Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519 - Fighting Heaven’s Will

He involuntarily entered the Self Severing realm, moreover was on the verge of fully consolidating it.

Originally, Shi Hao was waiting for a good time to advance into this realm, because he could have advanced at anytime. This was especially since after he received the Ancient Monk’s Eighteen Slaps, he had long been thoroughly sharpened.

His foundation had already been tempered, as long as he wanted, he could immediately achieve the result of a higher cultivation realm.

The reason he hesitated before was out of worry that he might gain a moment of enlightenment along the way, and then be disturbed, ruining his opportunity.

Now, Shi Hao forgot himself, lacking all emotions of joy or worry. The scenes of life and destruction played before his eyes, there was reincarnation, everything revolving between life and death. It was as if there was a sea of life and death before his eyes, gleaming reflections clear and brilliant.

Severing the self, was it a removal of one’s shackles, or one’s own notions and understanding? In that instant, Shi Hao became perplexed, but soon afterwards, he understood. As expected, he entered a dao comprehension state!

That ancient True Dragon surged with essence energy at this time, making the land of destruction surge with radiance once more. All of the plants instantly revived, great mountains emerging from the ground, this really left him too moved.

New life from the ruins of destruction, lofty peaks from the abyss, this type of transformation, to flourish from death, reverse everything between life and death, it was a nurturing of the most basic things of this world, yet it was one of the most powerful profound mysteries.

Shi Hao comprehended the dao. Was this an undoing of the flesh’s shackles, or was it the shackles of his mind, perhaps it was the fixed notions within his mind? It was hard to say at this moment, it was extremely complicated.

In the lake, the golden lion stared at Shi Hao, eyes flourishing with vicious radiance, about to take action. However, it held back.

It was because there really was a great shadow over its mind. Ever since it encountered Shi Hao, nothing went well, each time suffering miserably. It really feared that Shi Hao was just testing it right now.

That was why it didn’t act recklessly!

“He isn’t playing around, really gaining insights! No, I have to take action, end his opportunity with a single strike, have him fall from heaven down to hell!” The golden lion inwardly gritted its teeth. It went mad, making this type of decision.

However, its strength suffered seriously, almost crippled by Shi Hao. It was worried that its strike wouldn’t kill Shi Hao, instead bringing harm upon itself.

“I’ll wait for his most critical moment and attack him then!” The golden lion thought viciously, preparing to launch a surprise attack on Shi Hao.

Right now, Shi Hao was lingering between life and death, wandering between decline and glory, sensing a deeper level of dao law trajectory, seizing its innermost essence.


His body shone, as if buddhist light shone gloriously, as if a divine ring was added to his flesh. To use the body as a seed, in the end, it was opening the gates within one’s body, and not relying on the great world.

Shi Hao’s appearance was magnificent and dignified. Divine rings appeared around his body one after another, as if an immortal monk was reincarnating, also as if a true immortal was descending into the mortal world.

At this moment, he was divine, he was in a transcendent state, unconcerned with the mortal world, unafraid of the difficulties of the dao. The heaven and earth within his eyes were vast and boundless, his breadth of mind able to hold endless mountains and rivers.

On his body, divine chains of order appeared layer after layer, winding about him. These were some type of shackles, appearing at this level.


As Shi Hao’s eyes released resplendent light, sword radiance rushed out from him, shooting out from his body, hacking apart the fetters!

“Why is it this fast?” The golden lion was shocked. His eyes narrowed, preparing to attack, because Shi Hao’s primordial spirit will definitely reveal shackles, waiting to be severed.

It decided that it would release the fatal blow then.

“It’s coming!” The golden lion felt its heart rate speed up, extremely nervous, fearing that it might miss this optimal chance.

Right now, Shi Hao was in an extremely wonderful state, as if he transcended above, observing his own body, looking down on all things. He was expressionless and indifferent as he calmly watched everything.

His primordial spirit was in his skull, but he could clearly sense everything around him, everything in his surroundings seized by his mind.

It was as if he was the world itself! This was a type of strange feeling, calm, pitiless, indifferent, even leaving himself shocked!

There were no emotional fluctuations, no ripples in his state of mind, ridiculously cold and apathetic, not a trace of individual emotion, calmly watching everything, overlooking all living things.

His primordial spirit was clearly within his body, but it made him feel like he was above the heavenly dome, currently risen above, coldly watching everything.

It was to the extent where he even indifferently saw that the golden lion wanted to harm him. He wasn’t angry, not feeling any killing intent, only watching it coldly, not minding it.

Right now, he felt like the golden lion and his own flesh were balance, not wishing to interfere, there were no emotions involved.

This was too strange!


Suddenly, from the very depths of his body, a roar of anger was released, as if it had dispelled some type of possessed state, destroying those shackles of indifference.

“Right, so it was actually like this!” Shi Hao gained enlightenment. This so-called overlooking all living things, state of transcending above was precisely a type of shackles that had to be struggled free of.

In that instant, he almost assimilated with the world’s great dao, became a part of it. His true self was almost wiped out.

