Chapter 157 - All Mine (Teaser)

Chapter 157 - All Mine


Sparks flew in all directions. The little guy collided together with that creature’s black claws, creating a thunder-like noise. The earth beneath their feet cracked, and it was incomparably violent and fierce, as if two volcanoes collided with each other.

The creature’s pupils were ice-cold, and did not utter a single word. It was entirely focused on the little guy as it carried out its murderous attacks. Its speed was simply too fast, resembling a streak of lightning. Moreover, it was possessed extraordinary strength, making it absolutely terrifying.


An exploding sound rang out in the air. The creature’s tail swayed. It was a black-colored flood dragon tail with thick scales, as if it was forged out of liquid metal. The tail had a metallic texture as it flickered with an ice cold light, hacking towards Shi Hao’s head.

This kind of exploding sound was extremely ear-piercing. One could see just how great its speed and power was. Even if it was a mountain that was targeted, it would still be smashed to pieces.

The little guy quickly retreated backwards, and his body seemed to almost be lying on the ground. That scaled tail swept right above his forehead. A lock of hair was immediately cut off before turning into fine powder.

He jumped up and pounced towards that creature’s back. His two palms were sparkling as they sliced towards the middle of its back. It created a sharp wuwu sound, as if a divine weapon sliced across air.

The creature was extremely calm. It suddenly turned around, and the vertical eye on its forehead emitted light. Even though it couldn’t use any precious methods, it could still make one’s mind feel unstable, as if their souls were about to be hacked into pieces. At the same time, its pair of black-colored claws once against stretched out. Dark light danced about, crossing swords with the little guy.

Sounds of metallic objects colliding continuously rang out. The two individual’s palms and fingers emitted light, and both of them were dazzling. This was a reflection of their powerful peak level flesh, and both of them had the power to break apart precious artifacts with their bare hands; this was an incomparably powerful battle.

They fought at close range. Even though they were still submerged within the...

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