Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529 - Great Elder

Shi Hao was moved. Great Eder personally came, immediately making him relax quite a bit. He was now sure that no matter how powerful the foreign experts were, he could still peacefully return.

“You don’t need to immediately get up, wait for a chance, and then pretend to leave. If that person takes action, I will immediately kill him, get rid of that supreme expert!” Great Elder’s voice sounded.

His voice was resolute, also confident, even more so possessing an intimidating power. Shi Hao felt more and more at ease, because there was a powerful confidence surging within him now.

Shi Hao suspected that Great Elder wanted to use him as bait to make that person get closer, and then take action ruthlessly, execute him!

The ambush of a supreme being was definitely world-shaking. Ghosts would weep and deities howl, a single strike making the stars move in reverse, all sides collapse!

When one cultivated to that level, if one really wanted to launch a hidden attack, it would simply be impossible to deal with in the mortal realm!

That was why Shi Hao was moved, perhaps he really was going to witness a supreme being fall. However, he looked calm on the surface, nothing could be detected no matter how one examined him.

Shi Hao sat here for a long time, waiting until the outside world became more and more peaceful, and only then did he get up, pretending to want to leave this place.

“Can a supreme being really be killed?” He was excited, hard to calm himself down. Those people were known to be unmatched in the mortal realm, standing at the very peak.

Shi Hao left the tree trunk step by step, walking out.

As for the golden lion, it had long been stored in a spatial magical artifact, not allowed out. He didn’t want any accidents to happen because of it.

Shi Hao went further and further, finally about to leave this place. Even so, the ancient tree was massive, branches reaching very far, covering heaven and earth, flickering with dark light.

However, when Shi Hao was about to leave this region, for some reason, his mind went ice-cold, developing a heart shaking feeling, his soul trembling slightly.

Why was this? He was a bit confused. Great Elder came, could it be that he still couldn’t stop the enemy, that he would still die?

Shi Hao trusted this type of intuition. This wasn’t something he cultivated, it wasn’t related to dao skills, but rather a type of instinct. However, this type of spiritual awareness wasn’t something every expert could obtain.

It could be said that some people’s spiritual awareness were exceptionally sharp, while Shi Hao was one of the best at this.

He sensed something beforehand, feeling like there was some kind of danger approaching!

“Great Elder, you have to be careful, I fear that this supreme being might not be simple. You have to be on guard!” Shi Hao transmitted sound, still in the same direction from before.

“It’s fine, I have already completed my preparations. If he comes close, I will have a favorable position, perfect for delivering a fatal blow, perhaps even kill a supreme being!” Great Elder said.

Shi Hao inwardly nodded. Great Elder was a steady person. He had lived for an endless amount of time, if he wasn’t confident, he wouldn’t speak like this.

He moved forward again, but after he took a few steps, he felt more and more uneasy, just feeling like there was something bad about to happen, as if doomsday was going to descend!

Shi Hao shivered inwardly, finding this extremely hard to shake off. This was a cultivator’s most basic instinctual divine awareness!

Why did he feel like this? He wanted to understand.

At the same time, he felt several palaces appear within his five viscera, vaguely releasing scripture sounds. In addition, there was a little figure who appeared, suddenly opening its eyes, looking towards his core.

Within Shi Hao’s inner world, he broke into a cold shiver.

It was one of the creatures seated in his three great dao flowers, the one who seemed to live in the past.

This time, that creature didn’t sit in the great dao flower above his head, but rather lingered about between his five viscera. The five palaces shone, flowing with great dao aura.

“Why? Is this a sign?” Shi Hao asked himself. Chills were running through his mind.

That little figure should also be considered him, was this some type of warning?

Shi Hao’s expression changed. He transmitted sound, saying, “Senior, I’ve suddenly thought of a more dependable method that can definitely kill that supreme being.”

“Oh? Let’s hear it.”

“I’ll back up first, and then I’ll tell you in a bit.” Shi Hao calmly backed up, returning to that ancient tree, directly sitting down.

“Alright, tell me.” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s voice sounded, asking Shi Hao.

Only, this time, Shi Hao didn’t say anything, quietly sitting there, not moving. Meanwhile, Great Elder spoke up several times, but he didn’t give any reply.

Heh heh, not bad.” In the distance, a figure appeared, shrouded in mist, indistinct. He stood in primal chaos, looking in this direction.

At this moment, Shi Hao’s fine hairs stood on end. It was precisely the figure he saw before, the foreign supreme being!

“Even though it is in part because of the ancient tree, isolating too many divine abilities of the outside world, you could still remain clear-headed under my ‘Mind Chaos Art’, you can be considered quite special. Under the supreme being level, not many can accomplish this.”

