Chapter 1512

Chapter 1512 - Unbreaking Golden Body

The golden lion felt incredibly powerful, never feeling this comfortable before. Never had he felt as free as right now, this type of bright and clean dao heart. His constitution feeling as if it transcended the mortal level.

Right now, it was calm and confident, because it really did succeed, successfully forging a golden body. This meant that an unmatched war body was about to be produced.

If nothing unexpected happened, after experiencing the Buddha Eighteen Slaps, he could overlook all of his peers!

“You succeeded?” An elder was moved. This young lion transformed right before their eyes. This really was a tremendous opportunity.

“I was fortunate to be able to.” The Fearless Lion nodded, extremely calm and dazzling. Its entire body’s golden fur flickered with radiance, brilliant and dazzling.

A few youngsters’ expressions were complex. They personally witnessed everything, seeing the Fearless Lion’s entire transformation process.

“Perhaps it can now compete even against those from Emperor Clans.” Someone commented.

“Unless he can truly evolve to a perfect body, he still has no chance. The Emperor Clan young great one isn’t that easily caught up to!” There were some others who didn’t believe this, retorting.

“Are you going to head to the lake bottom next? Do you have confidence?” A great cultivator asked. This was something they paid great attention to, because the rotten wooden chest was below.

“I have sixty to seventy percent chance confidence that I can pass the trial of eighteen slaps, experience that baptism!” The golden lion said.

“You don’t have a hundred percent certainty?” An elder asked, revealing worry.

It was because once the golden lion went down, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There was a chance that it wouldn’t be able to come back up.

This Fearless Lion’s powerful talent was something they could all see. If it died like this, it really would be a pity. Even more importantly, who would be able to fetch the rotten wooden chest then?

“The Ancient Buddha Eighteen Slaps is a type of baptism, even more so a type of cruel test. There are some flaws that will be endlessly magnified, just a light slap would be equivalent to a fatal blow. Normal people would have their body and spirit erased from a single slap!” The Fearless Lion said. It only dared to head down precisely because the forging of the golden body succeeded.

“My golden body has already formed, so based on normal reasoning, the flaws are already negligible, but they will still be magnified. That is why I say there is sixty to seventy percent certainty.” It explained a step further.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. The golden lion’s transformation was something they could all see with their own eyes, even his fur came off, replaced with a new layer, bones all reconstructed, the golden body also complete. This could already be considered transcending above, yet it still didn’t have a hundred percent certainty, possibly dying underneath! This was something that left all of them shaken.

Ancient Buddha’s Eighteen Slaps, it would greatly magnify all faults. There was a chance of dying under a few strikes even if geniuses went down!

At the bottom of the lake, Shi Hao calmed down, experiencing an unprecedented comfortable state. His entire body was warm, as if he was near a great furnace.

That skeleton already scattered, returning to the pile of withered bones.

Shi Hao no longer suffered attacks. The Ancient Buddha Eighteen Slaps ended. He felt like his body was now perfect without flaws, his imperishable body, in the current cultivation realm, couldn’t be improved at all.

“This trip has been perfect, the gains tremendous!” Shi Hao said to himself.

Rather than the rise in strength, Shi Hao was more satisfied in the ‘release’ of that creature on his great dao flower. It even made his true body feel free, shackles undone, more suitable for cultivation.

Yi, could it be that lion came down to kill me?” Shi Hao’s eyes revealed brilliant light. Waves surged, a blurry figure dove down.

Sure enough, it was the Fearless Lion. Its golden light was brilliant, as if a golden heavenly sun was descending.

The Fearless Lion was extremely confident, feeling overjoyed inside. It was because it wanted to carry out an astonishing self tempering. Once it made it through, it could overlook the world.

At that time, it wouldn’t fear anyone.

“I will definitely rise up! No one will be able to stop me!” It was brimming with confidence.

“It’s quite the pity that I wasn’t able to personally kill Huang. His body will completely dissolve in this type of place, not even a bone remaining. Otherwise, it would have been nice to take his head.” The golden lion felt a bit of regret.

Its achievements were great, forging a powerful golden body, yet in the end, the other party died before it was able to behead him.

In its opinion, this really was a bit regretful. If Huang was still alive, if it was the one who defeated and beheaded him, then everything would be perfect.

