Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510 - Imperishable Body

The flesh took form, being reconstructed. This was a difficult process. When faced with the water’s terrifying power, Shi Hao’s Imperishable Scripture displayed tremendous use.

Only, during this process, the primordial spirit that rushed over merged with his inner organs.

Inside his body, his five viscera shone, becoming indistinct, forming five palaces, protecting his primordial spirit.

It was because the external corrosion power was still present, damaging his flesh, disintegrating his primordial spirit.

Meanwhile, his flesh was protected by the Imperishable Scripture, strange symbols condensed into his flesh, making it not that easy to explode again. However, his primordial spirit wasn’t supported by the scripture, thus making it extremely weak.

In the end, his flesh’s inner organs actually turned into palaces, protecting his primordial spirit!

This was a type of miracle, it actually appeared just like this!

In this type of state, Shi Hao felt a rare peacefulness. He calmed down, not feeling any fear, not feeling any worry, instead watching everything emotionlessly, observing the changes that were happening to himself.

There had always been a type of saying in the world of cultivation,stating that living beings, apart from their original lives, had five more lives, corresponding to the world’s five elements. However, they were extremely difficult to truly activate.

Normally speaking, when a creature was killed, then they would die, nothing unexpected would happen.

Only in special cases would one, even after completely dying, still be alive in the end, this even the case when the soul was destroyed!

This was precisely the issue of the five lives everyone discussed.

For example, there were some who could live a second life, this was also because one of the five lives took over, from this able to recover one’s youthful vigor, establish a completely new life.

The five lives, together with the main life, in total, meant that one actually had six lives, allowing one to live for six generations.

That was why in the ancient times, there were also people who wanted to establish six dao reincarnation, research this type of secret!

This type of secret was undoubtedly extremely complicated, unimaginable. The path of six reincarnations, the one who walked at the very forefront was precisely the ancient monk bloodline’s Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King.

Right now, Shi Hao saw the things that were happening in his body, gaining some insights, understanding the five lives from a different perspective.

“The five viscera opens five gates, each one connected to a life.” He said quietly to himself.

He witnessed some profound mysteries, but this didn’t mean that he seized the five lives, but rather just that he witnessed some of the most simple and basic things.

Of course, these were different from the past cultivation paths, which was why the degree of comprehension was also different.

The reason why he could have today’s accomplishments was greatly related to using the body as a seed, continuously opening the gates within his body. This was why he could witness some bizarre things!

His primordial spirit was being nurtured in the five palaces within his five viscera, slowly recovering, protected within.

In summary, his primordial spirit was currently divided into five parts, separately hidden in five indistinct palaces like five gods, consecrated there, cultivated there.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Shi Hao’s flesh finished its reconstruction, his primordial spirit slowly being restored.

He released a light shout. The five primordial spirit parts rushed out from the palaces, gathering together again, forming a complete primordial spirit, and then entered his skull.

At this time, he sensed that the reconstructed body was especially powerful, actually temporarily stopping the corrosion of the lake water.


Shi Hao was shocked. His primordial spirit clearly returned to his skull, yet the five viscera’s palaces still remained, moreover releasing waves of indistinct scripture sounds.

What was this? He was extremely shocked.

His primordial spirit was already no longer there, who was it that was chanting the scriptures?

The scripture sound was extremely indistinct, and also extremely distant, as if it came from the limits of the horizon, also as if rippling over from the great wasteland, extremely mysterious.

Shi Hao carefully listened, but just couldn’t understand it, not knowing what kind of scripture it was.


Then, something even more strange happened. An indistinct figure appeared, carrying immortal energy, appearing in the five viscera.

The five palaces were precisely on the five viscera, mysterious and astonishing.

That indistinct figure didn’t enter the five palaces, but rather sat down in the space between them. It didn’t move at all, as if it was listening respectfully, as if gaining enlightenment there.

Shi Hao immediately recognized that the blurry figure was precisely one of the creatures produced by his three great dao flowers.

“It’s him, the one who seems to be living in the past!” Shi Hao was shocked.

That creature had previously took a hit from the Immortal Killing Guillotine for him, almost dying in the process, in the end wrapped around by a reincarnation imprint, binding its body, only then did it not scatter.

After who knew how much time had passed, that figure disappeared with a flash, vanishing.

Then, another figure walked over, sitting here, precisely the one bound by the strand of origin energy, the other creature produced by the great dao flowers that bloomed above his head.

