Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527 - None Before

The foreign creatures didn’t know how powerful the target Shi Hao killed was yet, only knowing that there was blood where they fought, as well as hearing miserable screams. What they knew was limited.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be shouting like this, swarming into the forest depths like wasps.

It was because they were just too upset. For the sake of the rotten wooden chest, they mustered such great forces, yet in the end, a single Huang, due to all types of reasons, caused their losses to be extremely disastrous.

Now, even the supreme beings seated above couldn’t sit still anymore, some of them already furious.

“Since he came out from that blasted place, then things are much easier. We’ll carry out a comprehensive search, when we are sure of his position, we’ll then send out true experts to kill him!”

There was an elder who remained extremely calm, ordering like this.

However, as troops after troops entered, just how many of them took this to heart? It was because the ones leading the troops were all great cultivators!

These people only had one thought on their minds, which was to immediately kill Huang, vent out a bit of resentment. Otherwise, they would feel just too terrible.

Thousands of creatures died just like that, just how disastrous was this? Just the thought alone made their hearts sore. These weren’t normal people, but the experts of various clans, their elites!

The mountain forest was quiet, heavenly beasts roaming about from time to time, vicious and sinister. Even the foreign cultivators were hiding, not willing to clash with these ancient beasts.

It was because there was no need to. These heavenly beasts were extremely strong, their consciousness unclear, fighting against these types of giant beasts was meaningless, the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

“He better not let me find him, or else I’m going to dice him up!” Someone said hatefully. This was a silver-haired male, middle-aged appearance, extremely heroic looking.

Many people felt admiration towards him, because they deeply understood how terrifying he was. He wasn’t just a simple Self Release Realm cultivator, he was from a powerful king race.

The Mantis Centipede Clan was incredibly well-known among King Clans, their fighting prowess renown!

Their clan often had cultivators who entered the top twenty ranks of their respective generations.

If Shi Hao was here, he would definitely sense a familiar aura, because he had previously killed a young expert from this clan.

Back then, in Great Scarlet Sky Border, when he fought ten great experts alone, he had previously killed a mantis centipede. That youngster had never turned into human form, having mantis arms, centipede body, entire body silvery-white, fighting strength not ordinary.

Now, this silver-haired middle-aged man appeared, precisely his grandfather, a well-known expert from the clan. He had already entered the Self Release Realm.

Heh heh, interesting, after so many people died, you all couldn’t even deal with that brat? Now that this one has gone out, if his head can be obtained, it really would be a wonderful thing.”

In another direction, a pale-faced, weak looking middle-aged man also said to himself, his smile a bit sinister.

“That’s Earth Spirit Clan’s senior!” Someone cried out in surprise.

Earth Spirit Clan, a place without sunshine year round, always remaining in darkness. There were some who said that they were originally a clan of yin spirits who seized living bodies.

This clan had strange skills. After remaining in the shadows year round, they were most suited for assassination. In the great battle of the last great era, this clan’s matchless ancient ancestor previously killed many immortal dao experts.

“My objective is that rotten wooden chest, we must obtain it. As for Huang, if we see him, we’ll just directly kill him, don’t treat him like a big deal!” This was the order a youngster gave out.

Even though he looked like a young expert, this was still compared to the other Self Release Realm cultivators. He was also someone of this level, but was far younger than the others.

At the very least, his outer appearance only looked to be about thirty something.

As for his true age, no one knew. They all presumed he was a ‘young and vigorous’ heroic individual!

His clan was quite strange, a type of plant known as Nine Netherworlds Grass. They grew within a dark abyss in the foreign side.

“We found Huang!”

Right at this time, a cry sounded from the distance. There was a troop who ran into Huang.

 A golden streak of lightning moved through the mountain forest, carrying berserk winds, sending rubble flying in all directions. Wherever it passed, large amounts of ancient trees would shake violently, leaves falling onto the ground.

This was definitely the Fearless Lion.

Its body was brilliant, as if cast from gold. Now, it was Shi Hao’s mount, clenching its teeth, left with no choice but to listen to Shi Hao’s orders, run through the forest.

“Are my eyes deceiving me? Isn’t that the inheritor of the Fearless Lion bloodline? The one who retraced his ancestry is being rode on as Huang’s mount?” Someone said in shock.

This really was shocking. One had to understand that this golden lion was extremely well-known in the other side, when had it ever become a mount? This bloodline exceeded many King Clan creatures.

However now, he lowered his prideful head, becoming Huang’s mount, moving through the mountain forest.


A great battle erupted. In a certain mountain ridge, Shi Hao encountered a troop, clashing intensely. Divine light rushed into the heavens, symbols swirling about, a life and death struggle carried out.

“Where is Huang? Hurry, kill him!” Great chaos erupted in the mountain forest, people moving about in every direction, swarming in that direction.

Unfortunately, when they closed in, the battle already ended. There was a lot of blood leftover here, but Huang was already nowhere to be seen.

“It was Purple Blossom Clan’s troops who were here, led by a Self Release Realm senior. They were actually all killed!” Someone said with alarm.

“Impossible! How could Huang kill Self Release Realm great cultivators? When we were in Divine Medicine Mountain Range not too long ago, he was still being chased by great ones of this level!”

They found this hard to believe. How did Huang suddenly become this powerful, even able to kill Self Release Realm cultivators? Who could stop him then?

“Hurry and report this to the others, tell them to be careful. Huang’s fighting strength doesn’t match what we expected. He is a dangerous madman!” Someone said anxiously.


