Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526 - Seizing the Initiative

The golden lion’s expression was complicated, feeling envy and jealousy. It stared at Shi Hao, inwardly sighing.

It saw how dignified Shi Hao’s appearance was. He was like the most powerful war buddha, behind him a light ring that released divine splendor. It immediately understood that he obtained the greatest inheritance.

The golden lion bloodline’s relationship with the ancient monk bloodline was just too deep, previously buddhist disciples, so they naturally knew many secrets.

When it saw Shi Hao’s state of absent-mindedness, it knew that this was the majestic sign of comprehending the Buddhist Ancient Exorcism Heavenly Art. It was just too shocking and frightening, something unique to the war buddha bloodline.


Shi Hao gave it a slap, removing part of its restrictions, allowing it to speak.

“You obtained one of the war buddha clan’s divine abilities?” The golden lion asked with a trembling voice.

The ancient monks were also divided into many clans, the war buddha bloodline was one of the extremely powerful clans, known for their prowess in battle, their magical force incomparably profound.

“What war buddha? I now obtained the Solitary Buddha Eight Forms.” Shi Hao frowned, but he still said it, wishing to know more about this divine art from the golden lion.

“What?” The golden lion trembled inwardly, expression becoming more and more complicated.

The so-called Solitary Buddha Eight Forms was the war buddha bloodline’s most powerful divine art. It had heard rumors that the Ancient Buddha Eighteen Slaps came precisely from it.

The so-called war buddha clan, most of them were originally not part of the ancient monk bloodline, an outside clan. They converted to buddhism, their highest level creatures were known as war buddhas.

That was why the war buddha clan were extremely terrifying, proficient in buddhist doctrine, but also in other ancient methods. All of it was combined together, creating an unmatched art.

“Solitary Buddha Eight Forms, this is the war buddha bloodline’s most powerful technique.” The golden lion said with a sigh, revealing the truth.

The reason why it had the words solitary buddha, was because the war buddhas were originally an outside clan, not restricted, able to wander the world under heaven, just like independent individuals.

That was why sometimes, they were called solitary buddhas.

Shi Hao learned these things in detail from the golden lion, his eyes widening. His mood improved greatly, this was an exceptional technique after all.

There were only eight pages to these scriptures, page one had a form or heart method, extremely simple, yet this was a powerful great method whose might dominated past generations.

Yi, what happened? There is a bit of bloody mist in the distance?” Shi Hao asked with shock.

The bloody mist had pretty much scattered, but there was still a bit in the distant mountain region, the thin red color extremely striking.

The golden lion was immediately speechless, feeling even more grief for the great cultivators who died. Even now, the main instigator didn’t even know that they died miserably, that tragically.

They mustered such great forces, rushing over powerfully, yet in the end, all of them were overlooked!

“Speak, what exactly happened?” Shi Hao asked.

The golden lion was extremely helpless, feeling a sense of powerlessness. Even though it was resentful, it still told him what happened.

Ha ha ha…” Shi Hao roared with laughter. This really was beyond his expectations, actually so many foreign experts who died. It made him feel incomparably carefree inside.

Even though he knew that this withered tree was extremely sinister, cultivating in seclusion here without any killing intent would be extremely safe, he never expected it to kill this many enemies.

Shi Hao’s laughter was extremely loud, extremely ear piercing to the golden lion. However, it couldn’t do anything.

“My heart really is soothed. If they don’t want to open their eyes, then all of them can just come.” Shi Hao stood up, saying, “What a pity, all of them died. Otherwise, I really want to try some things out, test this Solitary Buddha Eight Forms power a bit.”

“A hero without a chance to use his power…” Shi Hao sighed with sorrow, speaking extremely narcissistically.

These words really made the golden lion feel a bit irritated.

However, the current Shi Hao was powerful and confident, he really did wish to challenge the foreign experts. He now advanced into the Self Severing Realm, stabilizing this cultivation level.

Moreover, he didn’t break through in a normal meaning, but rather directly rushed into the heavens, close to the mid stage of the Self Severing Realm!

His previous suppression resulted in a ferocious breakthrough. This time, his benefits really were great. Moreover, after experiencing the baptism of the Blood Bodhi’s sharpening, he completely stabilized this cultivation realm.

Apart from this, he also obtained the Solitary Buddha Eight Forms technique. He didn’t have just a normal type of confidence, but rather really wanted to slaughter his way out.

“I also want to enter seclusion, comprehend the dao here. Can you help me undo all of the seals?” The golden lion said. This time, it actually didn’t want to run, because its eyes were red. After seeing Shi Hao’s strength and astonishing gains, it also wanted to experience the Blood Bodhi’s tempering, undo the inheritance seal within the tree.

“Sure!” Shi Hao agreed joyfully, but there was a strange radiance that flashed past his eyes.


As a result, not long afterwards, the golden lion felt intense pain, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood. Moreover, there was a golden large hand that carried some blood that appeared behind him, brandishing, striking him until he almost broke apart, about to explode to pieces.

The golden lion immediately recovered its freedom. It tumbled out, blood continuously vomited from its mouth, extremely dispirited, lacking in vitality, suffering serious injuries.