This made Shi Hao suspicious, these two figures appeared one after another here, were they here to listen to scriptures, or to do something else?

He concentrated on studying this, feeling like everything he saw today was not only strange, they would also affect many, many things in the future. The five viscera palaces had great secrets, containing unimaginable power that was worth unearthing in the future!

Now, he didn’t have time to think too much anymore. He already sunk to the lake floor, sitting on a pile of bones, currently in a state of equilibrium.

“What a pity, even though my primordial spirit is powerful, there is no way to cultivate it. If there was something comparable to the Imperishable Scripture for the flesh, then it would become incomparable!” Shi Hao was regretful.

However, he also knew that this wasn’t realistic. How could all the greatest scriptures fall into his hands.

Without a doubt, his flesh gradually withstood this trial. Apart from needing to carefully protect his primordial spirit, he could already move without much restraining fear.

This time, his flesh exploded to pieces, and then the Imperishable Scripture displayed its power, reconstructing his flesh. This was the same as a rebirth!

“When can I establish a scripture of my own?” He said to himself. He knew that this was still far off, unless he truly mastered many methods of the world, anything he established himself wouldn’t be that miraculous either.

Shi Hao wasn’t in a rush to get up, instead comprehending everything about himself here. He consolidated his flesh, reforged the body. He didn’t seize the power here, instead purely relying on the power released by the gates within his body.

Even though he was currently in a state of equilibrium with the Reincarnation Pool, he still felt misgivings. He wasn’t like the golden lion who crazily absorbed the divine elixir within this lake.

In Shi Hao’s opinion, with so many bones in this lake, there were definitely many great worthy individuals who died here. This was a lake produced from their dissolved flesh, so he didn’t dare rashly try to absorb it into his body.

He didn’t want to refine this type of power, he just felt like it was inappropriate.

In his opinion, this was a burial pool. Refining this type of power was not only a type of disrespect for the ancient monks, it was also disrespect towards himself!

“Since I can open up my own gates of potential, release endless energy, reconstruct the imperishable body, then there is no need to absorb this type of corpse burying divine liquid!”

Shi Hao only treated this place as a place of self tempering, not treating it as a medicinal furnace!

In reality, this also perfectly matched the teachings of the ancient monks of the past.

It was because not long ago, the golden lion had said before that this place was called the Reincarnation Pool, also called Pool of Tempering.

It had never been called a medicinal pool before!

“Pool of Tempering, is there only this type of self-sharpening? Now that I stuck it through, does this mean that I passed?” Shi Hao released a breath of relief, because he felt as if his vitality was flourishing, his body more powerful than ever before!


Suddenly, he felt a wave of shock. A noise sounded from the bottom of the lake, as if there was some type of creature trying to make its way out. This made his scalp turn numb.

Then, all types of bones rose. There was a golden skeleton that appeared, only lacking a head, other than that complete, different from the other withered skeletons.

Golden light flashed. The golden skull that wanted to seize Shi Hao’s primordial spirit before it appeared, landing on the skeleton’s neck on its own, recombining.

Under Shi Hao’s shocked gaze, this golden skeleton actually moved, reaching out a bone arm, spreading its hand bones, striking towards Shi Hao.

En?” Shi Hao was shocked. He actually suffered an attack! The other side’s power was too great, moreover completely impossible to evade.

That palm surrounded his entire body, possessing unmatched great dao profound meaning. He actually couldn’t avoid it.


Shi Hao coughed out a large mouthful of blood, struck until his entire body cracked apart. That palm was completely merciless, making his body release explosion sounds, shaking endlessly.

On the lakeshore, the group of creatures long couldn’t sit still anymore, feeling like time had been dragged on for too long.

“Little lion, has your golden body still not finished its forging?” A great cultivator asked impatiently.

“Soon, my unmatched golden body will be forged soon!” The Fearless Lion said, filled with confidence, showing disdain towards the world under the sky.

Then, he spoke up and said, “Seniors, however, please do not worry, soon, I will head down and bring up the rotten wooden chest.”

“Are you sure you can do it?” Someone asked.

“I am! I feel like the golden body’s remodeling is extraordinary, soon, I will head down to the lake bottom to endure the ancient buddha’s eighteen slaps’ trial and baptism, further perfect my golden body! I’ll then bring that rotten wooden chest back to the surface along the way.” The golden lion replied.

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