Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531 - Supreme Being Killed

“Who will you be able to kill?!” A cold voice sounded. They were all at this level, supreme beings with strength at the absolute peak, all of them also having absolute confidence.


There was another who was even more direct. The black great spear pointed forward, cold aura surging, great dao laws rippling out.

One man, one spear stood there, actually releasing world establishing aura, making the boundless great desert tremble, primal chaos surge. It was truly terrifying.

They were already at this level, there really wasn’t any bravery to speak of, because they were all creatures who reached the peak of mortal dao, standing at the same high point, overlooking the human world.

Great Elder remained fearless, still calm.

Immediately afterwards, he erupted, his aura continuously surging, golden battle clothes shining, as if raging flames rushed into the heavens. Golden light engulfed the heavens above and earth below.

How terrifying were battles between supreme beings? It exceeded the imagination of normal people, stars falling from outer space at every turn, endless land destroyed.


The foreign supreme being with the black war spear in hand released a great roar. Heaven and earth split, the spearpoint of his weapon erupting with dark light. He took action first, piercing forward.

This spear undoubtedly contained exceptional power. It rushed towards Great Elder’s chest, crushing the void until it exploded to pieces, the sun and moon losing light, chaotic energy surging.


At this moment, Great Elder moved, brandishing the item in his hands -- the rotten wooden chest. It directly smashed into the spearpoint. A world-shaking noise immediately sounded!

Sand waves reached into the skies, golden sand everywhere in this ancient battlefield, stretching as far as the eye could see. Many powerful individuals had fought here throughout the endless years.

Now, the sand rose like a sea, sweeping towards the heavens. There were even more granules that rushed into outer space, hitting some asteroids and meteorites, immediately making them go dim!

This scene was extremely shocking. The effects of a supreme being battle were too far reaching and frightening!

Surprisingly, after this strike, everything quickly calmed down again. The tens of millions of li of great desert became almost deathly still.

It was still the same few here, confronting each other, watching each other carefully.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng stood precisely in the middle, while those five supreme beings stared at him, looking at the wooden chest in his hands.

“So that’s the thing? It is extraordinary after all!” The one who held the blood-colored great halberd, the supreme being who first exchanged attacks with Great Elder said.

The chest was extremely old looking, but it was surrounded by hazy radiance. Meanwhile, just now, it could actually face a supreme being artifact head-on without suffering the slightest bit of damage, this alone enough to prove its value.

Not even someone as powerful as a supreme being could put it away, only able to carry it in his hand. However, right now, it didn’t become Great Elder’s burden, instead becoming quite a good weapon.

Using it like a shield wasn’t a bad choice!

Shi Hao became nervous, worrying for Great Elder, fearing that something unexpected might happen, that something dangerous would occur.

It was because it was just as the foreign creatures said. They were all supreme beings, so who was weaker than who? They were all at the peak of mortal dao.

“Kill him and seize the chest!”

On the other side, someone said coldly.

The strike just now could be considered another test. By now, both sides knew what was going on, so when they took action again, it would definitely be a struggle of life and death, going all out.


A great battle finally erupted. In that instant, it was as if a primal chaos vicious beast roared, reviving from when the heavens were first opened, about to appear in this world.

This place exploded, becoming chaotic.


The great desert split open. A great black crack extended limitlessly into the distance, rushing towards the horizon, unknown just how far it reached.

Sand and rubble flew everywhere, stars trembling.

It wasn’t uncommon for great stars to fall at all. It was because battles at this level were just this chaotic.

Moreover, the great desert split open, countless withered bones underground appeared, caught in the blast waves. Some of them exploded to pieces, some floating in midair.

These were all cultivators who had been killed in the past, many withered bones buried beneath the great desert.

This time, a great battle completely erupted. With a hong noise, a blood-colored great halberd hacked over, precisely the supreme being who first entered Heavenly Beast Forest, the one who was injured by Great Elder.


Great Elder struck the blood-colored war halberd with his bare hands. There was immediately a large expanse of sparks flying out, whenever one of these sparks fell onto the ground, they would always turn tens of thousands of li of the desert into lava!

This scene was a bit frightening, but this was precisely a battle between supreme beings. Their powers were too great, far exceeding creatures of other cultivation realms.


