Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515 - Ruthless

A few people guessed at what Shi Hao wanted to do. They never expected him to actually be this crazy, every strand of hair standing on end, all of them shivering from deep within their bones!

“Run! Don’t turn around, just run as far away as you can!” Someone screamed. It wasn’t only to remind the people on the stone mountain, it was even more a type of reminder for the cultivators hiding in the distance.

However, would they have enough time? Some people began to panic!

Shi Hao raised his head, actually looking in that ancient beast’s direction. He stared straight at it, revealing a strange divine radiance. He was staring at that ancient ‘True Dragon’.

On the stone mountain on the other side, there was also a stele, on it carved the words ‘Number Two Under Heaven’. A thick chain coiled around it, leading into the sky.

It locked up an ancient beast. Its outer appearance was like an ancient crocodile, on its back a pair of divine wings, dragon horns on its head. Its entire body was covered in silver scales, a soul trembling aura released from its body.

If one stared at it, one would feel as if their souls were breaking apart!

This was a past matchless ancient beast, no one daring to look directly at it, only able to give it a hurried glance before quickly turning around. Otherwise, they would incur a great disaster onto themselves.

Yet now, Shi Hao opened his mouth, actually about to roar here, preparing to use a sound heavenly art to rouse awake this ancient beast!

This was too crazy, exceeding everyone’s expectations.

It was because even if he wanted to die, he shouldn’t choose to do this. He would die without a complete corpse! Just the revival of this ancient beast would cause the heavens to collapse and the earth to cave in. There were no creatures who could survive unscathed under this type of fluctuation, most of them likely exploding to pieces.

The Self Release Realm great cultivators were horrified even when it was asleep, not daring to face it, let alone when it woke up!

“Huang is a lunatic, he has already gone mad!”

“Does he not want to live anymore? It’s not like he is in a desperate situation, why does he want to take us all down with him?!” Someone berated, feeling fear and unwillingness.

This was especially the case for the silver-robed elder, he was already careful enough, previously not ascending the stone mountain, only coming up after confirming that Shi Hao fell to the bottom of the lake. However, in the end, he still ended up getting duped.

In reality, there was a large group who remained careful. Previously, they all stayed far away from this mountain forest region.

It was all because at the crucial moment, news transmitted from the mountaintop that the golden lion grasped everything, Huang was already dead, corpse sinking to the bottom of the lake that they hurried here.


Shi Hao immediately released a roar, activating terrifying sound waves to batter the mountains ahead. He didn’t truly directly attack, but this was definitely disturbing the ancient beasts’ slumber.

“Huang, don’t do this! Otherwise, you will die too!” Some people’s faces were pale like snow, shouting out loudly, trying to dissuade him from doing this.

It was because persuading Huang was the same as saving themselves.

However, how could he stop now? Blood energy rushed into the heavens, his thick long black hair dancing about, eyes cold. He released a great roar into the world, shaking heaven and earth.

Everyone felt despair. They couldn’t stop him at all.

“Hateful… the Fearless Lion, you mislead us, damn it all!” There were some who were furious, full of resentment towards the golden lion, incredibly upset.

It was because in their eyes, the golden lion was too arrogant, thinking that it grasped everything, already ended Huang’s life. This was the same as misleading the latter group into ascending the mountain as well.

For those elders who value their lives greatly, always acting carefully, this was the same as being deceived. They were directly led to a path of no return.

Shi Hao’s sound waves even carried lightning, operating the Lightning Emperor’s symbols, using world shocking thunder to disrupt heaven and earth order, releasing a great exploding sound.

One could see that in the sky, blazing electricity connected streak after streak, falling down, every strand astonishingly thick, the sounds deafening.

This wave of fluctuation was too intense, the noise also too great. It didn’t erupt near Shi Hao, but rather from the ‘Number Two Under Heaven’ monument.

At the same time, he used great divine abilities, interfering with the vital energy there, making the mountains tremble, as if they were going to collapse.

That stele shook and rumbled with noise, but there was no way it would fall. It released strange mysterious symbols, the metal chains wrapped around its surface releasing hualala noises, the sounds resounding and ear-splitting. The creatures who were fleeing were terrified to the point where their souls trembled, fine hairs all standing on end.

They were now completely in despair. This type of situation was already completely impossible to escape from. The chains swayed, situation of disaster impossible to break through. Everything could only head towards a bitter end!

Ah… I don’t want to die here!” The group of youngsters had long become frightened, couldn’t help but scream in fear.

“This is too hateful!” A few great cultivators also powerlessly lamented. It was because they already saw that the ancient beast was disturbed, that it was reviving.

In that place, chaotic energy spread. The ancient beast moved its body, its form massive, covering heaven and earth. The thick eyelid was like a wall, right now gradually moving.

In that instant, an unmatched aura engulfed the heavens above and earth below, freezing everyone’s souls, severing their connection with their bodies.

This was just the beginning of the revival, yet quite a few experts couldn’t hold on anymore.


A few young experts cried out miserably, their bodies breaking to pieces, crushed by a matchless domineering force.


