Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530 - Battle Between Supreme Beings

“Meng Tianzheng, you actually dared come here? You are digging your own grave!” The foreign supreme being shouted.

“It’s hard to say whether I’ll die or not. However, what I know for sure is that your life can’t be saved!” The Meng Tianzheng in his golden years spoke. He was surging with heroicness, as if he was a war immortal!

He possessed incomparable power. When his eyes opened and closed, space was torn, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Many stars in the heavens above resonated.

“Come!” Meng Tianzheng beckoned towards Shi Hao, about to bring him away from this place.

When Shi Hao saw this, he quickly arrived. He didn’t feel any more hesitation, taking the initiative to leave the ancient tree’s range.

It was because this time, his instincts sensed a calm and vigorous feeling, as well as blazing ferocious energy instead of the ice-cold and frightening feeling from just now.

He knew that this person really was Great Elder, no longer a fake!

“If you keep him with you, it will be hard for you to protect yourself!” The foreign supreme being took action. With a raise of his hand, brilliant multicolored light shot out, making the world crack apart.


In outer space, a few stars exploded. Divine light rushed into the heavens, the scene terrifying.


Meng Tianzheng used a sword art, sweeping through this world. The sword radiance was just too terrifying, brilliant to the point where one couldn’t open their eyes. Sword radiance hacked through mountains and rivers, even more so slashing into outer space!

“Who is that?” Outside Heavenly Beast Forest, everyone was shocked. That sword radiance was just too terrifying, rushing into outer space, destroying some stars.

Just how long was this sword radiance?


Right at this time, several supreme beings outside Heavenly Beast Forest moved!

“He came!”


These were the voices of different people. They immediately disappeared from the sky dome, one of them entering Heavenly Beast Forest.

The other three appeared in different positions outside Heavenly Beast Forest, trying to surround this place.

They didn’t dare all go in, because it was extremely dangerous inside. Sending two people in was already quite risky.


Shi Hao rushed out from the bloody swamp, arriving outside.

A great dao path immediately appeared below Great Elder’s feet. Moreover, with a raise of his hand, he was directly brought over, ensuring his safety.

“By protecting him like this, you yourself will die!” The foreign supreme being said, roaring out. Heaven and earth swayed, mountains collapsed. A giant hand reached out, slapping forward.

At this moment, great stars were endless, primal chaos erupting. An aura of destruction engulfed the heavens above and earth below.

He wanted to directly shake Shi Hao to death, destroy him. Meanwhile, if Great Elder wanted to save him, he had to divert some of his attention.


With a single thought, Great Elder brought Shi Hao over, collecting him within one of his own heavenly passages, protecting him like this.

“It’s useless, you should know that we were waiting for you to come!” The foreign supreme beings said coldly.

With a qiang noise, a blood-colored war halberd appeared in his hands. It directly crushed the void, slicing towards Meng Tianzheng.


At this moment, the world became dark.

It was because when this great halberd appeared, the sun in the sky exploded to pieces, immediately being destroyed.

This place was vast, with many suns suspended above, but this place only had one, crushed by the aura released by the great halberd.

The power of a supreme being could not be surmised.


With a flick of Great Elder’s finger, sword radiance shot out, extending hundreds of thousands of li, simply about to completely hack through the heavens above and earth below, smashing into that blood-colored war halberd.


This foreign supreme being coughed out blood. It was because he was previously already seriously injured by Great Elder’s sword. Even though only a few drops of blood fell, the sword had long stabbed into his bones.

This time, the blood he coughed out flowed in reverse, in the end, only a single drop flew out, rushing into outer space, immediately blasting through many stars, making them explode.

Outside Heavenly Beast Forest, everyone was shocked upon seeing this, their bodies going cold. Was this a battle between supreme beings? They felt great fear!

Great Elder took the initiative to back up, rush out from Heavenly Beast Forest.

It was because the foreign side had several supreme beings here, long setting up a death trap for him, just waiting for him to come.

Both sides were clearly aware of what was going on.

Only, Great Elder’s steps seemed a bit slow, not fast enough. The foreign supreme being who was rushing over from behind was also like this, choosing his steps carefully.

It was to the extent where in some regions, they wouldn’t attack at all, restraining their auras. They wouldn’t split open the void.

It was because there were ancient immortal dao formations here, having many restrictions. Once they were activated, it would produce a disaster, imprison them, become supreme being prisons.

“Meng Tianzheng, since you came, then why don’t you just come over so we can chat a bit.” Someone shouted from the back.

This was another foreign supreme being. Another person was closing in.


Suddenly, Meng Tianzheng activated sword energy, hacking in a certain direction in the mountain forest. That place immediately broke apart, moreover, immortal dao radiance rushed into the heavens.

The foreign supreme being’s expression changed, quickly backing up, moving out of the way.

“You’re mad! Are you trying to take us all down with you, for all of us to be trapped here?” A supreme being shouted.