An individual clad in black armor attacked, using his fists as weapons, smashing them over.

Great Elder still fought with his bare hands, similarly sending a fist over. As a result, great dao rumbled between the two, immortal energy exploding, all types of law fragments flew about chaotically here.

Moreover, it was as if hundreds of streaks of lightning hacked down in the void, the noise deafening.

“What happened?”

In the distance, within Heavenly Beast Forest, many people saw the crazy scenes. Divine light rushed into the heavens, striking down the stars in outer space.

“What kind of magical artifact is that?”

“No, that is the result of someone’s fist radiance tearing through heaven and earth, entering the sky dome, striking down some stars!”

Someone explained the truth. The faces of those who heard this all went deathly pale, just how terrifying was this power?

In the battlefield, divine light surged, figures crisscrossing. The battle was too intense, a thousand blows exchanged in just an instant.


When the blood-colored great halberd smashed down, hacking toward Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s head, he brandished the wooden chest again, really using it like a shield.


Simple and violent, the rotten wooden chest in his hands smashed into the great halberd. In addition, he jumped up, right hand forming a magical imprint, slapping outwards.

The other individuals took action as well, either display ancestral techniques or using weapons, attacking forward.

This was extremely dangerous. All of them were supreme beings, now that they attacked together like this, Great Elder’s situation looked worrisome.

The foreign supreme experts’ objective was the rotten wooden chest, they wanted to seize it, but they also wanted to kill Great Elder.

Right at this time, a wave of boundless pressure appeared in the sky, instantly surrounding everything. This type of power was too majestic, just too intimidating.

Great Elder’s expression changed, feeling a tremendous wave of pressure.

One could see a mysterious pouch appear. The opening was loosened, releasing endless multicolored light, about to restrict and collect Great Elder inside.

Immortal artifact, Heaven and Earth Pouch, this originally belonged to the Nine Heavens!

Even this thing appeared, it seemed like the other side really invested greatly in this trip. Not only did five great experts move out, they even activated this matchless magical artifact, wishing to instantly capture Great Elder, seize the rotten wooden chest, not wishing for anything unexpected to happen.


At this moment, an ancient diagram appeared in front of Great Elder, bold and powerful, unmatched might spreading; this was precisely the Ten Realms Diagram.

Meng Tianzheng was currently controlling this supreme artifact. It opposed the Heaven and Earth Pouch with equal strength, both sides clashing, power continuously rushing out.


A ringing noise sounded. A young supreme being from the other side produced a small purple sparkling hammer. It had long become damaged, but it still carried terrifying power, this was a damaged immortal artifact.

“There’s another one!” Another person said coldly, producing a small furnace. It was the size of a fist, even though it wasn’t large, it was covered in cracks, to the extent where there were many areas that had been smashed. It had been in this state for many years already, but it still carried immortal power.

It was another damaged immortal artifact!

It was because with Heaven Abyss in the way, the undying couldn’t cross over, not even their unmatched magical artifacts could be brought to this side.

Only the Nine Heavens’ magical artifacts, past damaged immortal weapons could pass through.

Once the furnace appeared, the void began to burn, what was exhausted was heaven and earth essence energy!

This sky dome was actually set on fire, and it also began to spread outwards, reaching some great stars, the scene extremely terrifying.

The past immortal artifacts, even if they were damaged, they still had matchless power.

“Heavens! What is that? Stars are being ignited one after another, falling towards the desert to wipe out a target!”

“Just how great of a move is this?!”

Near Heavenly Beast Forest, large amounts of experts cried out in alarm.

“Great Elder, use this sword!” Shi Hao roared out. Right now, he was being protected within a sphere of light, isolated from the outside world.

Otherwise, the terrifying fluctuations would have long ripped him to pieces!

Shi Hao saw that Great Elder fell into a critical situation, making him panic, yet he couldn’t do anything to help. He then thought of how extraordinary the Everlasting Sword Core was, giving it to Great Elder, hoping that he could display its power.


The ancient sword released a light cry!

Great Elder received it, the others unable to stop this process. He now had a sword core in one hand, rotten wooden chest in the other, looking incredibly heroic and powerful!


