Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513 - Steam or Roast

“He really is Huang!”

The group of people erupted into commotion, not expecting Huang to be alive no matter what. Even after so much time had passed, he still hadn’t been refined by the lake into divine liquid!

This was outside everyone’s predictions. From the information the Fearless Lion told them, this was the ancient monk bloodline’s burial ground, where their bones were. The sparkling liquid was formed from their flesh, with no lack of immortal monk essence blood and divine force.

It could be said that almost all things dissolved here, only those who cultivated the monk bloodline’s scriptures and developed a buddhist nature could survive here. Otherwise, they would all die!

However, the end result wasn’t like this. Huang lived, this was a miracle!

“There has only been a single person who has achieved this in history, which is the Immortal Monk King without his buddhist nature!”

“Could it be that Huang’s talents are just that frightening?”

A few people’s expressions changed. This was an extremely shocking piece of information, if it got passed out, it would definitely trigger huge waves, leave many great clans shocked.

It was because this really was astonishing potential!

Who was Immortal Monk King? This was an immortal king, one of the world’s most powerful existences, on the level of Shutuo and Anlan, immeasurable.

Huang actually had this type of aptitude, his accomplishments here actually equivalent to that monk king! From a certain standpoint, this already proved his inner qualifications.

One had to know that this world never lacked geniuses. With each generation, the so-called heroic talents would always appear in large numbers. However, just how many of them could truly become undying kings?

From past until now, this was a question that was difficult to reply to, one that left them feeling helpless.

No one could say for sure what kind of genius could ultimately become an immortal king level individual.

Regardless of whether it was the ranked younger generation individuals or the older generation ranking, it couldn’t be used as good reference for determining if one could become an immortal king.

As generations went past, not even the number one of each era can necessarily achieve long life status, let alone be called a king.

Geniuses emerged in large numbers, this wasn’t just a saying. The foreign side was too vast, yet a great era might not even have one or two who could succeed the path of immortal kings. That really was too difficult.

How powerful was the backing of an Emperor Clan? Their clans had unmatched existences to begin with, yet even with these types of experts, they still might not be able to produce a successor in their clan.

This was a type of proof right there, immortal kings weren’t individuals that could be sought. Shutuo, Anlan, among their descendants, there were some whose talents were world-shaking, but they just couldn’t become immortal kings.

Meanwhile, this ancient pool gave out some clues, having great reference value!

It was because the ancient monk bloodline had studied this extensively, saying that this pool could serve as a test of potential of sorts. There was a great senior monk who previously said that if anyone could make it through, in the future, they might become an immortal king!

Later on, someone who cultivated a Zhang Six Golden Body, a young monk who was known to be undefeated had previously scattered all of his dense buddhist nature as well, using this pool to refine his true body, in the end surviving.

This became a living example, because in the end, he became the only Immortal Monk King!

The Reincarnation Pool made an accurate forecast, confirmation obtained, which was why there were some foreign individuals that couldn’t sit still. This was related to too much!

“We have to kill him! We cannot allow him to grow up!” An old daoist said. He wore silver robes, imposing and powerful.

This was a great cultivator who had just rushed here, his presence the most powerful. He seemed to be the most powerful individual here now.

If it was before, it was one thing, but now that he rushed here, hearing everyone’s discussions himself, learning that this was Reincarnation Pool, he immediately understood what kind of place this was.

At first, many people didn’t know, only knowing what they learned from the golden lion, and only then did they know a bit.

However, this elder’s identity was different, coming from an Emperor Clan. Even though he was only a relative, the bloodline a bit distant due to some special reasons, after cultivating for many years, his status was still there.

He knew many secrets. After quickly speaking about them, it naturally left the group of people shocked!

“This has a high chance of foretelling that he will head down the path of immortal king in the future? This won’t do, he has to be eliminated regardless of the cost!”

When the others heard this, their minds were naturally shaken.

No one knew better than them how terrifying someone of that level was. There was simply no way to face them head-on! They had world-shaking matchless strength.

One had to understand that back then, the other side didn’t only have Anlan, Shutuo, and the others. After the accumulation of several great eras, the unmatched existences were extremely terrifying.

However, when facing the Nine Heavens, the other side also had immortal kings, in the end dragging down a few extremely powerful ancestors down with them.

This was the cruel reality. At that level, it really was too terrifying.

If Shi Hao became an immortal king, then that meant that he might be able to go all out and take down an ancient ancestor. This definitely couldn’t be allowed, something that was unbearably heavy!

