang couldn’t be killed!

It has already been eight or nine days. Shi Hao was extremely calm. In the eyes of outsiders, he looked extremely laid back, heading to King Clan ancient lands, enjoying beautiful mountains and rivers.

He really treated himself as a tourist.

Eventually, the creatures no longer hid, actually following him, moreover extremely closely.

However, Huang ignored them all, completely disregarding the hostility and threats.

So what if there were half supreme beings following him? They didn’t dare make a move at all.

In the end, they were all helpless, releasing a sigh, leaving. Only some curious individuals continued to follow him, wishing to see what exactly he was doing.

On the great black river, Shi Hao didn’t fear the cold. He sat on the small boat, actually starting to fish!

With a hua sound, he fished out a black vicious beast with a Flood Dragon head and a fish body. It opened its bloody mouth, about to bite down on him.

However, not long afterwards, an expanse of dao flames surged. Huang opened the vicious beast’s chest and stomach, starting to roast it.

“Motherfucking… this fella really is extremely carefree. His life is going to end sooner or later, yet he can still eat?”

Many creatures were stupefied. He was actually this relaxed, even in the mood to enjoy food.

Only when Huang was about to leave the great river was everyone shocked. It was because waves reached into the skies, black great yin river sprays splashing in all directions, shooting into the heavens.

There was a Kun Peng attacking in that place, turning into a black great fish, swimming along the Great Yin River.

Shi Hao left the Great Yin River, entering the valleys. It was rumored that an undying existence was buried here. After an attack on an undying king failed, he ended up dying here.

His body had some Golden Crow bloodline. When it died, brilliant light shone through the nine heavens, raging flames burning the skies.

In the end, the hundreds of thousands of li of valley became a danger spot, not a blade of grass growing, everything withering away, leaving behind rich flame dao power.

Shi Hao stood here for a long time, carefully sensing everything. He became like a statue, not moving at all.

After two days passed, his body erupted with dazzling brilliance. Then, he brandished his arms, forming imprints here, continuously attacking.

“Is this fella comprehending the dao? Wandering my world’s great earth, is he seeking his own dao?” This left some people shocked.

Even in this type of situation, Huang still didn’t give up? He wasn’t worried for his own life, not caring about his future, instead completely devoted to cultivation!

When he left Setting Sun Valley, Shi Hao headed west, entering an ancient land rich with undying energy. This place was always quiet, no one daring to enter.

“This is… that individual’s place of seclusion?”

“It’s… Scarlet King’s residence!”

Then, a group of people looked at each other in dismay, all of them stopping.

Scarlet King was someone who killed Immortal Kings with his weapon, vicious might matchless. His reputation in this world was too great!

However, during Immortal Ancient War, something happened to him, thus, he never came out. There were some who said that he was nursing his injuries, others felt that he might have died.

Huang actually came here, did he want to break in?

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