Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514 - Conditions Astonishing

A chill ran through the Fearless Lion’s scalp. This Huang was too savage, actually wishing to eat it?

It was a bit scared. For a creature of its status, it was second only to Emperor Clans, exceeding many King Clans. If it was treated as food, then that really was a joke.

“You…” The Fearless Lion was shocked and angry, at the same time a bit frightened. Being eaten was a result that was even harder to accept than death.


A bone fracturing sound rang out. The golden lion felt an intense pain from its tail, the entire brilliant golden lion tail already broken, smashed by Shi Hao, leaving it ashamed and furious. This really was a great humiliation.

It was too shameful! The other party was simply a monster. Right now, it couldn’t contend against him at all, not his opponent at all.

Just now, it attacked frantically underwater, doing everything it could to take action, putting on a life and death struggle, but Huang’s flesh was sturdy and unbreaking. It couldn’t do anything to him.

For the Fearless Lion who had just forged its powerful golden body, this was a great mental blow.

Its greatest natural luck and gain in the Reincarnation Pool was a refining of the body, a rebirth, carrying out an ultimate evolution. However, after it had just obtained results, becoming the most powerful it had ever been, it lost, moreover extremely miserably, completely defeated.


Water splashed out. Shi Hao appeared on the surface, carrying the massive golden lion while facing everyone. This scene was extremely domineering. His eyes were like cold lightning, holding this lion who had terrorized the foreign younger generation like holding a dead dog, completely treating it as an ingredient.

This made the faces of the youngsters turn completely snow-white. Huang’s strength became another chunk stronger, long exceeding what they could deal with, only the attacks of older generation figures enough against him.

Shi Hao now completely appeared on the surface. After cultivating an imperishable body here, he became much more carefree. He swept his eyes over everyone.

“Huang, do you know what kind of end you will experience?” An elder shouted, glaring at the young male in the lake.

“Old shameless thing, you better not threaten me!” Shi Hao directly threw strong words back, extremely forceful. Until now, he had been pursued by the foreign great army the entire time, was there anything worse than this?

They had long reached a point where they wouldn’t stop until one side died, what path of retreat was there to speak of? He didn’t care what the other party’s attitude was at all.

Now that he cultivated an undefeatable body here, this was the first time he faced everyone calmly. Even if he was surrounded by everyone, he was still full of confidence.

He was assessing the current situation.

“You are courting death, definitely won’t survive!” Someone shouted.

“Wait!” The silver-robed elder raised his hand, not letting the others act too irritably. He revealed a faint smile, looking towards Shi Hao and saying, “Your talents and accomplishments are things everyone can see, it really is something one cannot help but admire!”

Shi Hao looked at him calmly, remaining unmoved.

“Youngster, being buried in Imperial Pass is too much of a pity, you will never have any fate with immortal dao. You have to understand that the environment there is extremely vile, it doesn’t allow for the achieving of immortality at all.” The silver-robed elder said.

“What do you want to say? You should just directly say what you want to say.” A hint of mockery appeared on the corners of Shi Hao’s lips.

“With your talents, in the Nine Heavens, it will undoubtedly be like pearls before swine. If you are willing to defect to my side, your life will be filled with endless brilliance, leaving behind an undying name in history.” The silver-robed elder actually spoke like this.

“You’re overthinking things!” Shi Hao only had this ice-cold response. How could he possibly defect like the Fearless Lion bloodline?

“Only by being able to see the world through the viewpoint of the greater situation can it be considered true wisdom, the intelligent will always seek fortune and avoid calamity. In the future, Imperial Pass is doomed to fall, all those who resist will die. You should understand what kind of situation that is.” The silver-robed elder said.

He gave Shi Hao a look, and then continued, “If you join my side, making a great dao blood oath, your future accomplishments will be limitless, one day you will become a king, become an ancestor. Moreover, we can clearly promise you that even if your current strength isn’t enough to intimidate all, as long as you are willing to come over, we will immediately allow you to establish a powerful clan, a great clan that belongs to you alone. It will exceed normal king races, one that does not need to bow before Emperor Clans!”

Everyone was shocked, because everyone understood well just how shocking the conditions this elder raised were.

What cultivation realm was Huang at right now? Yet they still offered this level of status!

In history past, only the Gu Clan, Blood Phoenix, and other specific clans could be like this, not bowing before Emperor Clans, having similar statuses.

Now, just a single youth who was twenty something years old was given such a high position. This exceeded their imaginations.

“Who do you all think you are, think you all are Shutuo, Anlan? What qualifications do you have to grant such titles?!” Shi Hao mocked. He didn’t treat this as a big deal at all.

The silver-robed elder, in the beginning, was dead set on eliminating Shi Hao, but now, he had this attitude, leaving the others shocked. He was incredibly serious, saying, “You can question us, however, I am saying that this is all true. I have ways of proving this, because I come from an Emperor Clan! Even though the bloodline has become weak, it is still enough to request an ancient ancestor decree!”

When the people here heard this, they were all shocked. He wasn’t just all talk, but really meant it?

“I have heard that the Emperor Clans’ bloodlines are domineering, numbers extremely few, difficult to produce descendants. However, no matter what race they marry with, if there is a descendant, in the end, their own clan’s bloodline would always be inherited. Why is your blood thin?” Shi Hao asked, rather curious.

He completely overlooked the main point, more interested in this issue.

It was because back then, he had also fought against someone from a branch family with thinner blood. This didn’t match the ‘bloodline theory’ that he later learned.

The elder’s face went from green to red, extremely ugly.

