Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577 - Desperate Straits

Ah…” Shi Hao was in grief and indignation, roaring towards the heavens like a wounded lone wolf, experiencing this pain alone, falling into a lonely despair.

This type of result was too pitiful. Even though he had long been aware that he wouldn’t have a good ending after entering the other side, a conclusion this cruel still filled him with sorrow.

He was a cultivator, someone who constantly pursued to be a powerful individual who transcended worldliness. There were great winds and storms along the way, all types of difficulties, small and big, it really wasn’t easy to make it this far.

However, in just a day’s time, all of his achievements were destroyed.

How could this be endured?

No matter how tough and tenacious Shi Hao was, right now, he still felt his life grow dim, lacking hope. Rather than this, it was better to directly face death.

Ony, he wasn’t someone who was willing to surrender to others. When he was in the other side, suicide had never crossed his mind. He had always been resisting, going against fate.

Unfortunately, in the end, he still couldn’t change anything, disaster descending just like that.

“Dao brother, isn’t doing this going too far? How are we going to explain things to the undying kings?” Even the people on the praying mat lost their composure.

This was especially the case with the three experts originally from this side, their expressions changing even more, suddenly standing up. This type of punishment was too severe, different from what they previously expected.

“He hasn’t been completely ruined, only considered half crippled. His primordial spirit force hasn’t completely collapsed yet.” Gu Clan’s elder said.

He was completely calm, lacking emotional fluctuations, not treating this as anything major at all.

“You…” The Emperor Dlan supreme being’s expression became cold, staring at him.

“Dao friend, let’s let him go for now.” Even the golden-furred old lion advised, telling him not to act on emotions.

Heh heh…” Gu Clan’s elder laughed, still extremely calm, saying, “Don’t worry, as long as the primordial spirit isn’t destroyed, then there’s no problem, we’ll be able to explain things to the great ancestors.”

Everyone felt like this old fella was too vicious.

Even though he was smiling, the snow-white teeth he revealed made one feel a type of coldness. Huang was crippled just like that?

No one believed him. Things already reached this degree, what only mostly crippled was there to speak of? In everyone’s eyes, Huang already didn’t have the slightest bit of hope.

Shi Hao’s primordial spirit became increasingly dim. He could clearly sense wisp after wisp, strand after strand of hidden force being extracted, broken apart. He was becoming weaker.

“Be careful, the restrictions on his primordial spirit are about to be activated!” Fallen Ancient Monk spoke up, carefully reminding.

If that happened, then it wouldn’t be as simple as just being crippled, but rather explode on the spot, body and spirit erased.

Shi Hao felt like he was too weak, like a candle flame in a storm, about to die out at any time. His life force was about to wither away!

He didn’t know whether to feel grief or happiness. The moment his cultivation was ruined, all hope turned to dust, but when his life source flickered, he released a light sigh, perhaps ending things a bit easier could be considered a type of release.

Heh heh… don’t worry, I know what’s appropriate. He won’t be able to die.” Gu Clan’s elder said with a smile.

Shi Hao looked at them through the translucent furnace wall and then looked towards Gu Clan’s elder. Why did this individual deal with him like this? His actions were even more vicious than the old lion and the people from this world.

“Youngster, do you feel despair? Do you want to end your own life now?” Gu Clan’s elder looked at him.

Shi Hao was originally full of hatred, feeling like this life was full of darkness, but he immediately woke up, becoming clear-headed. He looked at him coldly, not replying.

The primordial spirit light was extremely dim, but Shi Hao didn’t lament or anger, instead completely calming down, remaining silent just like that.

He wouldn’t collapse in despair, even if he was crippled, then he would just treat it as his life’s final experience. He felt like he didn’t have any weaknesses.

“Come, just let me experience this pain, this suffering, these wounds… I was long aware that my path was dim, what is there to be upset about?” Shi Hao said.

In the distance, those students all sucked in cold air. Through the furnace wall, they sensed this type of emotion, all of them extremely shocked. Just how firm was Huang’s will? Or was this to say that his natural disposition really was just that resolute?

This type of terrifying experience, just looking at it made their bodies go cold. If it was them who went through this, they would have long fell into despair.

Huang was still immersing himself in this experience? He wanted to seriously experience it? He really was a monster!

The expressions in the eyes of the youngsters looking at Huang in the furnace all changed, sensing some of his characteristics. The reason he was able to become this strong, defeat all of his opponents, had a great connection to his unwavering will.

When this type of person cultivated, his dao heart would be incomparably resolute.

Inside that furnace, bright red flowers bloomed, a sign of the human body great medicine pretty much finishing its refinement. Shi Hao’s bones, flesh, skin, inner organs were all extracted, this process coming to an end.