The people on the other side all shouted, activating immortal artifacts, suppressing Great Elder.

“Go!” Great Elder released a light shout. The Ten Realms Diagram flew out, smashing towards the Heaven and Earth Pouch, the small purple sparkling hammer, and the furnace, fighting a great battle.

With a crash noise, a corpse wrapping cloth appeared from Great Elder’s body. It was soaked in the blood of Immortal Kings, right now also rushing into the sky, resisting the immortal artifact.

The immortal artifacts rushed out, clashing in midair, fighting intensely. As a result, a barrier of light took form, surrounding everything below.

“Excellent, the immortal artifacts have displayed power, unintentionally producing a void battlefield, establishing a small world!”

Someone said with a sneer. It was because this undoubtedly temporarily restricted Great Elder, preventing him from running away.


The others shouted.

This was five people working together after all, activating immortal artifacts, making them clash in the air. The result was extremely terrifying!

Great Elder Men Tianzheng fought intensely against them, the two sides continuously colliding, rotten wooden chest struck until it released peng peng noises.

They were all supreme beings, so how much weaker could they be than each other? That was why Great Elder’s situation wasn’t good, at the very least, in Shi Hao’s opinion, the situation was a bit terrible.


Suddenly, Great Elder shouted, his entire body shining, accompanied by immortal mist. Shi Hao trembled, that aura was a bit similar to his own.

“Meng Tianzheng, you really are something, worthy of being someone who was this close to succeeding on that path back then!”

“Using the body as a seed! You were able to grasp some of its power!”

This was the foreign side’s evaluation. They naturally felt great restraining fear.

“No wonder you saved Huang, you two are of the same sort, both walking this path!” A supreme expert said with a cold voice. However, he didn’t feel any worry, because they had the numbers advantage.

Divine light rushed into the heavens, precious techniques world shocking!

This place became chaotic, several great supreme beings going all out in a decisive bloody battle.

Those who used the body as a seed were exceptionally powerful. Shi Hao deeply experienced this, while the foreign youngsters suffered all types of bitter consequences because of this.

On the path of body as the seed, even though something unexpected happened to Great Elder along the way, almost dying in the process, not completely succeeding, there were still some gates opened, their bodies extremely powerful.


Someone struck forward. No one expected that when it was difficult for Great Elder to evade, he actually directly received this palm, facing it with his back.

Meanwhile, at this moment, he borrowed this power to suddenly increase speed, face the one who was right before him, rushing over murderously.


Heaven and earth shook, trembling intensely.

Strange ripples were released from this place, indicating that this was a decisive battle between powerful individuals.


The one who faced Great Elder’s sudden attack head-on was shocked, because he discovered that Great Elder’s arm became golden, ridiculously powerful, impossible to shake off.

“This is… similar to the method He Wushuang cultivated!” A supreme being’s expression changed.

He Wushuang previously obtained the Imperishable Scripture, his strength in the other side extraordinary, exceedingly terrifying. His body was known to be imperishable, powerful to the extreme.


Right at this moment, Great Elder received two palms from the back, the attacks of two other individuals.

Blood trickled out from the corners of his mouth, but he actually withstood it. Meanwhile, he directly took action, golden light overflowing into the heavens, displaying the greatest power, attacking that person ferociously.


In the end, that person’s blood-colored war halberd was actually broken. When he attacked with his two fists, he still faced Great Elder’s most vicious attacks.

“Imperishable Scripture! It’s extremely similar to what He Wushuang uses!”

This was basically going all out, carrying out a life and death struggle. After Great Elder took a few blows, he entered a bloody struggle without any regard for consequences with the one in front of him.

Not only was his war halberd broken, even the other party’s body was pierced through, the scene horrifying.


A bloody struggle was happening in the great desert!

After fighting at close quarters, Great Elder received several blows. Meanwhile, as he did his best to avoid everyone else’s attacks, he also focused most of his attacks on a single person.


Bloody light surged, dyeing the skies red.

“What? That’s… a supreme being fell!” In Heavenly Beast Forest, someone cried out in horror.

“This is… my side’s Frozen Sea Supreme Being’s aura! He was killed! Heavens! How could it be like this?!”

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