In another mountain region, a great battle erupted. Huang rode on a golden lion’s body, holding a bone blade, fighting a great battle against a foreign great cultivator. With a pu sound, the final strike hacked off that person’s head, moreover destroying the primordial spirit!

Blood radiance overflowed into the heavens here, divine force surging.

At the most crucial moment, that great cultivator’s body exploded, wishing to drag Shi Hao down with him. However, in the end, he was disappointed, not succeeding.

Huang’s strength was completely different from what they thought. Many people’s expressions became grave.

In Heavenly Beast Forest, the atmosphere immediately became tense. The insignificant brat in the foreign cultivators’ eyes now became a dangerous individual.

Actually, Shi Hao didn’t have it that easy. Even though he rose to the mid-stage of the Self Severing Realm, it wasn’t like he imagined where he could easily cross levels and kill great cultivators.

It was because cultivation, as one went further, it became extremely hard to advance further. Unless one’s talents were great enough, it couldn’t be done.

Creatures who could bring their cultivation levels to the Self Release Realm, how many of them were mediocre? They were all geniuses among geniuses, all creatures who rose up from the masses.

That was why facing these powerful individuals, moreover wishing to do so through a great cultivation realm difference, was definitely not easy.

“Huang, why is he this strong? He is only at the mid stage of the Self Severing Realm, yet he can kill Self Release Realm great experts!” Someone said with a sigh. When he learned of the situation, he couldn’t help but feel great shock.

Finally, Shi Hao was in a bit of trouble. It was because he was surrounded by everyone.

A silver-haired male stood there, two snow-white silver blades in hand. Cold light shone in all directions, killing intent surging, not hiding his hostility at all.

“Mantis Centipede’s people!” Shi Hao stared at him. His Heavenly Eyes shone, seeing his true form.

“Just hand over your life!” The silver-haired middle-aged man roared. He brandished the blades in his hands, rushing forward murderously.

This scene was extremely frightening. The two blades cut through the void, severing space. Heaven and earth were directly torn apart, great dao laws rumbling with noise, accompanied by heaven and earth order.

The power of those silver blades was unimaginable!

This was a formidable expert from a king race. When the surrounding creatures saw this, they all shivered with fear, moved by his appearance.

“Mantis Centipede Clan senior is indeed terrifying after all, worthy of being a well-known war clan among King Clans, extremely powerful!” The people in the distance sighed in admiration.

Unfortunately, this type of admiration didn’t continue for long. Shi Hao really was angry, using great divine abilities, searching for holes through the Solitary Buddha Eight Forms, continuously striking out.


In the end, the silver-haired individual was directly beaten to death. He turned into bloody mist, some bone fragments flying about, falling here.

“How could this be?” Hidden Feather Clan’s people just happened to see these things. When they saw this scene, they were all shaken up.

“He is only twenty something years of age, yet he can kill Self Release Realm great cultivators! Once he reaches our age, just how great will his cultivation level be?” The faces of Hidden Feather Clan’s experts were ashen.

A twenty-something year old Self Severing Realm cultivator, this really was rarely seen since ancient times. This was especially the case when he was still this strong, able to cross realms and kill great cultivators.

In some foreign individuals’ opinions, this was extremely abnormal. If Huang was given a few hundred years, tens of thousands of years of time, just how strong would he become? This was simply unimaginable.

“A twenty something year old Self Severing Realm individual, there should be none before him, right?” Someone suspected.

It was because they didn’t know if this type of person existed in the last great era, but at the very least, it was too rarely seen in this great era. Even if there were any, they would be close to thirty years of age.

“His talent is just too heaven-defying! We have to quickly kill him!” Hidden Feather Clan’s expert released a strange signal, calling other experts to surround and destroy Shi Hao.

Unfortunately, he thought that he had already hid far enough, hiding well enough, but he had long been noticed by Shi Hao.


A golden lion roared, trampling the mountain region until it rumbled with noise. It already rushed over like golden lightning, like a mountain flood, making the earth quake and mountains shake.


Hidden Feather Clan’s expert braced himself, going all out against Shi Hao.

Unfortunately, after a great battle, his body was pierced by a streak of electrical radiance, charred black, losing his life.

“Not good, Huang’s strength is extremely great, able to kill Self Release Realm great cultivators! Many people had already died miserably under his hands!”

News finally fully spread, moreover transmitting outside Heavenly Beast Forest.

This left the leading figures shaken, their expressions all falling ashen. This was just a youngster, yet they couldn’t capture him, moreover paying the price of blood. This really was aggravating.

At the same time, a few people developed a chill within their hearts. He was just a twenty something year old youngster, yet he already had such horrifying strength. This really made one feel it was a bit inconceivable.

“Is he really less than thirty years of age?” Another expert questioned. It was because it really was impossible to accept.

“We are already sure of this. He is twenty-six or seven at most, to the extent where he might even be less than twenty-five years of age!” Someone reported.

“This is too freakish! We have to kill him, or else there will definitely be a great disaster in the future. To have such accomplishments at this age, he has almost reached an unprecedented level!” A leading figure said with a sunken voice.

Right at this time, another person came to report that there were great cultivators who were ambushed again and again, some people dying.


At that moment, in the sky dome above, one of the supreme beings who had remained seated this entire time moved. Chaotic energy surged as he landed on the great earth. It was as if a sea of stars was trembling!

“Senior!” Many people were startled.

“Are you certain that he is only twenty something years of age, yet can already kill Self Release Realm great cultivators?” This supreme being’s expression was serious, walking out from the primal chaos.


When he obtained this definite reply, this supreme being’s figure disappeared with a flash, directly entering Heavenly Beast Forest, slaughtering his way in.

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