Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525 - Solitary Buddha Eight Forms

Right at this time, cold sweat covered everyone, their bodies going ice-cold. They sensed that things had gone horribly wrong!

It was because that direction was too clear, precisely where Huang was. Something definitely happened!

“Blood radiance overflowing, rushing into the sky, this is a great disaster! Normally speaking, this is only something that is seen when many experts die at the same time!” Someone said with an extremely unnatural voice.

Everyone’s minds had already sunk even without him saying anything.

“Go and see what’s going on, if something really happened!” An elder instructed anxiously.

If something really did happen, they really didn’t dare imagine the consequences. This happened again and again, was this some type of ominous and frightening sign? There were legends a long time ago, saying that Heavenly Beast Forest couldn’t be rashly stepped foot in, that something bad might easily happen.

When they first came, they felt like they were lucky, that their army had an overwhelming advantage, that there was nothing to fear.

Now, it seemed like this wasn’t the case at all. This place was too terrifying, even more sinister than the legends.

“Reporting! Things are bad, it really is that place! There is bloody mist everywhere, cries of alarm endless. Something major has happened there!” Soon afterwards, someone reported in alarm.

With a weng sound, the experts here all felt blood rush to their heads, feeling great headaches. They felt incredibly overcast, these news were too terrible.

Never had they ever encountered such strange things. For the sake of a youngster, they sent out so many great cultivators, yet in the end, some powerful individuals died for no good reason.

Things were now really big. There were thousands of men who entered! Just what exactly happened? From the looks of it, they didn’t all die, but it was pretty close.

“Are you sure that something… unexpected happened there?” An elder asked, lips even trembling, words not smooth. He was panicking inside. The losses this time were just too great.

“Correct, something has happened over there!” The messenger said definitively.

“Heavens! What happened? Why is it like this? Don’t tell me it really is cursed land that can’t be entered?” Someone shouted out, feeling like his heart was splitting, lungs being torn apart.

It could be said that the ones here were all powerful individuals, normally collected, rarely speaking. However now, they lost their bearing, already somewhat unable to bother with appearances.

The things that happened today really were hard for them to bear. When they returned, they would receive the blame of the clans, their abilities doubted.

It was because those were men transferred from all different clans. Now that they died just like this, losing their lives in such strange ways, how could those clans just leave the matter at that?!

“Seniors, please take action!”

A group of experts kowtowed towards the void, gazing towards the heavens, carrying hopeful expressions, but even more a type of fear.

There were several indistinct figures surrounded by primal chaos, precisely the supreme beings who came from the other side. They were in charge of bringing up the rear, these individuals remaining silent all this time.

 Right now, everyone was scared, unable to imagine just what kind of thing happened in Heavenly Beast forest. They wanted to ask these great figures to take action.

Only, a supreme being opened his eyes, saying with a light sigh, “It isn’t easy for us to enter this forest. You all should have heard some rumors. When we enter, there might be even more danger.”

“But there’s now such a great disturbance…” An elder said with a quiet voice. They really felt powerless, even now not knowing why a second tragedy happened.

Within the depths of Heavenly Beast Forest.

Near the withered tree, bloody mist pervaded the air. This time, there really were too many creatures who died. The dried-up branches reached out one after another, even faster than lightning, killing great cultivators one after another.

Of those who took action, not a single one could escape, all of them pierced through. 

They didn’t understand, and as a result, they struggled bitterly, doing everything they could to resist, retaliating with the most powerful ancestral methods. In the end, a few people exploded to death.

Just a light shake from those branches was enough to rip a powerful being to shreds just like that, like a cloth doll, unable to withstand even a single hit.

Many people died, there were some whose bodies were left behind after being impaled, sent to reincarnation, falling into Reincarnation Pool through a spatial passage!

When the others saw this, they were naturally all horrified.

Even the ones who didn’t take action now attacked for the sake of self protection, for the sake of escaping. They all used magical artifacts and secret methods, this place becoming dazzling to the extreme as a result.

However, this was also destined to end in disaster. Many black branches rushed out like spears of death from hell, killing those creatures.

Under a rain of blood, interweaving dark light, group after group of foreign creatures were killed, the spectacle too horrible to endure.

Of this great army of several thousand, in the end, only a few people remained, those who were far enough, moreover scared to the point where they were frozen stiff, not taking action, as a result temporarily holding onto their lives.

In the end, they didn’t have any fighting spirit left, no courage, turning around to run. Like this, a few people managed to live.

The golden lion watched everything with its own eyes, inwardly shivering, face pale. It was truly horrified. This massacre wasn’t any inferior to the previous one by the Reincarnation Pool.

