Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518 - All Dead

“Old thing, you really are quite tenacious, not dying even now!” Shi Hao’s eyes released cold light. He rushed over, grabbing that ruined body with a single motion.

It had to be said that this expert was too miserable. He long lacked the appearance of a human, limbs completely broken, skull fractured, everything below his abdomen long disappeared without a trace.

Now, only a small part of his torso remained. This scene was extremely pitiful.

Not long ago, Shi Hao was escorted onto a war chariot by this group of people, and then he seized the opportunity to kill a Self Release Realm cultivator. Later on, their plans were exposed, this group of people becoming hostile, several great cultivators immediately emerging to chase after him.

These people had always been chasing behind, colluding with the foreign cultivators, walking with them. They didn’t feel the slightest bit of mental burden, clearly long completely defecting to the other side.

In the end, these people were similarly unlucky. Shi Hao startled that ancient dragon, triggering a disaster. The younger generation who rushed over were completely wiped out, the older generation rushing into the lake, but immediately suffered greatly.

“What a waste of this war chariot!” After Shi Hao observed carefully, he noticed a tattered war chariot at that person’s side, releasing hazy light. If not for this, this person would have long died.

Despite this being the case, this person’s body was still deformed. That war chariot was heavily corroded by the lake water, also definitely going to break apart, its divinity going to completely flow out.

In Shi Hao’s opinion, the people who came from this clan were quite strong, but they couldn’t compare to those foreign elders. Even the foreign great cultivators were in complete disorder, ninety percent of them dying, so this person shouldn’t have been able to live. It was all because of that war chariot.

“Just speak, what clan are you from?” Shi Hao asked. This was what he paid the most importance to. After being schemed against, he began to pay especially great attention to them.

Even though he had his suspicions, he still had to verify them.

“You…” This elder’s strength was extremely great, but right now, he was unbearably weak, about to fall apart at any time.

“Don’t worry, if you behave and listen, I will protect you, won’t let you die by the lakeside.” Shi Hao smiled.

Even though he was seriously injured, body and soul about to be wiped out, this elder still shivered inwardly, a layer of goosebumps emerging. This damned Huang, he actually dared to mock and scare him.

This was but someone from the younger generation. In his eyes, he was still a brat, chased by them like a stray dog not long ago, running everywhere. However, in the end, he climbed all over him, insulting him like this.

“Youngster, do not cross the line!” He released a low roar.

“Still putting on airs, do you want to be tortured?” Shi Hao grabbed him by the neck. Unfortunately, his precious clothes had suffered severe damage, immediately ripped apart.


Shi Hao dragged the golden lion over, immediately using it like a club, striking towards the elder.

With a pu sound, half the elder’s body disappeared, smashed to pieces, only a head left behind. He was now in an even worse state.

This strike created two muffled groans, one naturally came from the elder, absolutely furious. He was already dying, yet now, even his torso was lost, only a head left, there would definitely be no good end for him.

The other was, of course, the golden lion. It really wanted to crazy, humiliated and angered to the extreme.

It was because just now, Shi Hao was just too voluntary, grabbing the golden lion from the side, what was he treating it as? A wooden club, a tool, an insignificant weed?

He really was doing whatever he wanted, angering the golden lion until his entire body was shaking.

“Just speak, what clan did you come from? You know that I don’t have that much patience, especially after being chased by you guys for so long, my mood is definitely not that good. If you don’t speak, you should know your end will be extremely terrible.” Shi Hao said.

“The clans that you offended, the ones who cannot coexist with you, do you really not know yourself?” This head said hatefully.

When he heard these words, Shi Hao’s pupils contracted. He felt like the situation became a bit complicated!

Was it really the Wang Family, or Jin Family? These two long life families were standing against him, they were his enemies.

However, why did the elder speak of it so directly?

Or was it to say that this was to mislead him? If there were other long life families that joined in, then the situation was even more complicated, even more terrifying.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, taking action with lightning speed. He grabbed that head, wishing to search his sea of consciousness, understand the truth!

If it was before, he definitely couldn’t do this. This was a Self Release Realm great cultivator, his primordial spirit force blazing like a sun, able to burn down cultivators of lower levels.

However now, Shi Hao’s cultivation improved greatly, moreover, the other side’s strength sharply declined, already not much left. Now, Shi Hao easily accomplished what he wanted to.

“No!” The elder resisted, doing everything he could to struggle.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao backed up, his expression overcast, leaving like a shadow, returning to the lake bottom.


The elder’s head exploded, the damage spreading to the surrounding people. Even though there was lake water in the way, there were still three people who also died with him while carrying unwillingness and resentment.

