Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589 - Great Ancestor

Gu Yi’s head touched the ground, kowtowing respectfully, incredibly solemn, feeling the utmost respect for this person.

Was it really that Gu from the past?

Shi Hao’s expression changed. As he stood here, he examined his surroundings clearly, but there was no boundless aura that rushed out.

The stone door was crude, lacking divine force or dao laws, extremely simple and ordinary. This place looked extremely ordinary.

Right at this time, the stone door trembled, pushed open by a formless power, revealing the scene within. It was too simple and crude, only having a single stone bed, on it seated an elder.

This was Gu Clan’s great ancestor?!

This was an elder, figure extremely tall. Even though he was seated there, he still looked extremely tall and big, back straight, hair light golden, but becoming a bit white.

The passage of time left quite the traces on his face, his skin no longer sparkling. His sharp eyebrows reached into his temples, eyes extremely deep like the starry sky.

This elder was definitely extremely handsome when he was young, one could imagine his long golden hair, lively eyes, his matchless heroicness in the past.

Only, under the vicissitudes of time, the powerful would still wither, lacking the past blood energy and fierce vitality.

Thus, he seemed ordinary once more, because there wasn’t the slightest bit of magical force fluctuation, let alone any domineering loftiness. He was just like a declining ordinary person.

Was this Ancestor Gu? The one who could previously fight with Anlan, comparable to undying kings?

It was rumored that he was just a step away from becoming a matchless immortal king!

Not long ago, when he was in Imperial Pass, Shi Hao had previously seen a drop of undying king blood fly over, shaking heaven and earth, overwhelming the vast great army, the power grand and incomparable!

Now, a living creature who was about to be comparable to existences of that level was sitting here, yet he couldn’t sense anything.

It was too calm. Even if he was returning to a natural state, there should still be a trace of power.

In the end, Gu Clan’s world shocking elder didn’t speak, remaining extremely calm the entire time. Only when he raised his hand, gesturing towards Gu Yi, did he stand up, his expression changing a bit.

He was looking at Shi Hao seriously, his gaze calm, not carrying any emotions.

Regardless of whether it was a supreme being or undying existence, if they really stared at someone, if their flesh didn’t fall apart, souls shaken, then it was pretty close. It was because the pressure was too great.

For this level of existence, swallowing up the sun and moon when it opened its mouth, making stellar streams collapse with a roar wasn’t a problem at all.

However this elder before him was just this easygoing, not displaying any soul prying scenes.

A moment later he nodded, finally displaying some movement towards Shi Hao, lightly pointing out.

Inside the stone room, Gu Yi immediately trembled, his blood surging. If not for needing to maintain a certain level of sincerity before this powerful existence, he wouldn’t be able to hold back a shout.

He felt like he found the right seed, Gu Clan’s ancestor needed Huang!

Shi Hao’s body went taut. Even though he didn’t see any killing intent, nor was there any danger approaching him, when faced with a legendary matchless figure, who could remain calm?

That finger pointed at the space between Shi Hao’s brows, precisely where the primordial spirit was.

In that instant, Shi Hao felt his brows become scorching hot, a wave of heat extending. Meanwhile, his frontal bone began to shine, moreover releasing a thunderous noise.

Sinner’s blood collapsed the clouds, lightning flashing everywhere. Stone Clan’s unique bloodline symbol appeared!

There was an imprint by his brows, extremely complex and profound. In Imperial Pass’ side, it was believed to be a sinner’s blood imprint, a sign of shame.

However, in this instant, Gu Clan’s matchless figure, after seeing this symbol, revealed a trace of emotion for the first time.

His eyes were extremely bright, peering through the heart. In that instant, lightning tore through the void, the long river of time faintly discernible. This was precisely the direct embodiment of the ripple in emotions!

“Indeed, he is Stone Clan’s descendant!” He said for the first time.

At this moment, Shi Hao finally saw a clear abnormality. The elder’s expression was extremely complicated, his eyes dim, and then brilliant as if it could burn the heavens, eventually full of sadness.

However, all of this happened extremely quickly, all in an instant.

Only, this brief transformation, the terrifying scene it produced shook this ancient land. The stone room was still okay, flattened by a wave of mysterious power.

However, in the outside world, in heaven and earth, primal chaos lightning and thunder erupted, immortal mist covering the sky. It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of li of earth collapsed, the most terrifying earthquake trembling.

Moreover, the heavens were torn apart, stars falling, a rain of blood pouring down, as if someone was crying, the entire universe feeling grief in its place!

In the outside world, everyone was dumbstruck.