“You could not grant me another glorious battle accomplishment, this really is a bit regretful.” The golden lion shook its head.

Shi Hao revealed a strange expression as he watched that blurry figure approach. He didn’t immediately take action, just standing there like that.


The golden lion was shocked. There was actually a living being on the withered bone piles, having flesh and blood. Its face immediately changed.

The main thing was that this lake was too extraordinary, even Heavenly Eyes losing effectiveness. This was a lake formed from the flesh and blood of ancient buddhas, able to block all forms of prying.

“It’s you? You are still alive!” Immediately afterwards, the golden lion was shocked. It was because not far out, it saw how calm Shi Hao was, leaving it in complete disbelief.

Not long ago, it personally saw Shi Hao break apart into pieces, fall to the lake bottom. It thought that Huang had long died, body and soul wiped out, unable to continue living.

However now, a perfectly intact Huang was standing right at the bottom of the lake, leaving it in disbelief.

“Didn’t you want to personally remove my head? I wanted to give you a chance, which is why I am waiting for you right here.” Shi Hao calmly said.

However, this made the golden lion feel a chill. One had to understand that Shi Hao’s body was broken apart, yet now, he was as good as before. Moreover, Huang remained at the bottom of the lake, enduring its pressure.

This alone already explained many things. Huang withstood the lake water produced from the flesh and blood of monks, making it through.

What did this signify? It might very well mean that this was a second Immortal Monk King, that an unmatched body was created!

When Immortal Monk King was young, he had previously scattered his buddhist nature, coming here to temper himself. He successfully made it through, in the end becoming exceptionally powerful!

In all of history, there was only one example of this!

“Now, another one has appeared…” The Fearless Lion backed up. It was alarmed. Even though it was confident, it also clearly understood how dangerous this enemy was.

It looked left and right, hoping to see the bottom of the lake, searching for something.

“Are you looking for that golden skeleton? It has already scattered. Did you want it to slap you, create an unmatched golden body?” Shi Hao laughed.

He didn’t have a single good impression of this race. Back then, it betrayed the Nine Heavens, guiding the foreign side’s great army over to kill the people of this side, their hands covered in blood, their sins couldn’t be forgiven!

Moreover, not long ago, this golden lion even more so targeted him, almost forcing him to death. This was why Shi Hao was fuming with anger, wishing to immediately kill it.

“You seized my natural luck?!” The golden lion was furious. When it heard the other party’s words, it knew that Huang received the Ancient Monk’s Eighteen Slaps baptism.

Within a set amount of time, there was no way this baptism could appear again. Huang seized it a step before it!

“Don’t worry, even if the golden skeleton has scattered, I still remember how the strikes are. Let me help you!” Shi Hao said with a smile. He rushed up, slaughtering towards the Fearless Lion.


This place immediately erupted, essence energy surging, divine force overflowing.

Yi, what happened? The disturbance at the bottom of the lake seems to have gotten a bit big, as if there is a great battle!” On the shore, a few people felt greatly shocked.

It was because this lake was extremely special, even if the disturbance was great, it would still remain calm, because that liquid was created from the essence blood and other parts of generations of ancient monks, able to suppress everything.

However now, the lake was in chaos. There was definitely something going on within the lake.

“Could it be that the little lion encountered trouble, unable to endure the Ancient Buddha’s Eighteen Slaps’ pressure?” Someone said in suspicion.


Waves surged, immortal mist spreading. A golden lion that was covered in blood rushed up, a great claw warped, its body having a terrifying bloody hole, blasted open by someone’s fist.

Yi, what happened to you?” On shore, a few great cultivators were shocked.

The golden lion was furious, struggling about, wishing to escape to the shore, However, a hand then grabbed its leg, dragging it back to the lake bottom.

Everyone was alarmed. Why did another creature appear in the lake? Whose hand was that? Some of their scalps began to turn numb.

“Don’t tell me it is Huang? Didn’t he die, his flesh and blood turned to essence energy?!” Someone shouted.


The golden lion rushed up again, this time even more miserable, body almost torn apart. It roared, producing great waves.

Then, everyone saw a youngster appear on the surface. A hand grabbed the golden lion again, wishing to pull it back to the lake bottom.

“What? It really is Huang!”

“Heavens, he is actually still alive! Don’t tell me he is going to become a second Immortal Monk King?!”

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