Chapter 1528

Chapter 1528 - Supreme Being Sets Out

Everyone was shocked, feeling deeply shaken. A supreme being finally moved!

When a creature of this level took action, Huang didn’t have any chance left to live! Even the world itself lost color, sun and moon trembling, who could stop this type of power? Huang was definitely going to be killed.

It was because compared to a supreme being, Self Release Realm was equivalent to an ant!

It was completely impossible to compare them, the difference too great. Supreme beings were at the peak of the mortal world, at the very summit of mortal dao realm.

Only, everyone was worried. This was Heavenly Beast Forest, there were too many things that couldn’t be explained. It was rumored that even a supreme being might suffer a disaster upon entering.

This was also the reason why these supreme beings all remained quiet after entering, quietly seated in the heavens above.

Heavenly Beast Forest, this place was known to be a cage. When supreme beings entered, they might come into contact with some restrictions, be trapped inside, unable to struggle free.

Of course, if they were careful enough, not activating those ancient formations, they could move safely through this place.

“I hope nothing bad happens to great one!” Someone said softly, quietly praying.

Heavenly Beast Forest was too strange. If it really ended up trapping a supreme being, then it would definitely be grievous news.

All of them knew that the reason why the supreme being was entering was completely because of Huang’s extraordinary performance. Now, he didn’t hesitate to pay the cost, wishing to immediately kill him.

Wu, I understand, senior is worried that he might have seen an immortal king path!” Someone said with a sigh.

Otherwise, how could things have become like this?

Huang’s display was too astonishing. He was only twenty something, yet he could already kill Self Release Realm great cultivators. Just how many people from the past until now could do this?

“I hope senior’s trip goes smoothly!” Someone prayed.

“Spirit of our ancestors, please protect my clan’s heavenly fate!” A few people muttered to themselves.

In the depths of Heavenly Beast Forest, there was a reeking of blood everywhere.

Suddenly, when the golden lion he rode on rushed into a mountain valley, a streak of sword light rushed at the back of his head. It was just too fast; someone was ambushing him!

Earth Spirit Clan’s great cultivator took action. This clan usually stayed in places without sunlight, their faces pale white like ghosts.

Meanwhile, because they liked darkness, their temperaments were also cold and gloomy, enjoying surprise attacks. They were one of the foreign side’s natural assassination clans, back then, this clan’s ancestor had killed many immortal dao experts.

Hair fell from Shi Hao’s head, cut by order natural laws, constructed by sword radiance and symbols, extremely powerful.

Shi Hao hid himself to avoid the strike of inevitable death. Only, a bit of blood shot out from his shoulder, brushed by the order sword light.


Shi Hao roared, locking onto this person, fighting an intense battle against him.


In the end, the Earth Spirit Clan’s expert died, killed here.

“We’re leaving!” In the distance, a comparatively younger great cultivator immediately turned around to leave upon seeing this scene. Not only did he not provide reinforcements, now, he even more so tried to run.

Those who followed him were stunned, couldn’t help but curse silently.

It was because not long ago, this young cultivator was still speaking viciously, stating that Huang was nothing, that if they ran into him, then they’ll just kill him, that their main objective was the rotten wooden chest.

However now, that great one actually… ran!

This younger great cultivator really was scared. The other side was much younger than himself, yet ended up continuously killing Self Release Realm cultivators. He definitely didn’t want to throw his life away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Shi Hao saw him, naturally chasing him down.

Moreover, at this time, he sealed the lion, storing it in a spatial magical artifact.

It was because when chasing down enemies, even though the golden lion had extreme speed, never stopping, its speed was slower than his.


In the end, this young great one was being chased. They fought a bloody battle, but his head was still removed, leaving his body. His face carried unwillingness, shock, completely pale. He was killed, primordial spirit scattered.

“Not good!”

Right at this time, Shi Hao suddenly felt his scalp turn numb, entire body going taut, as if there was a terrifying prehistoric beast that locked onto him. Chills immediately ran through his body.

He turned around to run, not even wasting a second, quickly rushing towards the place where the withered tree was.

This was a type of instinct. There was clearly something that was about to happen, unfavorable for him. If he didn’t avoid it, he would most likely die.

This was the difference between a heaven warping genius and a normal person. All those who were similar to Shi Hao would develop this type of divine awareness, before danger arrived, they would always sense something.

He knew that a calamity was looming, that he might have to run again.

Originally, his plan was to continuously kill some more enemies, and then hide back into Reincarnation Pool or near the ancient tree. He never expected danger to arrive so quickly.