It was unknown just how many creatures quivered in fear. Then, in this region, all clans trembled, difficult for them to resist this type of might.

Fortunately, this aura came and left quickly. The clouds immediately became faint, the winds light, all of the abnormalities disappearing without a trace.

Inside the stone room, it was extremely quiet, lacking sound.

Shi Hao’s frontal bone was shining, his body like a taut bowstring, extremely tense. Even though he knew that he couldn’t win, he still had to resist with everything he had!

He would rather be beheaded, blood flowing everywhere, falling miserably in battle than submit. This was a trait that had never changed even after the savage brat grew up.

Was his body going to be seized? Perhaps this was the only conclusion.

In Shi Hao’s opinion, he was now in critical danger.

Gu Yi was moved. He really was looking forward to the great ancestor’s revival, to be freed from his current predicament, so was there a gift more suitable than Huang? After all, he succeeded with the body as the seed!

However, in the end, the Gu Clan matchless expert only waved his hand. The expression in his eyes carried loneliness, as well as blade radiance with sword shadows. Dull radiance was released from within his pupils, reflecting countless figures from Immortal Ancient. A world-shaking great battle could be seen in his eyes, seas of blood overflowing into the heavens!

“Great ancestor!’’ Gu Yi was confused. Did he intend to have them leave?

“If I’ve fallen to the point where I have to plunder the great dao seed of another, would I have been able to reach my current level today? There has long no longer been a place for Gu Clan in this world.” He calmly said.

Gu Yi’s body trembled.

“This cannot help your distinguished self in any way?” Gu Yi was still a bit reluctant, asking like this.

Gu Clan’s ancestor didn’t say anything, sitting there quietly. A wave of formless power pushed Shi Hao and Gu Yi out from the stone room, the stone door then silently closing.

“Things pertaining to immortal kings, these are things you do not understand.” In the final moment, Gu Yi suddenly remembered his deceased grandfather previously saying this.

Gu Yi walked out from the underground palace with a blank expression, arriving on the surface. As soon as he left Stone Valley with Shi Hao, they were quickly surrounded.

These were supreme beings, some from Emperor Clans, the rest from other places, all of them looking like they were facing a great enemy, stopping his path. Then, they looked carefully at Shi Hao.

“Gu Yi, what exactly did you do?”

When these people looked at Shi Hao, they carried great restraining fear.

It was because they had heard rumors that Stone Valley had an ancient existence underneath. He had previously almost achieved immortal king level, but in the end, he was attacked by Stone Clan’s ancestor, having his foundation ruined.

Similarly, there were those who heard that the body as a seed path was something quite a few people took part in, Ancestor Gu previously one of the contributors!

Now, Shi Hao successfully walked this path, while his ancestor ended Gu Clan’s path ahead, there were some things that could be associated together.

They highly suspected that Shi Hao’s body might have been seized, or the seed within his body might be gone.

“You all have overthought things. Without a heart to overlook past and present, how can one become an Immortal King?” Gu Yi actually spoke this line.

Right now, he was a bit relieved, but also felt incredibly regretful.

Gu Yi further said to himself, “Even if the blades of the heavens winded about one’s body, formed a cocoon, if one doesn’t have the will to devour all of time, there is no way to achieve the dao.”

Even though he explained like this, the cultivators here were still doubtful. They all frowned, after all, just now, many people sensed that heaven collapsing feeling, it was definitely Ancestor Gu who moved.

“If you don’t believe me, then examine him yourselves, just bring him away!” With a fling of Gu Yi’s sleeves, he forcefully saw them out.

A supreme being produced an ancient treasure, its name Truth Illumination Mirror, continuously shining it on Shi Hao, immersing him in divine light. However, they didn’t see any abnormalities.

“Let’s go!” They left Gu Clan’s place of residence.

It was because they also believed that if Ancestor Gu really did make a move, he wouldn’t let Shi Hao leave like this, at the same time, wouldn’t hide like this. At their cultivation realm, they naturally had heaven swallowing spirits.

In the distance, an ancient tree shook. It supported stellar rivers, endless stars hanging from the tree leaves. This was a World Tree, it was born in this world, and grew here.

Its branches extended out, sheltering the entire ancient realm within.

After the great battle of the past, because of this tree’s existence, the originally cracked realm walls recovered. This was the reason why this world was perfectly preserved.

Now, the World Tree shone, scattering down a decree, directly falling from outer space.

“Undying’s decree!”

The supreme beings who brought Shi Hao away were all surprised. Passing down a decree through the World Tree meant that the situation was extremely urgent.

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