“Youngster, I can take this as you ridiculing me. I am inviting you to my side with sincerity, yet you didn’t feel grateful, unable to tell what’s good or bad. Moreover, if you wanted to, I could have immediately went to fetch an Emperor Clan magical decree, grant you a top level great clan, one that doesn’t need to bow down before Emperor Clans!”

“There’s no need, I have no interest at all. Do you think everyone is like the Fearless Lion bloodline, their knees that weak, having no courage? If you all want me to bow my head, that’s impossible. When we meet in the future battlefield, I will definitely cut down your ancient ancestors one by one!” Shi Hao said resolutely, his voice resounding and powerful, extremely ear-splitting.

This left everyone stupefied. This youngster really was too crazy! He was just one person, not even achieving long life, yet he already wants to kill Anlan and the others? He really overestimated his capabilities!

Shi Hao didn’t pay everyone any attention, instead lowering his head towards the golden lion, trying to figure out what to do with it. He said to himself, “Simmer-fried lion head[1]? This really isn’t just a name, but really the dish. Pan-fried lion ribs, cooked to seventy percent done, the taste shouldn’t be too bad.”

The Fearless Lion was immediately humiliated. This was just too shameful.

A strand of cold light flickered past the depths of its pupils. The bow was drawn but not released, it was gathering power, preparing to release a fatal blow.

It was because it had long reached the consummate level of the Void Dao Realm, able to break into the Self Severing Realm. However, for the sake of completing the golden body, it had always been suppressing itself, wishing to wait until after experiencing the Ancient Buddha Eighteen Slaps baptism before truly rising to a higher cultivation realm. It wanted to solidify its dao foundation, become even stronger.

Now that it was forced to this step, how could it be bothered with this much?


The golden lion suddenly erupted, overflowing with ferocity, power intimidating, golden fur all standing on end, shocking even some great cultivators. This was a rare fighting ability in the Self Severing Realm, exceeding other races.

“You were enduring all stupid and cowardly for so long just to erupt at this moment?” What was completely unexpected was that Shi Hao was still so easygoing, not minding this at all.

At this moment, he only raised his palm. It was sparkling like jade, releasing faint golden radiance. The palm hacked down, and then the powerful aura the Fearless Lion produced was directly scattered by him!

Just a single palm, and the golden lion that temporarily broke through into the Self Severing Realm was beaten back to its original form. It coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, body covered in cracks, almost exploding.

“You…” The Fearless Lion was shocked and fearful. This Huang was too strong, strength terrifyingly high. It really already did everything it could, forced to the point where it didn’t even hesitate to rise to a higher cultivation realm and launch a surprise attack, yet it still wasn’t enough, the forcefully gathered terrifying power still scattered!

Everyone ashore was alarmed, especially the younger generation, long lacking words. They couldn’t even mock or ridicule Shi Hao, because they didn’t have the face to.

“I will give you a chance, let you try again.” Shi Hao calmly said.

“You…” The Fearless Lion was ashamed and furious. It truly never thought that there would be this much of a freak in the same generation, suppressing him to the point where he couldn’t even raise his head.


A roar sounded, representing its rage. Golden fur moved, golden radiance surging, shaking the heavens. It was forcefully breaking through, temporarily entering the Self Severing Realm again, wishing to attack Shi Hao.

However, when it felt like it was incomparably powerful, able to easily tear Shi Hao apart, in the end, it suffered another serious strike, its powerful might scattered by a single palm from Shi Hao, falling straight back into the abyss.

The enemy gave it a chance, letting it rise to the peak, but it still wasn’t his match. This really left it feeling dispirited, feeling terrified!

Just how terrifying of a monster was this? He was actually powerful to this step, looking at an ancient unmatched clan like an ordinary creature, not attaching much importance to it at all.


Shi Hao released a light sigh. When he saw the golden lion, he recalled an old friend, that sworn brother when he was young, precisely the Nine-Headed Golden Lion in the lower realm.

Back then, he was still young, doing many absurd things that made one feel laughter and sadness. He left when he was still young, just how many years has it been since he left the lower realm? Right now, he really wanted to go back, missing Stone Village, missing his old friends!

“I won’t roast you, nor will I steam you.” Shi Hao said. It wasn’t mercy, but rather because he had other plans. He wanted to use it to complete the Nine-Headed Golden Lion.

Then, he looked at everyone ashore and said, “We’ve already wasted quite a bit of time, let’s settle things as well.”

“With just you alone, yet you still dare boast shamelessly?!” Someone spoke, so angered he laughed, furious from these words.

“It seems like quite a few people have come, seventy percent of the great cultivators who were chasing after me have gathered here. If I get rid of all of you at once, it can also be considered a joyous occasion.” Shi Hao said.

“Unbridled!” The silver-robed elder’s face fell. Since persuasion didn’t work, then there was no point in keeping up any more face. He no longer tried to do useless things.

“Unbridled? Unbridled my ass!” Shi Hao berated back without any trace of politeness.

“You are just a little bastard who still stinks of breastmilk! Even though your talent isn’t bad, you are still a bit too immature, yet you still dare boast shamelessly? If it wasn’t for you hiding in the Reincarnation Pool, I would have killed you a long time ago!” Someone said coldly, carrying a look of contempt.

“There are many spirits lingering about the Yellow Springs. Everyone, I hope your trip goes smoothly.” Shi Hao said in an unhurried manner, actually sending them off here!

“Not good, hurry and retreat!” The silver-robed elder and the others sensed something, their faces immediately falling ashen, all of them scared. They roared out, fleeing towards the distance.

1. a type of meatball

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