Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523 - Huang is Finished

Blood Bodhi, this was originally an unmatched precious tree. It could be used to comprehend the dao, but now, it had become completely corrupt.

However, Shi Hao was still trying, wishing to comprehend the dao through this ancient tree, gain some insights through it.

It was because the tree had imprints inside of it. He could hear a golden bell, great pitch pipe sound, he saw the highest ancient monastery, tiles and bricks golden, releasing divine radiance.

Only, the palace hall was dripping with blood. Even though there were deafening scripture sounds, it was still extremely strange. The grand ancient palace had golden tiles, but they carried dark red bloody wisps.

The bloodstains were mottled, splattering on the ground.

Brilliant golden splendor scattered down, at the same time, there was black mist that pervaded the air. This was the world Shi Hao saw within his mind, leaving him incomparably shocked.

This was especially the case when he walked up to the scripture storage pavilion, the sound making his entire body tremble, as if these weren’t chanting voices, but rather a great devil lecturing!

Should he push open that gate? He hesitated.

He already reached the most important place, but this place was also extremely dangerous. This was the scene reflected in his inner world, they were definitely the engravings inside the Blood Bodhi.

If he went a step further, who knows, he might also become a demon, or maybe he will become a buddhist monk?


In the end, Shi Hao pushed open the gate. He wanted to walk inside, see the so-called mysterious inheritance that had produced immortals, produced Immortal Monk King.

Everything became different. Black blood flowed streak after streak from the golden tiles, landing on the ground surface, releasing terrifying noises!

Outside Heavenly Beast Forest.

There were many foreign troops everywhere. For the sake of that rotten wooden chest, they mustered great forces, sending out who knew how many experts, all clans sending out men.

“Most of this ancient forest had clearly been destroyed, so why is it overflowing with green multicolored light, becoming lush and verdant again?” Someone cried out in astonishment, feeling extremely shocked.

This was too inconceivable. They all sensed a wave of destructive energy just now, clearly seeing the forest collapse, mountain range cave in, magma surging, stars falling.

However now, it was full of vitality, quickly returning to normal. This was extremely mysterious.

“What happened to our men?” A scarlet-haired elder asked. This was a leading figure.

Of course, he still wasn’t a supreme being, only one of the ones in charge of the various clans’ great army.

As for true supreme beings, only a few came. They sat in the skies above, their bodies surrounded by primal chaos, all of their figures extremely blurry, not moving at all like sculptures.

They were so low-profile, aura restrained, but the cultivators who looked in that direction still felt a great pressure, feeling the urge to kowtow, kneel down.

“The situation might be extremely unfavorable. All contact with the mountain forest has been cut, we have completely lost connection with those people!”

“Go and investigate, find out what happened!”

It had to be said that the foreign side were extremely efficient. After several dozen troops rushed into the forest, they quickly obtained a result.

“Many of them likely died, there is no signs of them, no traces of them to be found!”

“This is indeed the case. We wanted to light their soul lamps, but most of them failed!” Another group confirmed this.

This was an extremely shocking news. There were many, many experts who entered! Just the great cultivators alone numbered above a hundred. If they all died, the price would be just too great!

“What about Emperor Clan’s young great one?” Someone asked anxiously. If something happened to Emperor Clan’s descendant, then the consequences might be extremely severe.

It was because it had already been tens of thousands of years since an inheritor left those ancient lands. If he died right after coming out, it really would be hard to explain. It would be them who didn’t properly take care of him.

“Gu Clan’s inheritor, did he also encounter trouble?” Another person asked. It was because this clan was also extremely terrifying, not needing to bow down when seeing an Emperor Clan, of equal status.

“Fortunately, their soul lamps could be lit, they didn’t die!” Someone revealed a happy expression.

After some time had passed, they obtained confirmed news that most of the mountain forest had been destroyed, all creatures in the areas involved suffered disaster, dying as a result.

They completely lost contact with them, the soul lamps dark, everything cold and desolate.

Meanwhile, the ones who obtained a response, confirmed to be alive, were all in another region. However, there were quite a few of them who were still seriously injured, their current conditions extremely terrible.

“It is as we predicted, that ancient beast had previously revived for a short period of time, releasing a world-shaking roar. All creatures in the sound wave’s path were obliterated!”

When this information spread, an uproar was raised outside Heavenly Beast Forest. Many great cultivators shivered inwardly, their bodies going cold.

This forest was too frightening. So many creatures entered, yet they all died just like that. Just how tragic and terrifying was this?

