Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524 - Foreign Side’s Second Tragedy

However, the earnest old cultivator still frowned, just feeling like the deaths of those old cultivators were related to Huang.

But he had no proof. No one believed that Huang could order around that ancient beast, this was completely inconceivable, shouldn’t be possible at all!

“You all have to be careful!” The old cultivator warned extremely seriously. He was one of the commanders of the great army, extremely dignified. The people here attached great importance to his opinions.

“Please don’t worry, once we surround him, we will immediately move. He won’t have the slightest chance at all!”

“Senior great one, please don’t worry, we will move together. How can a brat like him defy the heavens?”

The group of people went on their way, carrying anger, carrying resentment as they charged into Heavenly Beast Forest, wishing to quickly kill Huang.

It was because so far, everything was going badly. They didn’t obtain results, instead losing so many powerful individuals, the losses heavy.

Many people were impatient, wishing to immediately kill Huang and vent a bit of resentment. There were even some that were extremely moved, wishing to personally end their target.

“Come, Huang, I am looking forward to this! I am finally going to meet you, I will personally wring your neck!” A robust male released a low roar, extremely excited.

“Those people are too unlucky, encountering the ancient beast’s great roar and being completely wiped out. Wait for us to kill Huang, we’ll offer a sacrifice to those departed spirits!”

Many people were extremely confident, sure that it was time to end this trip to Heavenly Beast Forest. They were going to kill Huang soon, the mission about to be complete.

These individuals were extremely fast, closing in on that place, surrounding this quiet place. Then, they slowly closed in, gathering towards that place.

One could see that this region was rich with plant life, especially the mountain ridge ahead, which was even more verdant and lush with life. Green multicolored light flickered about, the radiance sparkling and translucent, life essence energy exceptionally rich.

Only, the depths of the mountain ridge seemed extremely out of place. There was a black ancient tree that had long dried up, lacking leaves and vitality, dead for who knew how many tens of thousands of years.

Only, it was extremely indistinct, surrounded by some mist.

One could see that a youngster was seated right below the tree, releasing a type of mysterious dao energy, as if he was comprehending something.

“I want to skin him alive!” Someone said with a suppressed voice.

“This bastard, is he looking down on us? Or does he really not know the difference between death and life, daring to cultivate in seclusion even while in this type of place? Utter fool!” There were some who were extremely indignant, cursing furiously.

It was because large groups of experts were chasing after Huang, roaming about Heavenly Beast Forest, but he was instead so carefree, not worried at all, cultivating under an ancient tree.

If this was before, others would definitely be between laughter and tears, taking some time to mock and ridicule him, saying that he didn’t know the height and depth of heaven and earth, that he was digging his own grave.

However now, they weren’t in the mood. With so many cultivators dead, moreover Huang this calm here, completely focused on comprehending the great dao, it would only make them feel annoyed, as if they were being humiliated.

Shi Hao really was extremely calm, sitting there just like that. So many people came, yet he didn’t wake up. Was he really just that daring, or were his reactions too slow?

Now that Shi Hao was this calm, it instead made this group of people nervous!

This couldn’t be blamed on Shi Hao, because he entered a strange state. This was extremely terrifying, and also extremely bizarre. He couldn’t immediately return to normal, snap back to reality.

However, he wasn’t scared either. He had long thought things through. It was safe below this ancient tree, if anyone dared release killing intent, then things would definitely end miserably for them.

Heh heh… this idiot, he actually decided to stay in one place, immerse himself in a higher level of cultivation state. He’s completely done for!”

“He is going to die a fool!”

These people laughed, many of them moving around, surrounding the mountain ridge. They either stood on giant rocks or on tall mountains, their figure everywhere, the number of people difficult to count.

Of course, this time, it was the great army who came, no way they could all be great cultivators.

However, among the eight thousand people, there were still several dozen great cultivators. For the sake of preventing Shi Hao from escaping, there were great experts who oversaw this place, they didn’t want to give him the slightest opportunity.

As for the others, they were all people sent out to carry out the complete search.


Suddenly, someone with sharp eyes noticed the golden lion in the swamp. Even though it was sealed, right now not able to move at all, thrown into the swamp, there were still foreign people who noticed it.

“Isn’t that the Fearless Lion bloodline’s inheritor?” A few people were shocked. This lion was extremely formidable, well-known among the younger generation.

It was actually captured alive and suppressed here, in an extremely humiliating position, almost servile, half kneeling in the swamp, currently facing Shi Hao.

“This lion is extremely strong, yet it was captured by him. It will be difficult to explain things to the Fearless Lion bloodline now…”

“It really is humiliating. The golden lion has always been arrogant, yet now, its head is bent over, buried in the swamp!” Someone said furiously.

The golden lion saw everyone. It was extremely fretful, eyes flickering with worry, but couldn’t communicate with them at all because it had been sealed.

Out of fear that he might enter a deeper self transcending state while cultivating in seclusion, Shi Hao sealed up the golden lion’s flesh and soul beforehand.

The golden lion was extremely anxious, really wishing to roar towards the heavens, remind everyone not to take action here, or else there would be a great disaster.

