Chapter 1520

Chapter 1520 - Land of Reincarnation

Where did this sound come from? At first, it was faintly audible, but later on, it became grand and ear-splitting, the change extremely abrupt.

The Reincarnation Pool still had another world inside of it? Shi Hao stood at the lake bottom, extremely shocked, searching carefully.

The golden lion was completely dispirited and listless. With its current strength, it wasn’t enough to enter the lake bottom. It was all because it inherited the ancient monk bloodline that it received protection here. However, right now, its injuries were extremely serious, difficult for it even though it originally harmonized with this place.

Shi Hao produced a screen of light, ensuring that it wouldn’t die.

“It’s underground!”

Shi Hao was sure that the voice came from below the bone piles at the lake bottom.

It was because it was becoming clearer and clearer, already distinguishable, no longer indistinct.

This made him feel a bit of hesitation. There were countless dried-up bones at the lake bottom, all of them left behind by great monks after they passed away. Could it be that he had to move them aside?

There were golden skeletons, suspected to be left behind by immortal monks!

In the end, Shi Hao still took action. After enduring the eighteen slaps, being struck by these monk bones, he didn’t feel much mental pressure anymore.

The golden lion was also forced forward, made to move the monk bones, to open up a path.

Just how terrifying of an accumulation was this? Shi Hao discovered with shock that there were even more monk bones even after digging down a hundred zhang, making his mind feel a bit numb.

In the end, when they arrived at a hundred and eight zhang deep, they finally reached the bottom.

Below was a rock cave. There were some ancient caves linked up together, numerous and close together, as if it was a bee’s nest.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Suddenly, there were sounds transmitted from underground, resembling footsteps.

This was extremely sudden, making Shi Hao’s mind immediately become tense. This cave had lake water too, so why was there this type of strange sound?

As for the golden lion, it was also extremely nervous. Were there other creatures in this underground cave?


This was the sound of fetters, accompanied by the sound of iron chains. It was as if it sounded from the spacious underground depths, absolutely horrifying.

How could it be like this? It was as if it was connected to the underworld! The terrifying creature that was restricted walked over step by step, about to appear.

“Stand in front and lead the way!” Shi Hao pushed the golden lion, having it walk into the depths of the underground cave.

This Reincarnation Pool still had this type of strangeness, it was outside of what Shi Hao expected.

There were many underground caves, all of them linked up together.

Suddenly, the golden lion’s fine hairs stood on end. All of its golden fur stood up, it looked like it encountered something extremely horrifying.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao saw a corner of the underground cave scene. In the dusky underground cave, there was a group of troops that were spiritless, lacking life force. Their bodies carried shackles, faintly discernible as they passed that place.

“Ancient corpses, or are they yin soldiers?” Shi Hao was greatly shaken up inside.

Or was it to say that those were undead knights? Did they end up in a mysterious place, entering burial region?

In the darkness, the sounds of shackles were deafening, metal chains carrying gold light. They were like the dead from the underworld, passing by here.

This was just too weird!

Shi Hao was on guard, watching carefully. Unfortunately, that underground cave couldn’t be considered that open, the troop disappearing into the distance.

“Follow them!”

After a moment of silence, Shi Hao spoke. He urged the golden lion on, having it lead the way.

“You… are crazy!” The golden lion wasn’t willing. In its opinion, this place was too sinister. If it wasn’t connected to burial realm, then it led to the underworld. Following it down like this really was seeking their own destruction.

Shi Hao only gave it a cold look, immediately leaving it with no choice but to brace itself and advance. It was because it still didn’t want to die, not willing to fall in such a sullen state.

An hour later, the golden lion’s expression changed from horrified to numb. It was because it really felt as if it entered hell. It saw many troops wandering about.

These creatures all had shackles on them, moving about in the underground ancient caves, heading towards the same place.

“This is the yin soldiers’ territory?” The golden lion was extremely afraid.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, following behind it. Along the way, they even made their way around a few troops, waiting for them ahead, continuously observing.

En?” Soon afterwards, he was shocked. This was inconceivable, because he saw an ancient beast that was extremely massive, a bit familiar.

This was a heavenly beast he saw in Heavenly Beast Forest. Why did it end up here?

“Yin Tuo great one?” Right at this time, the golden lion was in disbelief. It stared in a direction, looking at an elder.

It recognized one of them, precisely a great cultivator from the ones who encircled and pursued Shi Hao. Right now, he was standing in a yin soldier troop, lifeless as he walked forward.

Shi Hao felt like it was a bit strange. When he gazed forward, he also recognized that person. The so-called Yin Tuo had previously tried to kill him. Why was he here?

Based on normal reasoning, after the ancient beast roared, all of the creatures here would explode to pieces, no way they could continue existing. Their bodies and souls would be wiped out.

As for the great cultivators who dove into Reincarnation Pool, the few people who were fortunate enough to survive, they were all sent off by Shi Hao, their corpses no longer existing.