Fortunately, Shi Hao still had some propriety, not going too far from where the ancient tree was, only wandering relatively close to it.

That was why he immediately ran back, sitting under the tree, carefully observing the surrounding activity.

It really had been too dangerous this time. He felt as if a terrifying ancient beast was nearby, as if it came from the primal chaos of the world’s creation, possessing unmatched power.

The surroundings were quiet, lacking all sound. It was as if they immediately arrived at the limits of the world.

This was an extremely suffocating feeling. Shi Hao didn’t move at all, waiting just like that, looking if that terrifying existence would descend.

In reality, in the distant mountain range, there really was a creature approaching. When this person first began walking, his steps were accompanied by a starry river, time fragments winding about beneath his feet, as if he was an unmatched monarch.

Only, eventually, his footsteps slowed, no longer a single step traveling hundreds of thousands of li, instead becoming quiet, gradually becoming like those of an ordinary person’s.

It was because he was quite apprehensive. This ancient land was comparatively alright for Self Release Realm cultivators, but for a creature on his level, there were great limitations.

Otherwise, he could reach his destination with a single step, why would he need to be this careful? It was to the extent where a single thought was enough to erase all types of vitality in Heavenly Beast Forest!

Not even Huang could escape this will.

However, he couldn’t use unmatched power, had to hold himself back. Moreover, he needed to constantly keep an eye on this place, locate the restricted areas, or else he would definitely bring disaster onto himself!

One had to understand that back then, even legendary immortal daoist level individuals had died here.

Finally, he arrived, approaching a quiet mountain ridge in this forest.

There was an ancient tree that was pitch-black like ink, completely lacking leaves. It towered into the clouds, extremely powerful, moreover surrounded by mysterious mist.

Under that tree, within the haziness, there was a youngster seated there. He was extremely careful and prudent, on guard here.

The individual who approached was known as a supreme being, naturally possessing exceptional might. He could seize the moon with a raise of his hand, strength terrifying to the extreme.

Only, right now, he became more and more serious, not moving rashly, only staring at the ancient tree.

“Back then, this mountain region didn’t have this kind of tree. It grew later on from the blood swamp.” He said quietly to himself.

It was because the foreign people had come here before, understanding this place. In the past, this was only a blood-colored swamp.

The blood-soaked bodhi tree had previously been buried in the swamp. Now, it rushed out, was it going to extend its roots and germinate? If it seized life force, just what will it grow into? This supreme being was staring at it, not moving at all.

Right at this time, the feeling that made Shi Hao’s fine hairs all stand on end disappeared, the goosebumps vanishing. He felt extremely strange. Could it be that this unknown existence left, not coming here?

However, when he raised his head and looked into the distance, he was shaken, feeling horrified.

It was because in the distance, by the entrance of the mountain ridge, there was a figure quietly standing there, looking in this direction like a statue.

How long was this person here for? He didn’t notice him at all!

Moreover, why did his feeling of unease disappear? He couldn’t sense any danger anymore!

Shi Hao was shaken. This was definitely not normal. That creature was clearly close, already within his line of sight, so why did that alarming feeling disappear?

This could only say that this existence was extremely terrifying. When it stood there, it was as if it disappeared from past and present, impossible to perceive.

“Supreme being!” Shi Hao came to this type of conclusion.

It was because that person was too terrifying, impossible to estimate, to see through. He was deep and immeasurable.

In that place, primal chaos energy pervaded the air. It was extremely thick, impossible for him to see that creature’s true appearance. Only, when those eyes opened and closed, it was as if a blazing sun was surging.

Immediately afterwards, that figure disappeared, only some primal chaos mist left where it stood that would scatter soon.

It was as if that person never appeared, too mysterious, at the same time extremely terrifying. Shi Hao was worried, feeling like this place might not be enough to stop him.

This place was completely silent.

After that person disappeared, he didn’t appear again.

However, Shi Hao knew that if the other side came for him, there was no way he would truly leave. A supreme being personally appeared, so how could it leave without accomplishing anything?!

Suddenly, Shi Hao sensed a familiar voice, sounding right by his ears.

“Let’s leave, return to Imperial Pass.”

It was extremely quiet, but extremely real.

Shi Hao was shocked, almost crying out. It was because this was Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s voice.

“Senior, is it really you who came? There is a supreme being here, you have to be careful!” Shi Hao hurriedly secretly replied.

“It’s fine, if he takes action, I’ll just kill him!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s words were extremely simple and direct.

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