Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511 - Ancient Buddha’s Eighteen Slaps

After the golden lion said these things, it no longer said anything, completely focusing on forging the golden body. Even though it was in beast form, right now, it sat down on the lake, its appearance dignified.

It was like a great sun, releasing golden light. The back of its head actually released buddha energy, forming a mysterious halo. There was even more so an indistinct chanting voice that sounded!

“This little lion is not simple. I previously heard that only the senior monks who could attain enlightenment, having powerful potential, could condense the buddha aura brilliant image, having buddha sounds surround them. It actually accomplished this!” An elder said with a sigh.

The Fearless Lion was forging an unmatched magical body, after he reached the highest level, he could enter the lake bottom, receive the Ancient Buddha Eighteen Slaps, make his war body perfect!

At the bottom of the lake.

Waves surged, golden multicolored light endless. Auspicious light surged like a volcano, continuously erupting.

Everything was produced by that golden skeleton!

It sat down in the endless skeleton remains, releasing a sphere of blazing light. Buddhist chants rumbled, divine light incomparable, as if an immortal monk was reborn, illuminating the world.

It was divine, also auspicious and peaceful, but for Shi Hao, it was terrifying. Because of it, he coughed out blood, his body breaking apart.

It was because this golden skeleton, even though it sat there, it restricted Shi Hao. A hand struck out at him, the weight behind it unendurably heavy.

That golden hand was who knew how many times more powerful than magical artifacts. It struck his body, covering the imperishable body he had just forged with cracks.

Blood flowed out strand after strand. Shi Hao’s entire body was scarlet red, blood flowing out from the great cracks of his body.

This was only the third strike, yet he already felt like he was falling apart!

It wasn’t that he wasn’t strong enough, nor was it because the Imperishable Scripture only produced an outer form, but because this golden skeleton was too terrifying, its cultivation realm when it was still alive immeasurable.

Even though it died, the power left in those golden bones was still enough to easily kill Void Dao Realm cultivators!

It was easy to see that this golden skeleton didn’t deliver a killing strike. Otherwise, things would be even more terrible.

After three strikes, the arm bones stopped, not continuing the strikes.


Shi Hao was shocked, but he didn’t think too much, quickly treating his injuries. During this process, he examined himself, discovering some issues.

The areas the palm struck were all his weakest areas, as if it was ‘picking faults’!

He was inwardly shocked, realizing something. Did this golden skeleton have a deeper significance? Was it giving pointers in cultivation, able to help him go a step further?

A moment later, Shi Hao used his most powerful methods to recover, those areas deeply engraved in his memory. Moreover, he immediately began to cultivate.

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. When he operated the Imperishable Scripture with full force, dealing with those parts, there was hazy light that surged, immediately solidifying those areas.

He believed that this wasn’t because of the Imperishable Scripture’s effects, but instead had something to do with the golden skeleton’s strikes.

When everything calmed down, Shi Hao’s expression was strange. Was this skeleton helping him improve his constitution?


Right at this time, an expanse of golden light surged. A golden bone arm was raised, moving towards Shi Hao. It wasn’t extremely gentle, the force even greater now.

Another round of slapping began!

Sure enough, Shi Hao coughed out large mouthfuls of blood again, suffering serious injuries, his condition becoming even worse than before.

However, he wasn’t scared, on the contrary, quite looking forward to the result. He was hoping to find his weak points through these strikes.

After three strikes, Shi Hao’s entire body was in intense pain, bones breaking in many areas, cracks covering him densely. The scene was a bit terrifying.

After three strikes, that golden skeleton stopped moving again.

Shi Hao frowned. Could it be that his body had this many flaws? This shouldn’t be the case!

When he carefully examined himself this time, he knew that it was the result of the flaws being magnified endlessly. If he tried to find them himself, not even the Heavenly Eyes would be able to do it!

Only after the flaws were magnified so greatly, and then a heavy strike delivered, would his body be covered in blood.

“Exactly, in this world, what is there that is without fault, what is there that is perfect? If one searches carefully, there will always be flaws to be found. With the golden skeleton’s cultivation, finding weaknesses in a cultivator of my level is naturally not difficult.”

Shi Hao came to this decision. He no longer frowned, instead relaxing, fully concentrated on studying, moreover recovering his injured body, making up for his weaknesses.

During this process, the Imperishable Scripture shone, rumbling with noise. It was as if his body was struck by lightning.