One of them coughed out blood, chunks of internal organs flying out. His body immediately exploded under the pressure.


There was another person whose frontal bone exploded, the space between his brows dripping with blood. When the primordial spirit struggled out, it directly turned into large amounts of multicolored light, scattering in midair like a rain of light.

This was a situation of absolute despair, there was no way of resisting it!

“Run!” A few great figures roared.

‘It was because if the beginning was already like this, how terrifying would it become when the ancient beast opened its eyes?

Only, they also understood that there was likely not a single chance of living left today. With the awakening of this beast, the aura would instantly travel an endless amount of distance away, no distance unreachable!

Meanwhile, in this place, they didn’t have any way of ripping apart the heavens, unable to travel through, because the most powerful natural laws were protecting this place. The void gates could not be broken through.

“Golden lion, you’ve deceived us!” in the end, there were great cultivators who cried out unwillingly. This was a type of extremely complicated resentful will.

The original opponent was Huang, that hateful youngster, but now, in some people’s eyes, the one who caused all of this was actually the golden lion.

Many people acted carefully before, not ascending the mountain. It was only because the lion oversaw that place, claiming to be in control over everything, already forcing Huang to death that they came.

“Who can be blamed? We can only blame ourselves!”

“Huang is mad!” Of course, most of them gritted their teeth, hating Shi Hao bitterly, wishing to skin him alive. He actually cared this little about his own life.

“He didn’t go crazy, he has a way to continue living!” At this time, someone suddenly said.

These people returned the way they came from, resisting the great pressure. There was a chance of dying at any time.

The silver-robed elder was included among them. This was a group of powerful individuals, the leaders of this expedition, all of their strength astonishing, not a single one of them lower than the mid-stage of Self Release Realm.


In the surroundings, the void split apart. Black spatial gates took form one after another, but they were even more so like black heavenly blades, towering between heaven and earth!

It was because that True Dragon was reviving!

The great cultivators couldn’t open up spatial gates, but this ancient True Dragon was an absolutely tyrannical existence, able to easily do so. This wasn’t a deliberate action but rather the result of strands of aura released after it revived, already enough to crush heaven and earth.

At this moment, it was as if there wasn’t much that could stop it. This world, this great universe couldn’t hold its true body.


This type of black energy fluctuation was too intense. In that instant, ninety percent of the young cultivators were wiped out. They exploded, bodies and souls extinguished, nothing left behind.

Only some young cultivators who were at the limits of the horizon, always staying far away, were able to immediately escape, which was why they were fortunate enough to survive. However, they still received heavy injuries.

As for the older generation figures, some of the ones who were closer also died!

“Ancient domineering matchless dragon race senior, please take action, kill this group of vicious individuals!” This was Shi Hao’s final roar. He then dragged the golden lion back to the bottom of the lake with him.

It was because he knew those people’s conclusions even without seeing it himself.

Of course, sinking to the bottom of the lake was also for the sake of survival. If he was even a moment too late, he would still die, definitely be crushed into nothing by the pressure, body and soul disappearing.

The golden lion’s face carried a regretful expression. Its body was rigid, golden pupils full of shock and fear. It was now completely rigid, dragged like a piece of dead wood.

It never would have expected this type of conclusion. Those who participated were destined to be completely wiped out, not a single one of them surviving!

In its eyes, Huang really was too vicious!

Moreover, it really had to blame itself. If not for it being overly confident, believing Huang to have died and sunk to the lake bottom, why would the later group of individuals have ascended the mountain, get close?

From a certain perspective, it was the one murderer, harming that group of great cultivators to death!

“Huang, I am going to stake it all against you!” The golden lion roared furiously, wishing to taking Shi Hao down with it.

“You want to die? It won’t be that easily! Just stay off to the side for now!” Shi Hao didn’t care much at all. A palm descended, breaking all of the bones in its body. Even someone as powerful as the golden lion actually couldn’t do anything, the difference extremely great.

“What do you want to do?” The golden lion’s golden pupils revealed cold radiance.

“Use you as a mount, then in the future, ride you on the battlefield to fight against the foreign side!” Shi Hao said ruthlessly.

This wasn’t mercy, nor was it because he really wanted to take it as a mount, but rather that he wanted to enslave it. He was going to leave it alive to use it, intimidate the other side like this.

It was because everyone knew that the golden lion bloodline was originally a creature from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, later on defecting, inviting a great army inside, attacking their own side’s people instead.

Now, Shi Hao’s treatment was punishing an individual as an example to others. If other saw him ride it onto the battlefield, take it as a mount, the effects would be tremendous, displaying great intimidation, producing an uproar!




Inside the lake, water dripping sounds rang out again and again. Waves splashed out, several dozen individuals threw themselves in. 

It was precisely the most powerful group of great cultivators. At the most crucial moment, they turned around, running back here, jumping into the lake while disregarding everything, wishing to use this to escape disaster.

Heh heh, they came! A group of dumplings came into the pot. It is time for me to harvest them!” Shi Hao laughed, only, his smile was a bit cold.

Moreover, outside, heaven and earth lost color, already about to collapse, everything about to change!

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