Chapter 1579

Chapter 1579 - Heaven Burning Land

Within Heaven Burning Land, fiery light surged everywhere, the pressure so great everyone felt like they were suffocating!

Even the supreme beings felt this type of pressure. It was as if the heavens were going to be burned away, annihilating all things in this world. This type of dao was too terrifying!

These individuals already saw how different that phoenix was. Its body was massive, eyes cold and intimidating, as if it was a slaughter machine who walked out from hell itself.

One had to understand that this was a phoenix! Originally, this was an auspicious being, wherever it passed, the weather would become beneficial for crops, countries would prosper, the people would be at peace, bringing people auspicious omens.

However, right now, its expression was ice-cold, body even larger than a mountain peak, standing on this Heaven Burning Land where not a blade of grass grew, overlooking everyone with incredible chilliness.

Up ahead, fiery light overflowed, its entire body not visible. Only an outline towered in the ancient land, carrying boundless pressure.

This was like a matchless demonic god from hell, as if it had broken through its shackles, now about to massacre all life.

“This dao friend presumptuously disturbed you, must ask you for forgiveness.”

A supreme being braced himself and spoke up, because the pressure this phoenix released was too great, at the same time not friendly at all, making his skin feel ice-cold.

The main thing was that he couldn’t see through this Blood Phoenix’s cultivation realm. It definitely wasn’t weaker than his own.

“Since you know that you are a disturbance, then just leave.” A cold voice transmitted from the red fiery light, not willing to interact with them, directly refusing to meet them.

Those individuals all trembled inwardly. This really was worthy of the Blood Phoenix’s reputation, already becoming a fallen immortal bird. It was still domineering, compared to the past auspicious bird, it was too cold.

“Dao friend, please let us finish what we wish to say. This time, we have no choice, there really are some matters we must seek your help in.” A supreme expert spoke up again.

Only, later on, he didn’t know how to continue. It was because they had never interacted with the Blood Phoenix Clan. If they directly asked for true blood, then that really wasn’t too suitable.

Why should they hand it over? That type of precious blood was enough for all clans’ eyes become red with desire!

Phoenixes went through rebirth, reborn while bathed in flames! This kind of legend was something even two or three year old kids knew about. Even if one said this clan’s blood wasn’t the most precious in the world, it should be pretty close.

“Dao friend, to be honest, we wish to ask for a bit of true blood…” In the end, the Emperor Clan supreme being spoke up, his expression a bit unnatural while speaking.

They had never met before, yet he asked for true blood, this really was a bit hard to justify.

“Am I that familiar with you all?” That giant creature in the red fiery light coldly asked, overlooking all of them.

The meaning behind these words couldn’t be clearer, pushing them far away, not wishing to interact with them at all, not willing to give them true blood.

“We know that hastily asking like this is a bit hard to justify. However, this time, we really need dao friend’s help.”

They couldn’t stop here no matter what. They carefully explained, speaking about the youth who the undying kings attached importance to, requiring the help of phoenix blood.

“Gu Clan accidentally harming him? Their hearts are still so dark, actions so vicious, hah!” The Blood Phoenix sneered, revealing an emotional fluctuation for the first time.

They were all stunned. Things were just as Gu Clan’s elder said, the two clans having some grudges, not all that amiable.


Fiery light overflowed, surging over there, burning the sky dome, the scorching temperature uncomfortable even for these supreme beings. Moreover, now, it became even more intense, the scarlet great flames roiling like a sea.

That creature was moving, wishing to walk out from the ancient land.

Sure enough, it appeared, revealing its true body. It was as tall as a great mountain, no longer a blurry outline, its bright feathers like flowing blood.

This was precisely the Fallen Blood Phoenix, known to be a perfect species. It had previously warped and weaved through the heavens above and earth below, possessing an undying body!

It was extremely cold, and also extremely prideful, like a monarch who overlooked ants. It was extremely indifferent, only after a long time had passed did it speak to everyone again.

“Even though phoenix blood is precious, it isn’t something every creature can endure. If you want to obtain the blood, have that youngster come and try himself, see if he can obtain it.”

It actually spoke these words, could be considered to have agreed.

The supreme beings look at each other in dismay. Previously, the Blood Phoenix refused them, but when they mentioned that Gu Clan injured Huang, it ended up agreeing?

“Dao friend, Huang is seriously injured, now reviving on Immortal Platform. He has no way of coming here, so we ask you to be accomodating.” One of them spoke.

“Does he want to live or not? If he wants to live, then have him come himself!” The Blood Phoenix was extremely direct, and also extremely domineering, its tone unquestionable.

Its body was massive, bright red in color. Its feathers were all brilliant, scarlet multicolored light overflowing.

The Fallen Blood Phoenix was still a bit different from the phoenixes of the past. The True Phoenix’s feathers were brilliant and multi-colored, while the Blood Phoenix only had a single color, which was bright red.

A supreme being felt really annoyed, really wishing to act out. When were people of their status ever spoken to like this? Today, they acted so courteously, yet the other side didn’t give them any face.