It was because it had already heard Huang say that attacking here would inevitably result in death. Not long ago, when it wanted to take action, it was Huang who personally neutralized it, not letting it throw its life away.

“Huang, wake up! The ones who have come to take your head have come!” Someone spoke, directly walking out from the darkness, looking forward, sneering endlessly.

“Back up!” An elder berated him with a low voice, extremely serious.

It was because there were some people who really were extremely careful, remembering the commanding elder’s warning, fearing that something unexpected might happen. After all, there were many people who already died previously.

There were some people who felt a bit awkward. They really wanted to wake Shi Hao up, seize him, beat and humiliate him, and then kill him.

However now, the elders warned them not to act rashly.

“That chest is under his feet!” Someone said, pleasantly surprised, emotions surging greatly within him. He stared at a rotten wooden chest below Shi Hao’s feet.

“That’s the one, we’ve finally seen it!”

“Seniors, aren’t we being too careful? Huang is clearly in a dao comprehension state, we can easily kill him, so what are we waiting for? Please let me go and take his head, bring back that chest!” Someone said.


“You must not act carelessly!”

The leaders practically unanimously rejected.

Many people felt oppressed. Huang was already right before them, just sitting right there, yet they still had to hold themselves back. They all felt like those old fellas were too careful.

In the distance, the golden lion released a slight breath of relief, feeling like the older generation figures really were cool-headed. When faced with this situation of inevitable victory, they could still remain calm, it was worthy of admiration.

A commander spoke, saying, “Even though Huang is young, cultivation level not as high as ours, the reason he has been able to live until now definitely isn’t without reason. Moreover, I suspect that the group of cultivators who died not long ago might very well have something to do with him. Perhaps he has a way of making that ancient beast take action.”

The golden lion sighed with admiration. Those old leaders directly hit the nail on the head, making him deeply experience ‘old ginger is more spicy’.

However, soon afterwards, the golden lion was shocked, becoming fretful to the extreme, face becoming pale. He really wanted to roar out.

It was because those elders came to a decision that made it feel fear, deeply horrified. It was completely different from what it expected!

“That is why we must face him seriously. We will all take action together, directly kill Huang, not give him the chance to call upon that ancient beast!”

There was actually a leader who spoke like this, coming to this type of decision.

“Senior, this is just too cautious, right? It is just a single Huang, I can kill him if I just go myself. Moreover, in the time we took to say this much, I could have killed Huang many times over!” Someone expressed dissatisfaction.

Under the withered tree, when the golden lion heard this, he really wanted to nod, frantically praying for them not to attack together.

“We absolutely must act carefully. This Huang really isn’t simple, I suspect that he is doing this on purpose, trying to bait us over. Who knows, it might be extremely dangerous up ahead. None of you are allowed to go over, and we aren’t going to save that lion right now either. All of you take action when I give the signal, blast him to death! I refuse to believe that he can survive! Even if there are formations buried there, if we remain far enough, it will still be enough to avoid danger.” An elder said calmly.

“Alright, guess we are letting him off easy. Originally, I wanted to let him experience the humiliation of becoming a prisoner!” A robust male said, still a bit unwilling.

Immediately afterwards, many people’s bodies shone, preparing to take action, all of them operating ancestral methods!

Of course, in the end, the people at the very back didn’t take action, because they felt like there was no need, the great cultivators ahead attacking was already enough. Huang would undoubtedly die, his body and soul erased.

“Attack!” A commander’s white hair scattered down, releasing a great shout, issuing the order.


Many light beams shot out, killing intent overflowing, divine abilities brilliant and varied. This was the most powerful ancestral method attack, all of them gathering towards Huang, wishing to deal him a fatal blow!

It was clear that these people hated Shi Hao bitterly, really wishing to immediately beat him into a bloody paste, as a result, they all attacked with the greatest power.

This resulted in their display of ancestral techniques being extremely magnificent, divine might fluctuations intense, as if waves were rising and falling!

However, the result was outside everyone’s expectations, leaving them in disbelief, and then in utter fear. Their pupils contracted, and then quickly enlarged.

It was because that withered tree seemed to have become a matchless devil king, endless branches extending out, pitch-black and terrifying, quickly shooting over, scattering their ancestral methods’ radiance, piercing at them.

Pu pu pu…

Blood radiance filled the heavens. This place seemed to have become hell on earth, just too miserable!


Miserable cries rang out, traveling through space, transmitted through the forest. It was because there were people who were paying close attention to this place, they would notice if there was any activity.

“Not good, what happened?” Outside the forest, the expressions of a group of important figures suddenly changed, all of them feeling that things were really bad.


Immediately afterwards, they saw blood radiance rush into the heavens in that direction, dyeing the skies red.

“Could it be that something really happened? The tragedy… is replaying again?!” A commander trembled, face ashen, extremely malevolent as he stared in that direction with shock.

The others’ expressions all changed as well, as ugly as ugly could be. Their chests were rising and falling intensely, breathing rough and heavy, all looking towards Heavenly Beast Forest depths!

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