A type of fragrance wafted out, one that made others couldn’t help but reveal different expressions. Some of them felt greed, many people frowning, feeling like that furnace of medicine made them shiver inwardly.

Suddenly, Shi Hao’s primordial spirit shone, the entire furnace shaking!

“Hurry, stop this!”

The Fearless Lion bloodline’s old lion roared out, the first time it truly lost its composure, stopping the furnace from releasing light.

It was because Huang suffered critical damage, primordial spirit no longer stable, this might activate the restrictions in his sea of consciousness. He was most likely going to explode.

Meanwhile, if Huang was done in, then how were they supposed to report to the undying kings? If they had blame placed on them, then they wouldn’t be able to support it!

“Hurry and activate the yin and yang reversal, or else it’ll be too late!” The Emperor Clan supreme being roared, also forgetting himself.

It was because this was an imitated good of the Yin Yang Furnace, having the so-called Yin Yang energies, able to overturn the universe, make some things rotate in reverse.


The precious furnace shone. Gu Clan’s elder formed an imprint, operating the dao flame, making the furnace even more resplendent, raging flames surging.

Inside the furnace, Shi Hao’s primordial spirit didn’t explode, the power that had just touched upon his restrictions was broken apart, protecting his life.

However, yin and yang energies clashed, in the end also injuring his primordial spirit, making his soul grow dim, almost being extinguished.

“What are you doing? Do you really want to destroy him?!” The Emperor Clan supreme being roared.

“He is still alive, his primordial spirit still there. If we act carefully, there won’t be any problems.” Gu Clan’s elder said.

Right now, the primordial spirit in the furnace was too dim, as if a wind blowing over was enough to scatter it, making one feel like it was extremely hard to preserve his life.

Everyone felt like Gu Clan’s elder was too fierce.

The glorious Huang, a heaven warping genius, had his cultivation cut down by Gu Clan’s elder? This type of downfall was too pitiful!

“No, Huang’s state is unstable, we have to change it, need to save him!” The foreign creature who released wisps of undying aura shouted.

The old lion was speechless, it also felt like that Gu Clan old thing’s actions were too vicious, even making it shiver inwardly. Things now became big.

“It will be extremely hard to restore him. His body and spirit were refined in Imperial Pass’ side, natural laws and others incomplete. After experiencing the refinement from our world just now, his dao fruit has been completely destroyed. If one wishes to save him, we will have to use great treasures, help him completely reforge a body in this great world of ours with perfect natural laws, but that type of price is too great, there is no need to do this for him.” Gu Clan’s elder said.

By the hall’s entrance, the academy’s students didn’t dare speak, because they could sense the anger of those supreme beings.

“You… really have done it now. If Huang’s primordial spirit is scattered, I want to see just how you explain things to the undying kings!” A foreign supreme being said coldly.

“Weren’t there undying beings who agreed to his refinement? This was a decision made by the higher ups.” Gu Clan’s elder said. Then, he added, “We can bring his primordial spirit to my clan and use the true Yin Yang Furnace. At that time, I can guarantee that the restrictions on his primordial spirit will be broken.

He wanted to refine him even more? The Emperor Clan supreme being almost cursed out for him to get lost!

At the very least, in Huang’s current state, they couldn’t act randomly anymore.

Several days later, a few great figures rushed over, all supreme beings from various clans in place of the higher level figures.

After learning of Shi Hao’s current condition, a few great figures’ faces became ugly, almost acting out.

“No, we definitely cannot let Huang be sent into Gu Clan’s Yin Yang Furnace. He might die at any time!”

However, Gu Clan didn’t think they did anything wrong, because they had long said that they needed the true Yin Yang Furnace to completely refine away Shi Hao, only then did they have a chance of breaking through the restrictions in his sea of consciousness, but there were people who were opposed to this before, thus, they could only use an imitation in War God Academy.

“That true furnace has an evil nature, how can we be at ease?” There were retorts from a different direction.

“We won’t allow it, no matter what, we have to change Huang’s situation. This type of state is too terrible, we have to let him revive!” There were some people who couldn’t sit still anymore.

It was because they were worried that the undying kings would erupt into rage when they returned. Perhaps the key wasn’t in Shi Hao’s sea of consciousness, the great ancestors might even have other uses for him.

When they thought of these things, a few people couldn’t remain calm anymore.

Some of them knew that this great era definitely wasn’t going to be peaceful again, perhaps history’s greatest sparks were going to be produced. The great ancestors’ decision couldn’t be disobeyed.

“Help him reforge his dao achievements in my world, let him recover!” Someone said coldly.

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