“What about Huang? What about him?!” Someone urgently asked.

They came for him this time. Everyone was chasing after him, so Shi Hao’s life or death was naturally on the mind of every person.

“There’s no way we can have his soul lamp, so there is no way of ascertaining whether he is dead or alive. However, based on normal reasoning, if he was in that region, then he is definitely dead!”

“We previously obtained a report that those cultivators were there precisely because they were chasing after him. Huang should have been moving about that region!”

Everyone became quiet. This meant that Huang was already dead.

“What about the wooden chest? This is the most important thing!” A silver-haired elder asked.

Regardless of whether Shi Hao was dead or not, that chest had to be found. Otherwise, they would have sent out so many people for nothing.

They were extremely worried. After that ancient beast released a world-shaking roar, what else was left?

The great cultivators all died without a burial site, could that chest still remain? 

“The chest definitely won’t be destroyed, or else it wouldn’t have remained intact after being buried in the ancient grave for endless generations. It is definitely still in the forest! Search this entire place, it has to be found!” A leader roared.

He was extremely impatient, because this was a decree passed down by Anlan and Shutuo themselves. This mission was of the utmost importance.

“It has to be found!” At this time, even the supreme beings who had sat in the heavenly dome above, always remaining quiet spoke. Their voices were firm and unquestionable.

This was the same as forcing everyone to go in, giving them the order to sacrifice their lives.

Soon afterwards, many troops moved out, dividing into several dozen groups. Meanwhile, these people continued to scatter as they went in, carrying out a comprehensive search.

“Found it!”

After a long time had passed, when this shout sounded from the distance, everyone near Heavenly Beast Mountain’s surroundings was greatly shaken. There was finally a result! This left them happy and moved!

“It’s over there! Bring the chest over!” Many elders roared. Their first thought was naturally to obtain the rotten wooden chest, they didn’t care about anything else.

“No… the one we found was Huang, he is still alive!” The messenger from the forest quickly explained.

“What?!” The group of elders were immediately stunned.

As for the others, they were all shocked, expressions full of disbelief. These news were just too shocking! A catastrophic disaster happened not long ago, so how could Huang have lived?

“This evil thing!” Suddenly someone shouted, eyes even becoming red.

It was because several dozen to over a hundred of their great cultivators died. These people all left to chase after Huang, yet in the end, they died, yet Huang was still alive?

This left everyone furious, surging with anger.

This was especially the case for the clans who were connected to the dead, feeling even more anger. They felt like those people’s deaths were too wronged, not worth it at all.

For the sake of killing Huang, a group of great experts encountered disaster, dying under the ancient beast’s roar, while the main character himself was perfectly fine, still free and unfettered.

This made many people’s eyes turn bright red, killing intent surging into the heavens.

“Get revenge, kill Huang!”

“I want to slaughter that little bastard! I’ve never been this angry before! When have we ever suffered this type of humiliation before? Over a hundred cultivators died, this is a blood grudge, even more so a great offense!”

“Kill! Take his head, restrict his soul, make him wish he was dead rather than alive!”

At this moment, some people even temporarily forgot about the rotten wooden chest, only wishing to get rid of Huang, split his corpse to ten thousand pieces, their hair all standing on end.

There were some who were cool-headed, expressions ice-cold, thinking to themselves why Huang was able to live, just how did he do it. It was because this didn’t make sense, completely a miracle.

He was just a young cultivator, so how could he be stronger than those Self Release Realm great cultivators? How did he make it through?

“Be careful, don’t let another tragedy happen!” Someone shouted, reminding everyone.

It was because what happened not too long ago was too miserable. So many powerful individuals died miserably, making everyone feel a headache, hearts sore. How were they going to explain things to the clans when they went back?

“Don’t worry, nothing unexpected will happen this time. We already found his precise location. This brat is actually sitting under a withered and dying ancient tree, cultivating there!” Someone said through clenched teeth, saying with great confidence, “He won’t be able to escape!”

“This time, his wings are pinned, he won’t get away. We won’t give him another chance. Surround that place first, and then we’ll take action together, kill him!”

“He is dead for sure, not even an immortal can save him!”

The group of people were absolutely furious, surging with killing intent, vowing to quickly capture Huang and cut him to pieces.

“I hope nothing unexpected happens this time. If this many experts die again, then it is simply a disaster, the tragedy absolutely must not repeat itself!” An extremely serious old cultivator seriously said.

“That won’t happen. He is finished! Huang has angered us, he will definitely wish he was dead rather than alive!” Someone roared out.

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