Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578 - Rescue

Only, they would definitely have to pay quite the price to do so. Huang was crippled, moreover at the hands of a supreme being, everything destroyed, it was hard to restore him from nothing.

“Did he do this on purpose?” When some people carefully examined Shi Hao’s condition, they couldn’t help but erupt in anger, really wanted to drag Gu Clan’s elder here and berate him.

Huang’s injuries were too severe, his life force and other parts practically all destroyed. Restoring him through great magical force was practically impossible.

It was just like Gu Clan’s elder said before leaving, that if they wanted to change his condition, they had to use some heavenly treasures, only by doing this was there hope.

“Out of selfish motives, completely for the sake of tormenting Huang, he ended up making this terrible mess. What right does he have?” Someone said coldly.

“Could it be that Gu Clan previously had a grudge against the Immortal Ancient Stone Family?” Another person suspected.

“There is a huge possibility!”

“This won’t do, call that old thing over. This disaster was caused by him, so have him do it!” There were some who couldn’t accept this result, deciding to call that Gu Clan elder over.

Gu Clan’s elder came, but he was extremely calm, sticking to his statement that there was no way of restoring Huang.

Soon afterwards, everyone discovered that Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was unstable, about to scatter.

“This…” If not for their magical force being powerful, all of them being supreme beings, they definitely wouldn’t be able to protect this youngster.

“What are we supposed to do now?!” The Emperor Clan supreme being roared out in fury, berating Gu Clan.

Even if they were both supreme beings, normal people really didn’t dare oppose Gu Clan, but Emperor Clans didn’t feel any fear. He was now truly angered.

It was to the extent were soon afterwards, extremely powerful undying beings were alarmed, passing down the decree that Shi Hao has to be protected, that he has to be revived.

“There is an easy solution, send him to the Immortal Platform, it will definitely stabilize his primordial spirit.” Gu Clan’s elder suggested.

Everyone’s faces weren’t pleasant when they looked at him, because this was all because of him. Meanwhile, the place they were headed to wasn’t some ordinary place, the various clans all fighting for the spots. They were going to waste one instance of the opportunity on Huang?

The so-called Immortal Platform was a mountain, a giant mountain that was like a human head, grand and majestic, who knew how many tens of thousands of li tall.

In that place, plant life was sparse, but those that grew all possessed long life, all divine medicines, holy medicines, and others, containing the world’s most astonishing spiritual essence!

This mountain could nurture one’s primordial spirit, possessing heaven-defying effects.

Normally speaking, even if one’s primordial spirit was broken, as long as they were still alive, not completely scattering, they had a chance of reviving in that place!

Meanwhile, if one cultivated there, it would allow the primordial spirit to quickly grow.

It could be said that this was a heaven-defying place.

Thus, this mountain’s value was immeasurable. The various clans fought fiercely for a spot so their disciples could cultivate there.

There were rumors that this mountain was a head itself, one that belonged to an immortal king. Back then, it was removed during the great war, and then turned into an unmatched Immortal Platform.

After all these years, its essence helped a few extremely well-known experts make great achievements, allowed some people to obtain great progress, their primordial spirits becoming extremely sturdy and powerful.

Now, that place was about to quickly dry up, the number of places limited. Wasting one instance on Huang was naturally something they weren’t willing to see happen.

However, the situation was concerning. In the end, Shi Hao was sealed in a frozen coffin, directly brought there.

Yi, several supreme beings came at the same time, and they even brought… an undying existence’s decree. Who is the one they want to help?”

This group of seven was seen when they were still quite far from Immortal Platform. Those creatures were extremely shocked.

They knew that coming with an undying decree meant that they definitely wanted to cut in line, seize one of the spots here. In their opinion, it was definitely a great figure’s descendant.

They were now close. Up ahead was a gray mountain, its size extremely massive, towering in the horizon. It indeed did look like a head.

It gave off a faint type of might that made one feel reverence, a strong urge to bow down in worship.

“We pay our respects to seniors!”

When they arrived at the mountaintop, a few youngsters who were cultivating here were alarmed. Their eyes all widened, immediately greeting the supreme beings.

There were five or six in total, with males and females here, all of them not that old, the oldest not over a hundred.

Immortal Platform was extremely large, but every year, there were only eight or nine spots. The number of people who could receive the benefits of this place was limited. After endless time passed, this place was about to dry up.

In Immortal Ancient’s last phase, there were undying kings who remained here to treat their injuries, using up too much of this place’s essence!

Yi, this is Huang?” There was a youngster who daringly walked up, recognizing the person in the frozen coffin. His expression immediately changed.

When a scarlet-clothed male heard that it was Huang, his eyes released great brilliance, killing intent surging extremely terrifyingly.

“Huang, I want to kill you!” He said to himself.

