Chapter 1580

Chapter 1580 - Phoenix Blood

“The opportunities are right here, it’ll all depend on whether or not he can bring them away.” The phoenix spoke. Its body shrunk, changing from the mountainous height to three foot in length. After spreading its wings, it landed on a cliff.

The temperature was blazing hot. The cliff was also releasing flames. When normal people came into contact with it, they would definitely be burned to ashes.

It really was strange, those mountain cliffs were under such great temperatures, yet they didn’t melt into magma, extremely unique.

Inside the flames, the twenty something containers all shone. Even though they were simple and ancient in appearance, they were clearly not ordinary artifacts, all of them carrying traces of time.

Was this what had remained after endless time had passed?

What was the Blood Phoenix Clan trying to do? Why did they keep the blood here, hang it on the cliffs?

This blood was, without a doubt, too precious, any container was enough to make the outside world go crazy. This was undying blood, enough for one to bathe in and experience rebirth!

“Behind the stone cliff is my clan’s important land, there are great predecessors overseeing it, no one is allowed to enter and disturb them.” This Blood Phoenix spoke about a few things, leaving the supreme beings all shocked.

Outsiders didn’t dare step foot in the restricted region the cliffs surrounded. There were unmatched experts overseeing it.

In the past, when the Blood Phoenixes flew over to this side, after the two sides’ great war, they ultimately took up residence here. There were many creatures who came here to visit, all of them powerful clans, even undying kings came here, granting this clan the greatest glory.

This clan’s blood was special, which was why there were also those who asked for true blood when they came to visit.

At the time, when the Blood Phoenix Clan first came to this side, they couldn’t easily refuse the various clans, thus they gave out a bit of true blood, hanging it here. Those who had the opportunities would obtain them, allowing the powerful clans to seize it themselves.

“All those who wish for it can come here?”

When they heard the Blood Phoenix emotionlessly explain some old events, the supreme beings were all shocked. There was someone who asked like this.

“This is on the premise that you can bring the blood away!” The Blood Phoenix replied.

It was because not everyone had that fate. The Fallen Phoenix’ blood had long mutated, no longer pure phoenix blood. For some clans, it was unmatched precious blood, but for some, it might be extreme poison.

Those who came here to ask for blood only needed to touch the vessels on the cliff to know if they shared fate.

Otherwise, if they granted those experts whatever they asked, directly giving out some true blood, yet those people couldn’t use it, then that would be a type of great waste.

Shi Hao couldn’t move right now, so the supreme beings activated their magical force, lifting the frozen coffin before the main cliff, approaching those ancient containers.

“After all these years passed, there is still some phoenix blood that hasn’t been brought away?” Even the supreme beings revealed looks of surprise.

It was clear that Fallen Blood Phoenix’ true blood had problems, not suitable for everyone as expected. It could even be said that only some people could use it.

Otherwise, how could any of this precious blood be left behind?!

If it was a normal phoenix, there definitely wouldn’t be any issues. It was auspicious, a holy bird! Meanwhile, the Blood Phoenix who had fallen into depravity had long underwent a strange change, even its bloodline becoming different.

At the same time, the supreme beings also had some misgivings. After all this time had passed, is this blood still fresh? Did some of its divinity already disappear?

“Don’t worry, my clan’s blood has been sealed extremely well, there isn’t any leakage of essence.’ That Blood Phoenix standing on the cliff said.

Fiery light flickered about. The ancient cliff revealed its true appearance. As the frozen coffin moved closer, some of the flames withdrew, revealing those ancient containers.

“The frozen coffin is about to melt!” One of them said with a frown.

The supreme beings had no choice. They sealed them together, protecting this coffin.

This wasn’t a frozen material in the true meaning, but was rather a type of true jade that was cold and snow-white, one of the highest level treasures. However, in the end, it actually couldn't hold on here.

If not for this, Shi Hao didn’t have any way of getting close. The frozen coffin was protecting him.

“So you are that youngster, already in this type of state. Gu Clan has always carried vicious vengeful hearts, actually crippling a younger generation youth to this state.” The Blood Phoenix lowered its head, looking at Shi Hao inside the coffin.

“What should we do to see if any of this blood is suitable for him?” A supreme being asked.

“Open the coffin, let him touch these containers.” The Blood Phoenix said.

“With his current condition, if the coffin is opened, he will immediately be burned to ashes!” A supreme being said.


The Blood Phoenix opened its mouth, taking a huge breath. All of the blazing heat on this cliff disappeared, strand after strand of resplendent fiery light entering its mouth. Then, it temporarily sealed the cliff.