Its face was both green and pale. It wanted to cultivate in seclusion like Huang, but it discovered that it wasn’t enough. Even though it came into contact with the imprints within the tree body, it was stopped, unable to endure the power.

One had to understand that just now, even though that large golden hand was formidable, it definitely couldn’t compare to the Solitary Buddha Eight Forms. However, it still couldn’t handle it, unable to withstand it.

“Not everyone can cultivate in seclusion here.” Shi Hao said calmly.

This time, the golden lion surprisingly became quiet, not retorting, nor did it reveal anger. It was reflecting, feeling that there really was quite a gap between Huang and itself.

“Go, let’s walk around.” Shi Hao patted the golden lion’s head, treating it like a pet. Moreover, he sat on its back, riding it outwards.

The Fearless Lion bloodline, a race that had reigned powerful since ancient times, now ended up becoming the mount of another. Cold radiance filled this lion’s pupils.

However, it endured it. It was seriously injured, and it had already temporarily bowed down, so it didn’t want to act out now to avoid bringing about destruction onto itself.

“This is more like it.” Shi Hao nodded, having it change its body to about the size of a zhang, more suitable for riding. They left the withered tree region.

It was because he couldn’t always stay in Heavenly Beast Forest, he had to think of a way to leave. Now, he began to look for a chance.

Outside Heavenly Beast Forest, there were a few survivors, creatures who were able to leave the ancient tree alive. They were currently trembling, shivering all over as they explained what happened.

“That scene… is too terrifying. All those who attacked died, that withered ancient tree killed every single great cultivator!”

When these words sounded, there was immediately a great commotion, even the supreme beings who previously who sat in the sky opened their eyes one after another, greatly shaken up.

“What about Huang?” Someone asked.

“He was cultivating in seclusion… he didn’t even wake up.” One of the survivors said in shame, feeling like he couldn’t meet their gazes at all.

An uproar broke out here. So many people died, so many powerful individuals sacrificed, yet not a hair on Huang was touched, moreover, from start to now, he didn’t even wake up! This was too absurd!

Many people really wanted to directly curse out. This was just too infuriating, it was too much!

However, what could they say, were they supposed to complain about this? Thousands of people died, it was useless no matter what was said. It would only make overall morale drop even lower.

“Bastard, we should chop his corpse up, and then light sky lanterns!” Someone said viciously.

“Keep your eyes on him, I refuse to believe he won’t leave that ancient forest. Let’s see just how long he can hide for. Once he appears, we’ll immediately surround and kill him!” An elder said furiously, roaring out like this. This was also a type of order.

Inside Heavenly Beast forest, Shi Hao sat on the golden lion’s back, extremely carefree.

Yi, there are cultivators over there. Let’s head there.” Shi Hao pointed.

Even though the golden lion was unwilling, after a low roar, it still turned into a streak of golden light, rushing forward.


Crazy winds roared through the mountain forest. It was because this lion’s speed was just too fast, wherever it passed, it was as if powerful winds swept past.

En, Huang actually came out!”

Haha, there really is no path into heaven for you to take, no gate into hell to enter!” A robust male laughed crazily, at the same time releasing killing intent, charging murderously.

There weren’t that many in this group, only six or seven. The leader was that robust male, someone who had only recently entered the Self Release Realm. He believed he could use his higher cultivation realm to easily overwhelm and kill Huang.

However, this time, he ended up kicking a metal board. It was because Shi Hao already broke through, becoming a mid stage Self Severing Realm cultivator. Moreover, he had just obtained a divine art, precisely looking for people to practice on.


They had just encountered each other, yet Shi Hao already used the first form of the Solitary Buddha Eight Forms. It smashed over viciously, golden light immediately surging.

The Solitary Buddha Eight Forms was extremely strange. Its main purpose was to seek out holes in the other party, and then endlessly magnify the faults to deliver a fatal blow.

This type of ancient method was extremely terrifying, once an opportunity was seized, the opponent would suffer fatal threat.

Sure enough, the robust male was careless, while Shi Hao faced him seriously. With this difference, the very first strike produced a result that exceeded everyone’s predictions.

Shi Hao sat on the golden lion, his body greatly shaken, but he didn’t fall. Meanwhile, that robust male released a furious roar, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood, entire arm twisted. His body flew outwards.

The group of people were all stupefied. This was but a Self Release Realm cultivator! However, he was blasted back by a twenty something year old kid, receiving serious injuries.

How could Huang be this terrifying? Not long ago, wasn’t he being chased down by Self Release Realm cultivators? Now, he could actually fight back!


This mountain region swayed, accompanied by roars of anger and a rain of blood. The foreign expert was killed, dying here.

The effects of this were tremendous. The expressions of everyone else changed greatly, while Shi Hao felt extremely satisfied, a bit stirred up. His strength reached a new level, becoming more and more powerful!

“What? Huang came out, taking the initiative to attack, hunt down our side’s cultivators?”

Outside Heavenly Beast Forest, when a group of experts received the report, they were all stupefied.

“Damn it all! This is too hateful! He actually dares attack us first! Surround and kill him now!” Someone roared furiously.

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