Meng Tianzheng didn’t say anything, continuing forward.

“Be careful. His achievements in formations are exceptionally profound. He has avoided and passed the dangerous area up ahead!” The supreme being who was previously injured, holding a blood-colored war halberd reminded.


Suddenly, an ocean-like wave of aura covered heaven and earth as it swept over.

Shi Hao saw someone take action from behind, in his hands a black-colored war spear. It stabbed over, transcending time and space, omnipotent, nothing it couldn’t overcome, directly pressing forward.

With a honglong sound, heaven and earth collapsed.

That black war spear was too terrifying, cleaving the sky dome in two. The spearpoint pierced through the sky dome, an expanse of stars in outer space becoming dim.

Chaotic energy surged, wrapping around the black war spear. It was hard to assess just how powerful it was.

Shi Hao discovered that even after Great Elder condensed a magical imprint, striking the black war spear, there was still a wave of power rushing over.

If it was Great Elder himself, there would be no problem at all, these were just normal supreme being fluctuations, it could be endured. However, Shi Hao who was sealed within a heavenly passage wouldn’t be able to handle it.

It was because the supreme being level ripples would spread into his heavenly passages!


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao sensed a hazy sphere of light wrap around him. Moreover, he left Meng Tianzheng’s heavenly passage, appearing before him. Then, they moved together, wishing to escape from this place.

“Meng Tianzheng, hand over your life!”

Someone shouted from the back. It was a supreme being, he caught up.

The ones coming weren’t too fast, because they had to take the forest’s restrictions into consideration.

At the same time, within the depths of Heavenly Beast Forest, not far from Reincarnation Pool, there was an ancient beast that was reviving. Its eyelids jumped, about to open.

“Not good, it’s waking up!”

As supreme beings, their reactions and divine senses were extremely sharp. They naturally immediately noticed this change.


Great Elder released a soft shout. Golden radiance surged beneath his feet, a great path piercing through the ancient forest, rushing towards the outside world.

Yi, you are actually advancing like this, moreover having some understanding of the restrictions in this place!” A foreign supreme being said, clearly shocked.

“That ancient beast belongs to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, they definitely have some type of connection with this place.” The supreme being who held the black war spear said coldly.

Meng Tianzheng successfully broke out of the enclosure, rushing out from Heavenly Beast Forest.

The expressions of the other two were ugly. They were a bit slow, unable to move as they wished. It was because a bit of carelessness would result in great trouble.


However, outside Heavenly Beast Forest, what awaited Great Elder was an ice-cold long blade. Hazy blue radiance flickered about, tearing apart the sky dome, terrifying beyond compare, hacking towards Great Elder.

Outside, there were supreme beings who were watching over this place, currently waiting for him to come out.

At the same time, the two supreme beings in the other direction immediately appeared, rushing murderously towards Great Elder Meng Tianzheng.

This time, there were five supreme beings who came in total. Two of them entered Heavenly Beast Forest, the other three remaining outside. The situation was extremely bad.


Great Elder struck out, his palms and fingers brilliant, erupting with heaven overflowing might. The long blade was blasted aside, and then he directly slaughtered his way forward.

Even after having to deal with one of the two other supreme beings’ ambush, he still chose to run, escape in Imperial Pass’ direction.

“Meng Tianzheng, you won’t be able to escape!”

A great roar sounded from the back. The two individuals in Heavenly Beast Forest were formidable after all, extremely heaven-defying. They also struggled free from the ancient land, slaughtering their way out, not being trapped inside.

Things were far from reassuring. Five supreme experts surrounded them, chasing after Meng Tianzheng.


In Heavenly Beast Forest, a beast shook all directions.

However, what was shocking was that all types of star fragments appeared in the sky. They gathered together once more, forming a heavenly sun.

This scene was extremely shocking. This roar wasn’t one of destruction, but rather one that restored the shattered sun, moon, and others.

However, Great Elder didn’t have the attention to spare for these things.

He took a step out, making stars move in reverse, mountains and rivers lose color. He immediately traveled hundreds of thousands of li. Then, a second step was taken, long taking him a million li out.

Only, the enemy was similarly powerful beyond compare, also supreme beings, how could their speeds be slow? They all chased after him.

When Great Elder continuously took steps, traveling eight million li out, he finally saw the great desert. It was precisely Desolate Border battlefield.

“This is your place of burial!” A foreign supreme being said.

“Now that we are far from Heavenly Beast Forest, we can finally move as we want!” The one who held the black war spear said coldly.

At the same time, Great Elder also stopped. He wore golden armor that flickered with sky filling blazing radiance. His figure was tall and strong, face incomparably heroic.

This was the past Meng Tianzheng in his golden years. He didn’t continue running, instead saying, “I also wanted to ask for some pointers. If a person or two doesn’t die, how can this be considered a battle between supreme beings?!”

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