“There is a terrifying imprint in his head that detonates upon contact. It is definitely the work of a long life family!” Shi Hao’s expression was ugly.

Even a Self Release Realm great cultivator had this type of imprint engraved, when needed, he would be directly sacrificed. Apart from a few long life families, who else had this type of resolution?

On the surface, the group of great cultivators became quiet, feeling greatly alarmed inside. It was because even a Self Release Realm expert had this type of mentality, this left them extremely humiliated and angry.

En, the surface has calmed down?” Shi Hao muttered. What he was talking about was naturally the ancient True Dragon in the outside world.


At the same time, someone also moved, rushing out from the lake, wishing to borrow this chance to escape.

Inside the lake, their bodies were breaking down with each passing second, suffering tremendous damage. If not because they wanted to live, why would they throw themselves into this lake?

They believed that the other cultivators outside should have all died. Even though they were in miserable states, they were still alive in the end.


Someone jumped out from the water surface, moving his damaged body, wishing to completely escape. His injuries right now were too serious, possibly dying at any time. This wasn’t the time to settle things with Huang.

Shi Hao revealed a cold smile. When he mentioned the outside world, muttering like that, it was precisely because he wanted someone to lead the way.

Of course, even though they understood his intentions, those people still had no choice but to play along. It was because right now, Huang was just like a horned fiend. If they didn’t move, they would most likely be the next on the chopping board.


The one who jumped out from the lake surface wasn’t crushed by that ancient beast’s aura, but had his head hacked through by Shi Hao’s sword energy, his ruined body hacked into two, primordial spirit destroyed!


When this word was shouted, the surviving great cultivators felt great shame. When confronted by a twenty something year old brat, they actually had to flee in sorry states!

“Don’t go, my chicken, my sheep, my duck, my cow, all of you, don’t run!” Shi Hao shouted behind them. Moreover, he already took action.

Up ahead, those great cultivators were seething with anger, erupting with rage, so angry the roots of their teeth were aching.


Shi Hao didn’t show any mercy. A wave of brilliant sword energy rushed out, slicing one across the waist. Then, another cut was added, piercing the skull, killing the primordial spirit.

Then, another streak of lightning radiance was released, striking a great cultivator whose four limbs were all crippled, long weakened back down. His body was charred black, primordial spirit drying up and scattering, losing his life.


Shi Hao rushed up like a divine arrow that left a bowstring, quickly arriving at the lake surface. Every pore in his body shone, tens of thousands of strands of divine radiance erupted. He shone like a blazing resplendent sun, blossoming here!

Under pu pu sounds, accompanied by blood radiance, the divine light here was just too penetrating. The remaining individuals were all nailed in place, bodies pierced through. Their blood immediately spilled everywhere!

In that instant, all of them died.

There was no suspense at all!

Of the few dozen cultivators who jumped into the lake, in the end, not a single one survived, all of them dying.

This included the silver-robed elder whose strength was extremely great, the one belonging to an Emperor Clan branch family. When he fell into the lake again, his damaged body completely dissolved.

At the same time, Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, seeing the scene on the other side of the mountain. That dragon closed its eyes, all of the essence energy currently rushing in that direction.

Shi Hao was shaken, because he saw the distant scene. A larger half of Heavenly Beast Forest was destroyed? The greenery disappeared, red magma surged!

Right now, red bloody mist, green life aura, all of it rose from the ruined mountain region, entering that ancient beast’s body, becoming essence energy for it to absorb.

Shi Hao quickly rushed into the lake, because he felt like if he stayed here a bit longer, even he would become a wave of essence energy, be sucked into the ancient beast’s body.


Suddenly, the lake water overflowed, the noise in the outside world great, as if a tide was surging. Shi Hao was extremely shocked. He arrived at the lake surface again to look around.

“This is…” 

The ancient beast shone, its entire body releasing essence energy, engulfing everything in front of it. Under Shi Hao’s shocked gaze, the mountain region’s magma withdrew, giant mountains rumbled, rising from the ground. Then, those areas surged with vitality, plants quickly growing.

This type of scene was too shocking. Life returned to how it was before, quickly growing, reappearing.

This wasn’t like destruction, the heavens collapsed and earth split apart, but Shi Hao was even more shaken. His body was nurtured by a wave of life force, obtaining tremendous benefits.

The half of Heavenly Beast Forest that was destroyed quickly recovered. It was rich with greenery once more, life force endless!

“The cycle of destruction and life…” Shi Hao was completely fascinated, watching quietly. His entire body shone, comprehension deepening.

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