In the past, there were some people who already attached great importance to Huang, especially the younger generation, viewing him to be a great enemy, all of them wishing to get rid of him.

However, the older generation didn’t care that much, because they had seen just too many geniuses. The great river of history was so long, if they cared, with outstanding individuals appearing generation after generation, there were just too many to even count.

In the end, many of them were completely submerged by the masses.

However, now, it was completely different. When the silver-robed elder learned of the truth, that this was a place that made accurate predictions, everyone couldn’t sit still anymore.

“This generation’s sole extraordinary individual might very well become an immortal king? Kill him!” Another elder with a powerful aura shouted.

This was an order for absolute death, failure couldn’t be tolerated. They had to kill Huang, couldn’t allow him to continue living.

Otherwise, there would be an unimaginable disaster in the future.

Kill an undying king? What kind of joke was this? He couldn’t be allowed to grow up at all!

In a few people’s eyes, the death of Huang was already comparable to obtaining the rotten wooden chest, perhaps even a bit greater.

However, this place was too strange. They had all their skills for nothing, just unable to go down, no way of entering the Reincarnation Pool to kill Huang.

This place was too extraordinary, refining all things!

Regardless of how powerful your cultivation was, it was all meaningless, the terrifying power here would always be more powerful, completely suppressing you!

“Things don’t look too good. Could it be that we can only watch, unable to do anything to him? You have to understand that that wooden chest is still in the water!” Some people started to feel nervous.


The lake water surged again. The golden lion roared, rushing out from the bottom of the lake again.

However, everyone saw that this was futile, a powerless struggle, unable to deal with Huang at all.

Right now, the Fearless Lion really was too miserable, its entire body bloody, large amounts of its fur falling off, injuries numerous, even the bones could be seen in some areas. It really was terrifying.


A pair of sparkling hands appeared, perfect and flawless, reaching out from the water depths, directly tearing the golden lion’s body apart, almost ripping it into two.


The Fearless Lion roared out, entire body shining. A vague chanting sound was released, buddhist light shining, mending his terrifying injuries.

The splitting body was repaired, not torn in half.

However, this was a supposed remedy that only made things worse, this already happening several times. If not for it struggling again and again, igniting its essence to repair its body, it would have long been torn to pieces.

This made the expressions of all those ashore change, especially the younger generation, their faces becoming incomparably pale, expressions panicked.

What kind of person was the golden lion? It was a well-known figure among the younger generation to begin with. Apart from Emperor Clans, who else could suppress it?

Yet now, it fell to this type of state. It was just too miserable.

This was especially true when it had just obtained great natural luck, forging the ancient monk bloodline golden body before everyone’s eyes. This was a magical body that had glorious battle accomplishments!

In a few people’s perspective, if this lion was smoothly baptized at the lake bottom, the golden body perfect and flawless, then it had the qualifications to overlook the younger generation.

Many people believed that at that time, it could challenge the Emperor Clans.

However, in the end, it was still in such a miserable condition, almost about to be torn apart by someone, all of its bones ready to be pulled out.

Just how pitiful of a thing was this? It had just reached the peak, yet it was directly trampled to the ground by another.

Right now, quite a few people sympathized with the Fearless Lion. It really was too unfortunate, after just forging the golden body, it ended up encountering a freak like Huang.

This was originally a time to be celebrating, about to reach the peak, overlook the world below the mountain top, yet it was now beaten silly by a freak!

The current golden lion was naturally in incredible grief and indignation. It was only a step away, about to have its flaws removed, achieve a perfect, unmatched golden body, yet along the way, someone who should have died slaughtered his way over, seized its opportunity, taking on the eighteen slaps before him.

Its ambitions were great, originally already rising to the peak of its life, about to roar into the heavens, fulfill its desires, yet in the end, it was knocked straight down to the foot of the mountain by a kick.

It was just that ruthless, making it feel as if it fell straight from heaven to hell. There was nothing more miserable, more depressing than this.

One had to know that not long ago, when Huang was weak, it had taken action, almost killing the other party, yet now, the situation was completely flipped.

Ah, I can’t accept this!” The golden lion roared, going crazy from hatred, already mad.

“So what if you can’t accept it? Back then, when your clan defected, killing countless creatures from the Nine Heavens, the debts of blood crying out for retribution, you should have long thought that there might be today’s result.” Shi Hao said.

“Let me think… should I steam or roast you…” Shi Hao said to himself, completely ignoring those creatures ashore, leaving them furious, yet completely powerless.

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