“Scarlet King’s descendant?” The Emperor Clan supreme being said. Even though the two weren’t from the same Emperor Clan, the two clans were still familiar with each other, understanding each others’ bloodline auras.

“I am!” That youngster nodded.

This left many people shocked. Normally speaking, Emperor Clans were rarely seen, yet a Scarlet King’s descendant actually came here.

One could see just how important this Immortal Platform Mountain was, even Emperor Clan descendants willing to cultivate here. It wasn’t strange for this place to have limited quota at all.

On the mountaintop was a strange stone platform. It was extremely smooth, almost like jade.

After the frozen coffin was brought here, it was directly placed on the stone platform, the most suitable place for cultivating the primordial spirit here.

Shi Hao revived here, feeling his withered primordial spirit become nurtured here. A wave of mysterious power spread through this entire great mountain, gradually restoring his dried-up primordial spirit.

The most important thing was that the natural laws here were complete. When Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was nurtured, flawless great dao laws appearing, there was a type of tempering being carried out.

He was shocked. Was he going to completely restart his cultivation?

If he took up long term residence here, his primordial spirit would inevitably become extremely powerful.

Meanwhile now, Shi Hao obtained another opportunity, allowed to remain here long term.

“This old one had previously said that his primordial spirit would be protected, that he couldn’t be allowed to scatter.” Gu Clan’s elder said.

“This isn’t enough. We have to have Huang completely recover!”

Everyone always believed that if they wanted Shi Hao to completely recover, perhaps they could use phoenix blood. This type of rebirth through flames was extremely powerful. Only, they didn’t know if they could borrow any.

Gu Clan’s elder surprisingly spoke up again, approving of the phoenix blood. This was undying liquid, able to help one undergo rebirth.

Phoenix blood, how precious was this? Who was willing to bring this type of thing out?

“How can we obtain phoenix blood?” Someone said in dissatisfaction.

“Heaven Burning Land, there is a Blood Phoenix there, some can be obtained from that place.” Gu Clan’s elder said.

Some people glared angrily at him. That place was definitely not some good place. Who was willing to rashly step foot there?

Blood Phoenix, even though the people of this world said that it had fallen, it was a descendant of the True Phoenix. Its bloodline strength wouldn’t be weaker at all, instead extremely powerful.

Back then, it was just like the Gu Clan, the Blood Phoenix also came to this side from the Nine Heavens.

When bathed in their blood, one could definitely be reborn.

The Blood Phoenix bloodline was definitely of equal status to Emperor Clans, granted extremely high statuses, transcending above. Normally, no one would disturb them.

In reality, the main reason was also because that place was too dangerous.

The Blood Phoenix, known as the fallen phoenix, their temperaments changed, addicted to killing. If they really were provoked, it might result in huge problems.

How were they supposed to get true blood? Would they really give it out? They might just erupt in anger.

Moreover, how many Blood Phoenixes were even left there?

“Since it’s your suggestion, then it should be you who gets the blood.” The Emperor Clan supreme being said, looking towards Gu Clan’s elder.

“My clan and the Blood Phoenix bloodline have misunderstandings between us, if I go, I definitely cannot obtain any. However, if you tell them that my clan almost killed Huang, perhaps the true blood can be obtained more easily.” Gu Clan said like this.

Heaven Burning Land, this place was dried up, scarlet land stretching for ten thousand li. Normally, this place was extremely quiet, lacking activity, but once it was approached, great flames would rush into the heavens, burn the sky dome.

In the end, those supreme beings hurried over, while Gu Clan’s elder didn’t appear.

They all felt complicated emotions, carrying a bit of anger. They never expected that for Huang’s sake, they would actually come here to ask for true blood.

In reality, during these days, they really were helpless, feeling extremely annoyed. They actually had to appear themselves to help that Huang!

It was just like the rumors stated, this place was completely scarlet, not a blade of grass growing, extremely quiet.

Suddenly, when they approached, something unexpected happened.


The scarlet flames were like blood, terrifyingly red, exceptionally bright. They rushed into the sky, engulfing the heavens above and earth below.

Inside this ancient land, there was fiery light everywhere, great dao symbols filling this place, able to burn away all things.

Even the great supreme beings backed up, not daring to run straight in.

The Emperor Clan supreme being spoke up, transmitting sound inside, wishing to meet with a member of the Blood Phoenix Clan.

This region’s depths were extremely quiet, even though there were heaven burning flames, there was no sign of living creatures.

The supreme beings transmitted sound several times. Finally, there was a great disturbance produced.


It was as if lightning crashed down. Then, he saw heaven overflowing fiery light. A creature opened its eyes, body as tall as a mountain. When its eyes opened, terrifying scarlet light shot out, the radiance incomparably brilliant, as if two blood moons appeared in the darkness.

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