Chapter 1522

Chapter 1522 - Blood Bodhi

The ancient monk bloodline’s sacred beast! This creature’s history was extremely great, an expert among experts. Otherwise, how could it be known as a sect protecting sacred beast?

Meanwhile, it was actually hung to death just like this!

Shi Hao’s expression changed, staring at this dried-up tree. Meanwhile, the golden lion was even more vigilant, sensing great danger, carefully observing this place.

There were just too many dead people on this tree, all of them hanging like this. After endless years passed, they all dried up, this the case for the entire giant tree. It was extremely terrifying.

The golden lion’s scalp tightened, feeling its blood run cold. At the same time, it was extremely angry, also a bit fearful. It was because it saw another giant.

This was a lion, of the same race as itself, a Fearless Lion!

The ancient lion was like a small mountain, its frame thick and solid. It was ridiculously large, only, compared to this withered tree, it was no longer that majestic. It had dried out a long time ago.

The golden fur was dim, all skin and bones. It was strangled on the withered tree, a branch winding about its neck, its death even more miserable than that of others.

“My ancestor?!” The golden lion was furious. It wanted to rush over and let down that ancient lion.

“Don’t act recklessly. If you want to die, I can directly slap you to death. Don’t drag me down with you.” Shi Hao stopped it.

“In the past, one of my ancestors disappeared. It was incomparably powerful in the past! I never expected it to have died here!” It was extremely stirred up and resentful, rage surging within it.

“It died well, serves it right. The creatures who betrayed the Nine Heavens Ten Earths should be punished just like this!” Shi Hao said without any politeness.

When the golden lion heard this, it wanted to go mad, but unfortunately, the one it met was Huang. This was equivalent to seeking out suffering for itself. In the end, it was covered in bruises, could only powerlessly hang its prideful head.

Shi Hao carefully observed this ancient tree, now confident that this tree that towered into the clouds was a massive cemetery, many corpses hanging from it.

Among them, there were some corpses that were extremely miserable, hung to death, completely losing spirit.

He began to seriously suspect if the underground blood swamp was left behind by those creatures.

“Could this tree be… the past Ancient Bodhi Tree?” After the golden lion observed this place carefully, it came to this kind of conclusion with astonishment.

The ancient monk race previously had a precious tree named Bodhi. It possessed bizarre mighty force. When one sat below it and cultivated, it would be extremely easy to comprehend the dao.

Only, in the past, that tree was fresh and verdant, full of life, able to release heaven reaching multicolored light, incomparably divine and holy. It was completely different from this tree.

The ancient monk bloodline’s bodhi tree? Shi Hao rubbed his lower chin, starting to think to himself. Why was this tree entirely pitch-black? Just what kind of disaster did it experience? It was definitely not caused by lightning.

“Could it be that it was corroded, undergoing a great change, all of the divinity fading away, replaced by darkness attribute power?” The golden lion said to itself.

It didn’t say this to explain to Shi Hao what was happening, but rather because it was curious itself, wishing to figure this matter out.

Back then, their bloodline betrayed the Nine Heavens. After the ancient ancestors fled to the foreign side, something that always bothered them was that they wanted to obtain the Ancient Bodhi Tree.

It was because this tree was too extraordinary, having tremendous benefits towards one’s cultivation. The past Immortal Monk King was suspected to have achieved the dao through this!

Eventually, with the world in chaos, that ancestor sent out an heir to seek out the Ancient Bodhi Tree, but that lion never returned. 

Now, it was revealed that it was hung to death here.

“The ancient tree is entirely black, could it be that it is because of the blood it absorbed on the ground, corroding its divinity?” The golden lion said.

Shi Hao felt like something definitely happened before. The past monk family precious tree had met with misfortune.

“They all said that cultivating beneath this ancient tree would produce unimaginable results. You don’t want to give it a try?” The golden lion urged Shi Hao.

“You have a point.” Shi Hao nodded, not showing any fear.

The golden lion wasn’t sure if what he said was real or not, so it threw in more bait, saying, “It is rumored that this ancient tree is the ancient monk bloodline’s supreme treasure. It is because the tree body might carry imprints inside, carrying generation after generation of this clan’s inheritance!”

“Since this is the case, then I’ll give you a chance to cultivate under this tree, comprehend the Ancient Buddha’s Eighteen Slaps in my place!” Shi Hao said.

The golden lion opened its mouth. It had just wanted to refused when Shi Hao immediately gave it a cold look, saying, “If you don’t comprehend the dao, I might consider just killing you. It is because if you want to be my mount, it won’t do if you aren’t strong enough.”

When faced with this type of savage, the golden lion was furious, yet helpless. It was so powerful, when had it ever been threatened by its peers before? This really left it feeling too wronged.