Shi Hao couldn’t move, but under the help of the supreme beings, there were no issues. His fingers began to touch these containers.

The first ancient jar was only fist-sized in height, the blood inside scarlet red. When he touched the vessel, it immediately trembled.

“This one is suitable, he can use this container of blood.” The Blood Phoenix said.

Things went unexpectedly smoothly. He was approved of right from the start.

“The colors of these blood are different, are there special differences to take note of, their effects perhaps different?” A supreme being asked. Even they were shocked, feeling happy for how things went.

The Blood Phoenix on the cliff nodded and said, “Indeed, the degree of essence density is different, moreover coming from different Blood Phoenixes.”

Shi Hao couldn’t move, but he could transmit his divine will. He wanted to try the other vessels. Since he already knew the foreign supreme being wanted to save him, have him recover, he wouldn’t act overly polite.

It was because they didn’t feel some sincere kindness, but rather wanted to save him to help them explain things to the undying kings.

The second vessel was a divine crystal the size of an infant’s fist. Moreover, there was a drop of blood sealed within, exceptionally brilliant, red to the point of leaving one’s mind shaken!

One could imagine that this drop of blood was definitely left behind by a great one. It was rich essence blood.

When Shi Hao touched it, this blood trembled greatly, clearly also having a reaction.

This shocked the Blood Phoenix on the stone cliff. He could actually use this blood as well.

The supreme beings also wanted to see just how extraordinary Huang was, which was why they all happily accommodated, having Huang continue trying.

As time went on, Shi Hao advanced without restriction, when faced with these different vessels, they all produced a reaction, making these true blood that had remained silent for too long revive.

Some of the blood was special, golden-colored, like melted gold, clearly extraordinary.

There was also blood that flickered with five-colored brilliance, as if it had never fallen, like normal phoenix blood.

There was another lump of blood that released phoenix cries, bright red and terrifying, chaotic energy within, clearly incomparably astonishing.

Only, in the end, Shi Hao was drawn to a jar of blood, giving up on the others.

This was a white bone small vessel, the bone material special. While immersed in blood, it already became transparent, allowing him to see the blood within.

This blood lacked luster, nor did any great dao aura seep out. It was dark red in color, even a bit black, like corrupted filthy blood.

However, when Shi Hao’s hand rested on its surface, he wasn’t willing to let go.

“What kind of background does this blood have?” The Emperor Clan supreme being asked.

They had been helping Shi Hao choose blood the whole time. When there were questions, they naturally asked as well.

“It is more tyrannical than the other true blood.” The Blood Phoenix replied, not saying too much.

“This is the one then!” Shi Hao made his decision.

Divine radiance flickered through the supreme beings’ eyes. If not because they needed to save Huang, they all wanted to find a reason to bring away a bit of true blood.

The Blood Phoenix heard this, and in the end, it nodded. Through its expression, it was clear that this blood was extremely special, even itself feeling a bit reluctant.

“I hope it doesn’t end up harming you!” The Blood Phoenix said.

The small white bone container was removed from the cliff. After endless time passed, it was finally obtained by someone.

Instead of calling it a container of blood, it was actually just a drop. It was extremely viscous, color extremely dark, the dark red already close to black in color.

The supreme beings brought Shi Hao on his way, leaving this Heaven Burning Land. The small white bone container was placed in the frozen coffin with Shi Hao, all of them flying towards Immortal Platform Mountain.

Under the escort of supreme beings, things went extremely smoothly, no one stopping them.

In the end, they returned to Immortal Platform Mountain again. Shi Hao was going to recover and transform here, free himself from his current predicament.

On Immortal Platform Mountain, Scarlet King’s descendant Chi Menghong also stayed within his bounds, at the very least, not expressing anything on the surface. He knew that he had no chance.

“I am a bit unwilling!” A supreme being stood on the Immortal Platform Mountain, looking at Shi Hao inside the frozen coffin, saying to the others.

It was because the Blood Phoenix was extremely heaven-defying. Together with the fact that this was a place for nourishing the primordial spirit, Shi Hao would definitely transform, become powerful again.

However, this wasn’t their descendant, nor was it a creature of this world. He came from Imperial Pass’ side, could be considered a descendant of the enemy. Now, they were helping him like this, it really was wasteful, it shouldn’t be like this.

One of them said in an unconcerned manner, “That Gu Clan old fella’s words were correct, so what if we save him? We’d have to kill him once more. Right now, we should just save him to avoid the blame of the undying kings.”

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