Someone stopped him, not allowing this supreme being to speak.

“Understood, we will leave first. We will come back soon to disturb you once more.” The Emperor Clan supreme being said.

While leaving, their expressions weren’t all that great. What kind of statuses did they have? When had they ever had to act so humbly before? Yet in the end, they were treated so coldly by the other side.

“I really want to break in and directly seize some phoenix blood!” One of them said in annoyance.

“That place is like a dragon pool, tiger den, we don’t know if the Blood Phoenix who participated in Immortal Ancient War is still alive. If it is, if we really act out, the consequences would be unimaginable!” The Emperor Clan supreme being said seriously.

Along the way, they all suspected that Heaven Burning Land had already dried up, perhaps only a single Blood Phoenix remained.

“Since we already left, then there’s no point in thinking about it further.”

Soon afterwards, they hurried to Immortal Platform Mountain, standing on the grand giant mountain top again. This mountain really was like a head, carrying immortal dao aura.

In just a few days, Huang’s condition became much better, primordial spirit having brilliance, no longer that deathly still.

“Bringing him there now might still be a bit early. His primordial spirit’s injuries haven’t completely recovered yet.” A supreme being looked at the frozen coffin.

Huang didn’t move at all, laying on the coffin. His head was shining, absorbing wisps of mysterious light specks, his condition always heading in a good direction.

Of course, all of this was from a primordial spirit aspect.

In this place, in regards to the flesh, the nourishing effects were quite limited, only the divine will being strengthened.

“Let’s wait a few more days. After his primordial spirit solidifies, we will head to Heaven Burning Land.”

Two days later, the supreme beings brought the frozen coffin to the Heaven Burning Land. It was because they were scared of the Blood Phoenix backing out of its promise, that something unexpected would happen.

Meanwhile, they could still return to Immortal Platform at any time, there was no need to worry about that.

“Huang, if you can stand back up, no longer crippled, I will definitely kill you myself!” On the Immortal Platform, a scarlet-clothed male spoke, his eyes ice-cold, staring at the frozen coffin.

He was Scarlet King’s descendant, his name Chi Menghong, an Emperor Clan’s heaven warping genius.

A close relative of his -- Emperor Clan supreme being Chi Pu, was captured by Meng Tianzheng not long ago outside Imperial Pass, brought into the city, making him feel extreme humiliation.

That was why he always wanted a chance for revenge. When he learned of Huang’s relationship with Meng Tianzheng, he naturally wanted to kill Huang.

The supreme beings brought Shi Hao’s frozen coffin to Heaven Burning Land.

“What is going on? Many people want Huang dead, while we are going through so much trouble to save him, help him recover. This really is ridiculous!” Someone said with a sigh.

Huang was this side’s enemy, yet these people were running all around to help him recover. Whenever they thought of this, they all felt a bit upset.

“It’s all that Gu Clan old thing’s fault, acting too viciously!” Someone said in resentment. Otherwise, how could things have ended up like this?

Before they transmitted sound into the ancient land, a giant creature already approached from within Heaven Burning Land. It was still the Blood Phoenix from last time.

Even though Shi Hao didn’t move at all, he had long become awake. He stared at the giant creature in the ancient land. So this was a Fallen Blood Phoenix? Even though it stood in fiery light, why were its eyes so cold?

“Come with me!”

The giant figure moved, extremely fast. When it moved its wings, the vast sky broke apart, flames rushing beyond the sky dome. It was too terrifying.

The supreme beings followed it, entering Heaven Burning Land.

If it was a normal person, they would have long melted. The temperature of the flames was too high.

In that instant, they advanced eight hundred li, arriving before an ancient cliff. This cliff was extremely tall, simply as tall as the sky. It was a reddish-brown color.

Just like outside, not a blade of grass grew here.

There were cliffs everywhere, blocking their path forward.

Upon closer inspection, the cliff was ring shaped, surrounding the core of this restricted land. Outsiders couldn’t step foot in here. The fiery light inside was even more terrifying, the bright red color carrying dark light, there were even some areas where it was just black flames, making one’s heart rate increase.

“We likely cannot enter either!” There was a supreme being who spoke up, because they sensed an undying aura. The region the cliffs surrounded was definitely extremely terrifying.

“This is the place. If he shares fate, he can bring away the phoenix blood himself. If not, then I can only ask you all to leave.” The Blood Phoenix spoke.

This massive cliff was like a river stopping dam, blocking everything ahead.

Meanwhile, on the cliff were even more so a few small jars, as well as small bone cauldrons and others. They hung there, extremely mysterious.

“Phoenix blood!”

The supreme beings’ pupils contracted. There weren’t just one or two containers, but rather twenty something.

In addition, these containers were all transparent, the blood inside visible. They carried world shocking auras, clearly unmatched precious blood.

Phoenix blood, why would it be placed here? Moreover, they could tell from a single look that these containers had already hung on the cliffs for an extremely long time.

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