That person was praising Shi Hao’s divine awareness.

At this moment, Shi Hao felt a chill run from head to toe, deeply shaken. He broke out into cold sweat, feeling great lingering fear.

That figure was the foreign supreme being, there was never a Great Elder here. The so-called voices were all fake!

Just now, if he became clear-headed a bit later, he would have completely left the ancient tree’s range. He was that close to leaving the edge.

That type of consequences, just the thought alone made one feel terrified, cold sweat pouring from his body.

“It wasn’t Great Elder, but just now, it really was extremely similar.” Shi Hao wiped away his sweat, frowning. That type of aura was too similar, this supreme being could actually imitate it.

However, when he recalled the name of the divine ability the other party mentioned -- Mind Chaos Art, he calmed himself down again. This was definitely a great method that interfered with one’s mind. Him almost falling into the trap was understandable.

After all, this was a supreme being, an existence who rarely suffered defeat!

“You are a glorious supreme being, known to be unmatched in the human dao, yet you are actually using mind disturbing methods against a younger generation, really aren’t that heroic and dignified.” Shi Hao said.

Even when he faced a supreme being, he still dared speak out, not feeling fear.

“What heroicness or honor is there to talk about in killing methods?” That blurry figure said with a smile, not minding at all.

Sigh, it really would be great if Senior Meng was here.” Shi Hao said with a sigh, but he felt like it wasn’t that likely. Right now, he completely recovered his mind.

“Does Meng Tianzheng dare come? Even if he does, so what? He will most likely fall here!” That supreme being said coldly.

With a single thought, great stars swirled in the skies, rumbling with noise. Meanwhile, sweet spring water surged beneath his feet, golden lotuses growing all around him, accompanied by natural law force.

This was the irregular scene displayed from a single thought from him. When he spoke out, this type of extraordinary scene immediately appeared, truly intimidating!

“Is that so?” With a cold snort, a dazzling divine sword tore through Heavenly Beast Forest’s skies, directly hacking at the foreign supreme being.

This was just too sudden, golden radiance brilliant. A young person appeared, his long black hair scattering down, in his right hand a sword art, producing an immortal sword, piercing towards the foreign supreme being.

That wave of power was too powerful, shaking up Heavenly Beast Forest.

In that instant, his aura erupted, golden light dazzling the heavenly dome, about to unleash a slaughter.

This was, without a doubt, a supreme being, powerful and incomparable, shaking the heavens above and earth below.


That foreign supreme being was injured. When drops of blood shot out from his ribs, the endless mountain forest was directly destroyed, the great earth breaking apart, magma surging.

This was too horrifying. After he was injured, essence blood flowed in reverse. Only a few drops fell, yet it immediately obliterated eighty or ninety thousand li of mountains and rivers, just too horrifying.

When just a single drop of this type of blood fell, it would be enough to crush a great star!

“Meng Tianzheng, you really dared come!” The foreign supreme being said coldly.

It had to be said that he was steady and imposing, worthy of admiration. He clearly suffered this sword art’s strike, yet he still remained calm and cold, not panicking.

“Great Elder?!”

Shi Hao was shocked. Great Elder finally came!

Moreover, he took action at the crucial moment.

Only, Shi Hao was extremely shocked, because the current Great Elder was completely different from before. He was really young, surging with life force.

This was a youngster, one who looked twenty something, in his golden years. His blood energy was incredibly powerful. Golden armor covered his body, releasing brilliance, even leaving the sun shaken!

This wasn’t a misperception, but rather real!

The current Great Elder had long black hair scattering down, eyes like cold lightning, heroic face as if sculpted by a blade. His slender body was strong, dressed in golden armor, looking like a descending war immortal!

His blood energy rippled outwards, affecting the world.

Outside, great stars shook. As for the sun and moon, they even more so resonated, trembling slightly.

If not for the ancient tree in the way, Shi Hao believed that he would definitely be in terrible condition right now, unable to endure the incomparable pressure.

“Great Elder at his most powerful state?” How could Shi Hao not be shocked?

This young Meng Tianzheng was something he had never seen before. He had tremendous power, the vitality of youth, and blood energy that surged like an ocean wave, completely immeasurable.

Back then, when he fought a great battle with Immortal Wang, Great Elder didn’t even display this type of appearance!

And now, when facing foreign enemies, he finally undid the seal, using the unmatched power of his golden years!

“So this the power of a supreme being? It seems like even after all these years, not many people have truly witnessed it!” Shi Hao sighed with admiration.

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