This was extremely terrifying. If things really continued the way they were going, Shi Hao might disintegrate into the dao, abandoning all sense of self, return to heaven and earth, bow before the great dao.

This went completely against his path of using the body as a seed!

Perhaps it was precisely because the path he took was special that this type of thing would happen. Even the great dao of heaven and earth descended, with divine chains of order wrapping over, used on his body.

Shi Hao broke out into cold sweat. In his opinion, before, he could have easily entered the Self Severing Realm, but it was actually this dangerous. Just now, he had almost had his dao cut short!

Now, he struggled free from that type of unfeeling and emotionless state!

However, above his primordial spirit, there were many divine chains of order. It was as if they were roasting him, trying to erase his drive, his powerful heart of ambition.

Only, he now woke up, reviving, no longer watching everything indifferently.

Moreover, right now, his primordial spirit was bound in chains, but only on the outside, not deep within him. After breaking through the ‘Will of Heaven’ just now, these could be removed.

That was why when he saw the golden lion raise his claw, act unfavorably against him, Shi Hao was completely expressionless, a slap flying over!



A clear sound rang out. The golden lion screamed miserably, all of the bones in its body breaking, tumbling outwards, the spectacle too horrible to endure. Blood flowed from its entire body, almost having its body and bones directly torn to pieces.

“Did you not know that any acts of harm against me would result in your death?!” Shi Hao said coldly, looking down on it. “This slap was to save you!”

The golden lion struggled, preventing his body from being destroyed, resisting the terrifying power within its body. When it heard these words, its golden pupils contracted, feeling incomparable anger and resentment.

It sensed that this really was the case. Previously, some type of restriction was set by Shi Hao, if not for that palm from Huang, it would most likely have died a step earlier, because it would suffer a backlash!

“Become a slave, play your part as my mount. In the future, I will ride you onto the battlefield to fight. This is your own path of life, or else your body and spirit will be destroyed.” Shi Hao said indifferently.

Then, he didn’t pay it any more attention, focusing on comprehending the dao, experiencing all types of extraordinary aspects of the Self Severing Realm.

The golden lion’s expression was ugly, this thick lion mane shaking and moving like a raging flame. However, it could only endure its anger. It didn’t want to die in such a good-for-nothing manner, wishing for revenge. Right now, it couldn’t easily act out.

At the same time, it was inwardly shocked. Huang really was a freak, advancing to the Self Severing Realm in this type of place, clearly comprehending the dao, yet he could actually look at it indifferently, remain unaffected.


In that instant, it saw a scene that made it tremble inside. A streak of clear light rushed out from the top of Shi Hao’s head, hacking towards the heavens, piercing through the unmatched dao aura!

“Severing heaven’s will, fighting against heavenly providence?!” The golden lion was shaken, entire body trembling. It heard this type of legend before, but this was the first time it saw this.

It was because from the past until now, it didn’t know anyone who experienced this type of thing. There were no past examples, no one reaching this step.

“Using the body as a seed, and then after advancing into the Self Severing Realm, face heaven’s will?” The golden lion’s scalp turned numb.

When its ancestors were in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, they naturally had experts who studied the body as a seed. However, all those before failed, no one able to reach that step.


Lightning flickered about where Shi Hao stood, brilliance overflowing into the heavens. Blade radiance hacked down from the heavens above, while sword energy surged from where Shi Hao stood, rushing upwards.

The blades of heaven’s will wanted to hack down on him!

Meanwhile, his own body’s will was also going to pierce through the Will of Heaven!

“Self severing is a type of process. I understand now. This is only the beginning! What else will happen after?!” Shi Hao said to himself.

In that instant, blade energy covered the skies, endless lightning disappearing, everything coming to an abrupt end under the golden lion’s stunned gaze.

The golden lion thought that this would continue for a long time, that something even more terrifying would happen. However, in that instant, everything became still.

This was the complete opposite of what it anticipated.

It was precisely as Shi Hao said, using the body as a seed would inevitably be extremely difficult. This was just the beginning, as his cultivation advanced, there were more and more things that had to be severed.

Meanwhile, these were just the first signs!


Endless specks of light emerged, primal chaos surging from all directions. Immortal energy spread from within his body, great dao flowers blossomed. Shi Hao became resplendent like a buddha, also like a War Immortal, standing in the middle of a divine ring, extremely dazzling.

He officially entered the Self Severing Realm, moreover consolidated everything. He could even advance another step at any time!

Great power swirled within his body. Shi Hao had confidence in facing everything.

“This is a good place! No matter how great of an army surrounds me, I can still cultivate in seclusion within the Reincarnation Pool, break through here!” Shi Hao said to himself.

He brought a stupefied golden lion to the lake bottom. He now eliminated all of the great cultivators who trapped him here, and no one knew he was here, so it was the perfect time to enter seclusion, borrow this opportunity to become even stronger.

This time, when Shi Hao sank to the lake bottom, he developed a strange feeling. He vaguely heard some type of sound.

“Reincarnation start, dao gates opened wide!” This wasn’t a misperception, there really was a grand voice transmitted over, as if someone was reading a supreme decree.

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