Chapter 1521

Chapter 1521 - Strange Tree

Where were they heading? Were they really going to enter reincarnation?

The golden lion’s great claws tore at the void, wishing to rip it apart, but it was completely futile. It wasn’t able to stop itself at all, unable to escape.

“Stop for me!” It roared out. It was precisely because it was from the ancient monk bloodline that made it even more frightened, truly scared that it would have to reincarnate.

At that time, would it still be itself? It was because it had previously heard its ancestors mention a few of Zhang Six Golden Body Monk King’s ideas. Following the reincarnation, one would become isolated from their past life, forgetting everything.

That was equivalent to destruction. To fully part with the past, forget everything, from a certain meaning, that would no longer be oneself, equivalent to a completely new living body.

“No, stop!” The golden lion roared.

It was because it was one thing if it did end up like that, right now, this type of so-called reincarnation was continuously changing, clearly haven’t succeeded at all yet.

If they really entered reincarnation, then they might very well die!

Shi Hao also used all types of methods, but he didn’t have any way of reversing this trend. Brilliant radiance surrounded them. They moved quickly, as if they were traveling along the river of time.

“Stop!” Shi Hao released a shout. All types of divine abilities appeared, but in the end, they were all ineffective, they still continued to move quickly.


They were like arrows that left bowstrings, involuntarily speeding along, leaving the underground cave.

“We seem to have left through a stone gate?” Shi Hao said to himself.

It was because the changes just now were too strange. With a flash of divine light, they already disappeared from their original location. If not for his divine senses being sharp, he wouldn’t have noticed anything.

Finally, they slowed down, seeing a path. There were many figures on this path, their expressions all rigid, surrounded by death energy, lacking life force.

They were like a group of departed spirits, walking along the Nine Netherworlds’ path.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao and the golden lion were fellow travelers. Soon afterwards, they saw a turbid lake, on it a pontoon bridge. These corpses were all crossing the river through this bridge.

En, where did they go?” Shi Hao was shocked. The corpses who crossed the river all immediately disappeared, vanishing into the other shore, as if they disappeared into thin air.

At the same time, ancient beasts appeared one after another in various parts of Heavenly Beast Forest. There were also some great cultivators who came from the foreign side, their consciousness now no longer clear.

The heavenly beasts reappeared, still the original bunch!

When the ancient beast roared, the original mountain forest was destroyed, magma surging everywhere, these creatures already burned to ashes. However now, they appeared again, the magma disappearing. Great mountains rose steeply from the ground, the green forest shining, even the heavenly beasts who died returned.

This was an instance of reincarnation, but it was extremely strange, different from the true meaning great reincarnation.

This was even more like a reincarnation within a finite prison. Moreover, those creatures’ conditions were clearly unusual. There were some with damaged divine awareness, some with their consciousness completely erased, becoming walking corpses.

On the path of reincarnation, Shi Hao and the golden lion stopped right before the lake water. They didn’t immediately get on the bridge. They felt great hesitation, because they didn’t know what rested at the limits of the bridge.

If they took that step, then it would be related to life and death.

However, when they turned around, they were stunned. There was no road behind them, only walking corpses appearing one after another, wishing to cross this bridge.

“Let’s go. There’s no way this place can turn the living into the dead.” Shi Hao pushed the golden lion, having it lead the way.

The golden lion was furious, but didn’t dare voice this. It silently cursed to itself, why don’t you go first then?


The two of them were different from others, those walking skeletal remains directly disappeared from the limits of the bridge, while when it was the golden lion’s turn, it erupted into a blast of resplendent light, disappearing from this place.

When Shi Hao saw this, he quickly followed, crossing the bridge with a single step. Divine light shone brilliantly, incredibly dazzling, illuminating the entire turbid lake and ancient bridge.


They appeared in a mountain ridge. After the golden lion fell, it hung from a withered tree, no longer moving.

Only when Shi Hao appeared, smashing into its body, did he fall together with it onto the ground.

Shi Hao’s expression immediately changed, feeling a chill run from head to toe. This place was too familiar! He immediately recognized where he was.

It was that withered tree, the one that previously impaled the Heavenly Mouse, killed a group of foreign cultivators. This tree was extremely strange.

Back then, Shi Hao had previously watched from the distance, not approaching.

Meanwhile now, it was actually right before his eyes. He arrived under the tree. This place was extremely special, quiet and lacking sound.