“It really is strange!” Shi Hao was confused.

As they went along, they recognized even more people. At the same time, they saw much more heavenly beasts, all of them belonging to the ancient forest on the surface.

In the end, at the limits of an earthen cave, Shi Hao saw a few giant stone doors. There weren’t too many or too few, six in total!

Those troops gathered here, not moving at all, as if they were waiting for something.

In that instant, Shi Hao thought back to the grand voice not long ago: Land of Reincarnation, dao gates have opened!

Don’t tell me that it was this place? This was the place the voice pointed at?

Regardless of whether it was him or the golden lion, they both revealed expressions of shock. Was this a reincarnation? Those dead creatures were going to be sent into the afterlife?

Suddenly, Shi Hao’s expression became rigid. He saw another familiar creature in front of a stone gate, the Heavenly Mouse, a creature that had chased after him when he first entered Heavenly Beast Forest.

He clearly remembered that this Heavenly Beast had been penetrated by a mysterious ancient tree’s withered branch. In the end, it cried out, chanting an incantation, saying that it would head towards reincarnation.

Moreover, Shi Hao even saw that it seemed to have fallen into Reincarnation Pool.

“It… came to this place.”

How did these creatures come here? One had to understand that Shi Hao was always above the monk bones, yet these creatures seemed to be able to avoid him and the golden lion, directly appear in the underground cave.

“Don’t tell me that after the ancient beast roared, when a large half of Heavenly Beast Forest was destroyed, many heavenly beasts and some of the great cultivators were forcefully sent here to reincarnate?”

This was too inconceivable!

Shi Hao thought back to the Heavenly Mouse’s words. After it was sent to Reincarnation Pool, it would have to bow down, possibly completely lose its identity.

It was because the Heavenly Mouse had previously said that all of Heavenly Beast Forest’s creatures lost their mind, it should be related to this place. They were in a state of confusion and ignorance.

“Is this the reincarnation created by the ancient monk bloodline?” Shi Hao was suspicious, at the same time, there was a chill that ran through his body, but he also felt extreme admiration.

Many creatures died, to the extent where even their bodies disappeared, yet they appeared here again, suspected to be waiting for reincarnation. This really was a huge affair.

“Could it be that all of Heavenly Beast Forest is a place of experimentation?”

Shi Hao began to seriously suspect that all of the creatures who died under the beast roar were brought here, possibly about to carry out a transmigration.

Of course, he felt that the so-called transmigration was definitely not truly coming back to life, but rather only their flesh reappearing. Their consciousness would be hazy, even more so like slave soldiers who only knew how to obey orders.

“The dao gates are opening!” That grand voice sounded again.


Six great stone gates were opened, surging with primal chaos, mysterious and terrifying.

These yin soldiers, their corpses were divided into six groups. Their faces were expressionless as they separately set out, walking into the six stone gates.

At the same time, the six stone gates released brilliance, accompanied by mist. They gave off an extremely ancient feeling. Scripture sounds could be heard, sending people to the afterlife, into reincarnation.

“It really is strange!” Shi Hao said to himself. Were these the ancient monk’s methods?

Yi?” Suddenly, his attention was drawn by the patterns between the six gates.

Those were scriptures, as well as some complex stone engraving diagrams. They were extremely mysterious, actually recording some type of unmatched divine ability!

“Ancient monk bloodline’s inheritance?!” Shi Hao was extremely shocked.

This was definitely not as simple as just a single scripture, moreover not few at all. The engravings filled the stone walls, releasing astonishing great dao aura.

The golden lion was also completely shocked. Then, it stared at a certain scripture, deeply engrossed by it, unable to free itself.

However, these scriptures were all incomplete, most of them ruined, at most recording a larger half.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao also concentrated on a stone engraving, earnestly remembering it. It consisted of eight diagrams, forming a mysterious magical imprint, the imprint itself giving off a deep and immeasurable dao aura.

There were no further explanations, only these eight diagrams.

The diagrams were complete, but they lacked a corresponding operation method, which were the most important scriptures.

Shi Hao strongly suspected that the eight diagrams seemed to contain the profound meanings of the Ancient Buddha’s Eighteen Slaps. It was extremely great, the meaning it contained profound.

He was greatly shaken inwardly. He personally experienced the Ancient Buddha Eighteen Slaps, this type of thing was invaluable.

At the same time, he understood even better that the so-called eighteen slaps were a type of extremely terrifying attack method. To endlessly enlarge one’s weakness, just how frightening of a method was this?

Its original diagram was right here. If he could completely comprehend it, then it would be an astonishing offensive secret technique!


Suddenly, the six stone gates shone together. Moreover, the wall engraving diagrams, scriptures, and others also all shone, the effects applied to Shi Hao and the golden lion’s bodies.

Then, they were sent into a stone gate, falling inside.

Were they being thrown into reincarnation, about to be sent to the afterlife?

The two of them were scared, but they really had no way of struggling free. They could only watch as they were sent into the distance!

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