Then, the golden skeleton moved again, releasing another there palms. It was just as Shi Hao suspected, this was completely picking faults. The three palms this time struggled to find weaknesses, so it directly attacked at the gates within Shi Hao’s body, making those places become chaotic.

Large amounts of clear light surged, a powerful aura rushing out from within the gates!

Shi Hao was shocked. This really was assisting one with their cultivation!

The golden skeleton didn’t have a consciousness, only a type of natural law instinct moving it. There was a type of mysterious order interweaving, making this type of behavior become a type of primitive reaction.

The golden skeleton was actually meddling with the gates in Shi Hao’s body, wishing to make them open up even larger, the power they released greater.

However, even someone as powerful as this skeleton, previously an immortal monk, could be called a buddha, wasn’t omnipotent, unable to truly get involved with everything.

In the end, the ‘gates’ stabilized, unaffected, still releasing hazy light. They were like ancient caves, secret force flowing about in an unhurried manner.

When another strike was released, that bone hand directly grabbed Shi Hao, forcefully crushing, as if it was kneading clay, almost making him scream out.

An expanse of golden light flickered about. Shi Hao was crushed until his body was in tatters!

However, soon afterwards, he recovered again. He was then turned about within the hand bones, continuously crushed.

From then on, the golden skeleton no longer released three strikes each time, but rather carried them out one at a time, moreover giving Shi Hao ample time to recover.

Even if there weren’t any of the so-called flaws left, this hand would still crush him until he was seriously injured, its instincts forced it to harshly find flaws.

“Not good!”

Shi Hao sensed that things weren’t good. The bone hand removed his primordial spirit, lightly tapping it. This was extremely terrible, the problem extremely severe.

However, he thought too much. At his current level, his primordial spirit strength had long become ridiculously powerful, far exceeding his peers, there was no danger to his life at all.

He was originally worried that he didn’t have a primordial spirit cultivation method on the level of the Imperishable Scripture, so there might be some huge issues. However, in the end, he found that there were no problems at all, the bone hand was only tempering his primordial spirit.

His primordial spirit seemed to have shrunk a bit, but it became even purer, becoming more durable. In summary, its strength didn’t decrease, but rather increased!

Immediately afterwards, when the bone hand left his primordial spirit, after he recovered, it struck his body until it cracked apart, forcing out a great dao flower, moreover making it blossom, reveal the little person within.

That was the one who seemed to live in the past, the one who seemed to be endlessly far away from his own true body!

On this little person’s body was a Reincarnation Imprint. Ever since it took Shi Hao’s place, blocking the Immortal Killing Guillotine, it was bound, unable to free itself all this time.

Now, this golden hand struck its body, triggering an astonishing change.

Shi Hao could vaguely hear a distant low roar, accompanied by scripture sounds. Moreover, there were large amounts of chaotic light and immortal energy that pervaded outwards.


Another strike was released. That golden bone struck the little figure. The Reincarnation Imprint was actually knocked aside, falling off, in the end engraving itself on Shi Hao’s hand once more.

He had five Reincarnation Imprints in total. In the beginning, they were all on his hand, and now, the one that left also returned from the little figure to his palm.

At the same time, Shi Hao felt his body tremble, as if some fetters had been undone. His entire being felt much more carefree and comfortable.

It was as if he had been imprisoned in a dark prison for a long time, now finally seeing sunlight again, even his body and mind feeling open and free.

This left him greatly shaken. He could clearly feel his entire body becoming more and more nimble, resonating with the dao even more than in the past, more suitable for cultivation!

“Right, now that a true shackle has been undone, only then can I really break into the Self Severing Realm without any worries!”

Shi Hao finally understood. In the past, when he wanted to break through, there was always a subconscious resistance, feeling like he still had to sharpen himself. It was because there really were some flaws within himself, and now, they were made up for.

Afterwards, this golden skeleton struck out from time to time, tempering Shi Hao’s body and spirit repeatedly!

It could be said that eventually, there were no flaws to be found, but the bone hand still didn’t let him go, still striking him each time until he continuously coughed out blood.

Shi Hao counted. This golden skeleton struck him eighteen times in total, and only then did it stop.

Wu, it is about time for me to go, I have already completely forged the golden body, it is time to accept the Ancient Monk’s Eighteen Slaps baptism, be tempered to a perfect and flawless state!” On the lake surface, the Fearless Lion opened its eyes.

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