They died too pitifully, completely nailed to death when they first took action!

It saw everything clearly, the tragedy playing out right before its eyes, making all of its fur stand on end. It was extremely terrified.

A long time passed. Bloody mist pervaded the air, this place already extremely quiet. Only now did the golden lion snap out of its petrified and terrified state.

It sneaked a glance towards Shi Hao, and then it was immediately stupefied, revealing an extremely complicated expression.

It was because during this process, Shi Hao was extremely peaceful, not waking up at all, still cultivating in seclusion, quietly sitting there, completely ignoring the events happening in the outside world.

In that instant, the golden lion felt incredible sorrow for the great cultivators who died. They came so powerfully, vowing to kill Shi Hao, yet in the end, that youngster -- Huang, didn’t even open his eyes, to the extent where he wasn’t even aware that they surrounded him domineeringly.

Just how pitiful was this? The foreign great army’s deaths didn’t even disturb Shi Hao, dying in vain here. Meanwhile, the other side was just calmly comprehending the dao.

When the two sides were compared like this, it really was too ridiculous!

The golden lion sighed. If those who died knew what happened, they might all break into sobs. Just what kind of damn result was this?!

Shi Hao wasn’t as calm as the golden lion imagined. He looked peaceful, but he was actually in quite the danger. He was fighting within his mind, risking his life.

He looked quiet and calm, but that was because he was engrossed by the Blood Bodhi’s imprints, immersed in the world formed from dao laws.

In this place, the golden temple was grand, only, the scripture storage pavilion and other buildings’ golden tiles had blood trickling along their surface. There was also black mist surrounding this place, sinister winds roaring angrily.

Shi Hao was fighting intensely, struggling in the black mist.

The demonified bodhi tree, blood-soaked golden ancient temple; this place had long stopped being a pure land. Ever since he pushed open the scripture storage pavilion’s gates, there was a group of golden body experts who rushed out, fighting a great battle against him.

Moreover, later on, the golden monks disappeared, instead, another group of monks that were pitch-black like ink appeared. They roared like demon kings, throwing themselves at him.

In addition, space became unstable, continuously cracking apart, a battlefield visible through every crack. It was as if one was witnessing the decisive battles between true immortals from the last great era.

Shi Hao read quite a few scriptures, but he had no way of unlocking them. He struggled frantically, each time he entered the scripture storage pavilion, there would always be all types of irregular scenes.

After experiencing a bloody battle, barely making it out alive, almost dying in his own spiritual world, he finally opened a single ancient scripture!

Solitary Buddha Eight Forms!

Just this name alone possessed a strange wave of secret force. This was the only scripture he could open.

Why was it this scripture that acknowledged him? Shi Hao didn’t know.

Only when he read the scriptures did he understand. This was precisely the Ancient Buddha Eighteen Slaps, it was derived from these eight forms.

Previously, he had seen many stone engravings before the Reincarnation Pool’s six gates, among them eight stone diagrams that formed an imprint. They drew his attention, but they lacked the core method. Now, he obtained it.

He knew why he could obtain it. He first experienced the eighteen slaps, then he saw the imprint forming signs. Only after grasping these things did it trigger this reward.

Only, when reading this scripture, Shi Hao was in extreme danger, almost dying.

It was because the originally yellow ancient text suddenly began to bleed, produce waves of black mist, inflicting terrifying damage onto him!

This was the power of the Blood Bodhi after it was corrupted!


In the real world, there was a great shaking.

The golden lion was shocked, because it saw Shi Hao’s body suddenly shake, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips. Then, there were eight large black hands that reached out from behind Shi Hao, striking him.

The Solitary Buddha Eight Forms post demonification, it appeared in the real world!

This was the danger Shi Hao faced. He faced great battles in his mind.

Meanwhile, in reality, he also formed imprints, precisely the Solitary Buddha Eight Forms, facing off against the corrupted eight large black hands, making this place shake greatly.

The golden lion was shocked. Why didn’t this withered tree immediately kill Huang?

“It still has some buddhist nature!” The golden lion came to this conclusion.

It believed that after Shi Hao experienced the Reincarnation Pool’s trial, he was able to comprehend scriptures here. Even though the bodhi tree had been corrupted, it still had some buddhist attributes, thus stopping the killing intent.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Shi Hao opened his eyes. His appearance was dignified, the eight large black hands behind him disappearing. He formed a divine law imprint, as if he was a war buddha!

Shi Hao found it hard to calm down. The Solitary Buddha Eight Forms was extremely strong, definitely not a normal skill. It was one of the ancient monk bloodline’s dao protecting great methods, its offensive strength extremely great!

Now, he grasped it!

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