Then, Shi Hao didn’t hold back, really intending to kill it.

The golden lion’s face fell, calming itself down under this tree. It tried to sense heaven and earth natural law here. Even though it didn’t have good intentions when it urged Shi Hao on, this wasn’t necessarily something it didn’t want to try itself.

Now that it was forced to do it, it clenched its teeth, really going to do it.

It was because this ancient tree really was like this, having a wave of mysterious power, a supreme treasure that allowed one to comprehend the dao.

Ah…” As soon as it began, the golden lion cried out miserably, its large claws holding its head, rolling all over the ground, its body covered in blood.

Shi Hao jumped off, no longer riding it. He frowned, asking, “What’s wrong?”

The golden lion’s face turned pale, the space between its brows cracking apart. It only calmed down again after a long time had passed. “Something’s not right with this tree.”

Shi Hao took action, completely sealing the golden lion, preventing it from moving.

Then, he sat underneath the bodhi tree himself, carefully comprehending the dao.


As soon as it began, Shi Hao immediately suffered a terrifying attack. This was still when he already prepared himself beforehand, otherwise, it would be even more terrifying.

A bitter aura spread, as if a tangible weapon hacked over, covering heaven and earth, rushing at his head. Its power was astonishing!

A strand of blood flowed out from the space between Shi Hao’s brows. However, he endured it!

He vaguely saw a grand battlefield. Countless experts fought a great battle, shouts of war shook the heavens. Blood continuously scattered down, falling into this place.

This tree bathed in all types of blood, carrying murderous auras, in the end becoming scarlet red!

This scene clearly played in Shi Hao’s head, leaving him extremely shocked. Was this the reason why the Ancient Bodhi Tree withered away?

Things were definitely not that simple! Soon afterwards, he saw a creature start to water the bodhi tree, the container filled with blood, shining with dazzling light.

This tree was watered with divine blood!

Who was that?

Doing this would turn this tree into a demonic tree, yet they didn’t hesitate to pay the price, continuing to nurture it like this.


A great roar sounded, ringing in Shi Hao’s mind. He saw a golden lion release a roaring voice. It was simply about to make him split apart, the blood between his brows dripping out more and more.

Ao…” Then, he saw a giant white elephant that crushed the heavens, also crying out, its voice making his soul unsteady.

This killing intent was all released from the ancient tree. No wonder the golden lion immediately rolled about on the ground, even Shi Hao almost couldn’t hold on. The tree’s murderous nature was too strong.

He had only begun to come into contact with it, yet the tree’s imprints already displayed two sect protecting sacred beasts from the ancient monk bloodline. It was a bit terrifying.

Then, the ancient tree’s demonic nature appeared a step further. In a daze, Shi Hao heard the sound of a wooden fish being struck, the noise making his primordial spirit unstable, about to break apart.

Moreover, he saw a hand that was covered in blood, striking a dark red, bloodstained wooden fish.

“It was originally a dao tree, but it instead displays such terrifying scenes. Did it really fall into depravity?” Shi Hao said to himself. He resisted with difficulty, maintaining clearheadedness.

His body swayed, already unstable, about to fall into the blood swamp.

Meanwhile, at this time, a blood-soaked temple appeared in Shi Hao’s mind. It was extremely vast, only, it was no longer pure and holy, every tile, every brick, every pillar contaminated by blood.

However, inside this bloody and massive temple, there was someone chanting scriptures, the voice ear-splitting.

When he listened carefully, he discovered that this was a demonic scripture that made one fall from grace, drop into a black abyss.

“What is going on?” Blood trickled out from the corner of Shi Hao’s lips. The past divine temple actually had demonic scriptures chanted within, this was completely absurd, extremely terrifying.

“Blood Bodhi, this tree has been nourished by blood, becoming a demonic nature sacred tree. If it germinates once more, grows leaves, it will become completely different!” The golden lion said to itself from the side, inwardly shocked, already shaking.

This was the same as the legends. If the bodhi dao tree was watered with the blood of the most powerful from various clans, it might display a completely unknown side.

Meanwhile, the golden lion actually saw this here, someone really doing this.

Without a doubt, this unmatched precious tree was now a Blood Bodhi!

“However, its past engravings should still be there, recording the ancient monk bloodline’s inheritance.” The golden lion’s pupils flickered about.

Shi Hao persisted on, not cowering back. Even if this tree was corrupted, he still remained fearless. He viewed this as a form of tempering, treating this tree as a whetstone.

A past scene appeared in his mind. In a daze, he passed through the ancient monk bloodline’s highest ancient monastery’s main hall, currently heading towards the scripture storage pavilion.

He wanted to read the scriptures, comprehend the great dao here.

However, this was extremely dangerous. A single mistake and he would assimilate with the demonic tree, fall into darkness.

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