The ancient tree was extremely large, the branches all lacking leaves. This was a withered old tree, its color was different, entirely dark black and bare.

Moreover, there were no plants in the surroundings, the ground dark red. The earth was soft and quite damp like a marsh, a bit muddy.

“Blood, the blood of countless creatures!” The golden lion cried out.

Right now, its golden fur was dyed in blood, the golden mane that was so thick it hung down to its massive claws even more so as if dripping with blood.

This so-called swamp was formed from blood!

After all these years had passed, this place actually didn’t dry up. It was hard to imagine just how many creatures were killed here to form this type of blood swamp.

Meanwhile, this ancient tree was rooted in this swamp. No matter how one looked at it, this scene was extremely strange.

The golden lion stood up, extremely on guard. It felt quite uncomfortable here, just always feeling an extremely ominous feeling.

At the same time, it was extremely upset. Shi Hao really treated it like a mount, seated on its body, not getting off this entire time, not contaminated by the blood swamp.

“You! Get down here!” It roared out, its voice furious. If not for the fact that it really couldn’t beat Huang, it would have long risked it all.

It was because it didn’t want to die like this, still wanting to find a chance for revenge, which was why it continued to endure humiliation.

“Becoming my mount is your good fortune. After thousands, tens of thousands of years, news of this might very well become glory for your clan.” Shi Hao said pompously.

When the golden lion heard this, it was infuriated. Its entire body shone, starting to retaliate, wishing to use precious techniques.

“Do you want to die? Acting recklessly here will result in inevitable death!” Shi Hao’s palm struck down, smacking its head. A crack immediately appeared on the crown of its head, leaving the golden lion dizzy.

“Let me warn you, my patience is limited! If you don’t want to die, then behave yourself!” Shi Hao threatened. The reason he took the Fearless Lion as its mount was precisely because he wanted to use it to intimidate some clans in the future.

Otherwise, he wanted to kill this lion a long time ago. This clan had debts of blood crying out for retribution, so he wouldn’t feel any remorse killing this clan.

The golden lion was so angry it was seething with rage, all of its lion fur standing up straight. Golden light shone in all directions, as if it was a golden sun. Meanwhile, this also made Shi Hao on its back seem even more heroic, as if an immortal buddha was arriving on his mount.

Regardless, the golden lion still yielded in the end, enduring this sullenness, hoping for a chance to get revenge in the future.

“What is that?” Shi Hao carefully stared in this direction, looking towards the black ancient trees. He just couldn’t shake off an uncomfortable feeling.

Meanwhile, at this time, he made a new discovery. There was actually a withered creature hanging from a tree fork, long dried up, already hard to make out its appearance.

“Bluegold Sable!” The golden lion also saw it. It sucked in a cold breath of air, recognizing this extremely terrifying creature. It was previously a war beast of the ancient monk bloodline.

Now, its fur was dim, long losing the blue-gold luster, more like a dried-up piece of wood. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t be able to recognize it at all.

“There’s more!” Shi Hao raised his head, seeing a skeleton hanging from a fork even higher up. It was all skin and bones, tattered clothes covering its body.

“Great eminent monk, its cultivation at least exceeding the Self Release Realm!” The golden lion was shocked, crying out in alarm.

Even though the dried-up corpse was skinny and shriveled, the dried old skin still shone with a faint golden color. This was a feeling of buddhist golden body enlightenment, he was a terrifying expert.

Meanwhile, what was worn on his body was a Kasaya, refined from Star Sand. It was originally a rare secret treasure, but it had long been worn under the passage of time, now completely lacking luster.

A great eminent monk was hung from this ancient tree just like that, it really was strange, a bit frightening.

Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or the golden lion, their expressions all became serious. They stared at this ancient tree, walking around below the tree, seriously examining the forks of this massive tree.

Sure enough, it wasn’t as simple as just one or two powerful individuals hanging from this place, there were many more!

The golden lion’s body trembled intensely, actually shuddering. It was because it recognized one of the creatures here, its origins extremely great, body massive, but it was now still dried out and hanging from this place.

“White Jade Dragon Elephant!” 

This was but one of the sacred beasts that protected the ancient monk bloodline’s sect, an extremely well-known race! When the ancient monk bloodline was mentioned, many times, it would be this sacred beast that was thought of.

A White Jade Dragon Elephant was actually hung to death here!

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