Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 - Shattering the Old To Forge the New

When the creatures ashore heard these words, they felt shocked, eyebrows furrowing. This place actually had such a great history!

The burial ground of buddhas, the pool where the bones of immortal monks remained, this made everyone shiver, feel a chill run through their bodies.

This was especially the case when, in the eyes of the ancient monk bloodlines’ inheritors, this place was actually holy, exceptional, auspicious, making others feel their bodies become cold.

“This is divine precious liquid?” A youngster almost stammered. This pool was too terrifying.

Of course, there were also people who believed that this place definitely had great secrets, actually about to create reincarnation, become a place of rebirth. It was clear just how extraordinary this lake was.

Only, who dared to go in to investigate?

No one could head to the lake bottom, difficult for even the Fearless Lion, this was something they could tell from its words just now.

However, like this, how was one supposed to bring that chest up? This gave quite a few great cultivators headaches, deeply feeling that things were troublesome.

The Fearless Lion no longer said anything, already closing its eyes. It was doing everything it could to forge its unmatched golden body, about to become a legendary monk expert.

Its family had previously followed the ancient monk bloodline, so it understood a lot about this inheritance, deeply aware of how terrifying they were.

On the shore, a few great cultivators mentioned some of the ancient monk bloodline’s battle accomplishments.

“Those monks really are formidable. Rumor has it that back then, after my side’s experts pacified the Nine Heavens, they thought they already stabilized the situation. Who would have expected that after inadvertently running into a small temple, inside only a few old monks, in the end, our side’s great army received serious injuries.”

Wu, indeed, I also heard that there was previously a small novice buddhist monk who didn’t look to be that old, but he similarly wiped out a great army from my side.”

When this bloodline was mentioned, there were naturally many legends.

“Little lion, are you sure you can enter the lake bottom, bring up that chest?” A great cultivator asked.

“I will do my best, there should be no issues!” The golden lion replied.

It wasn’t a hundred percent confident either, because if the legends were true, then this place was extremely special, quite possibly the ultimate remains left behind by the ancient monk bloodline.

According to legends, there were definitely generations of worthy individuals buried here, to the extent where they were even more ancient than Immortal Monk King.

It was because when Immortal Monk King appeared, the ancient monk bloodline had long existed in this world.

On shore, everyone was worried, scared that they might not be able to obtain the rotten wooden chest.

They tried to open their Heavenly Eyes, but couldn’t see through the lake water at all. This was the burial ground of successive generations of monks, where their bones were buried, it wasn’t a place they could see through.

As for divine will and other forms of perception, they even more so couldn’t peer through, completely devoured once they approached the lake.

Below the waves, Shi Hao’s body broke into pieces, truly falling apart, even his primordial spirit about to separate, turn into a sphere of light, about to leave his skull.

This was an extremely terrifying serious injury, there was a chance that he might die here.

Even though he resisted with everything he had, this lake water’s power was too great, about to completely break him down, turn him into essence energy, into a part of the lake water.

At this moment, Shi Hao developed a type of horrifying feeling. Could it be that this lake water was created precisely from the decomposition of countless experts?

If this was the case, then it really was a bit terrifying!

He released a low roar. His frontal bone completely split open, lake water pouring in, continuously inflicting serious injuries upon his primordial spirit. Many cracks appeared, multicolored light moreover rising.

If this continued, he would follow in those young cultivators’ footsteps. His primordial spirit would evaporate, become a rain of light.

There was a strange lump of life force within his body that resisted this wave of power, but it wasn’t powerful enough, unable to free him from this type of great crisis.

“Gather for me!” Shi Hao roared angrily.

His broken body was forcefully gathered together, reassembled with the Willow Deity’s method. He struggled about underwater, wishing to restore himself.

“Break through, this is the moment!” Shi Hao said quietly.

After briefly piecing his body together, he began to attack at the breakthrough point. This place was extremely peaceful, so he wanted to rise into the Self Severing Realm. He had already accumulated enough, and now, he wanted to break through in disaster.


A wave of terrifying divine light erupted within his body. Even though his body was split up and in pieces, in tatters, mysterious power still appeared in his body.

These were the gates within him being opened, one after another, releasing powerful vitality, healing his flesh, restoring his primordial spirit, making him flourish with strength again.

However, it was precisely because of the appearance of these gates that led to the even more terrifying crashing of the lake water.

At the lake bottom, there was a golden power surging over, directly crushing Shi Hao, even more serious than tearing him to pieces!

This was a serious injury. One had to understand that Shi Hao had great dao injuries left behind from Divine Medicine Mountain Range, and now, in this place, he was suppressed repeatedly, so of course things worsened greatly.

“What kind of power is this?” Shi Hao was shocked. When he was breaking through, he actually encountered this type of attack.

He broke through, attacking at the breakpoint, but was forcefully interrupted.

Right now, his physical body broke apart, primordial spirit separating from his skull, also flickering continuously, corroded by that wave of golden power, about to be disintegrated.

At this time, he turned into a lump of bloody paste and crushed bone, dragged to the bottom of the lake.

The lake water here became even more dense, containing unimaginable power.

However, Shi Hao instead calmed down. His primordial spirit still didn’t break apart, clearly capturing the scene below. He immediately felt horrified.

Bones, piles after piles, all of them connected. This was the scene at the bottom of the lake!

The lake water above looked holy, releasing brilliance, sparkling and translucent, yet the scene below was this terrifying, broken bones everywhere.

Just what kind of scene was this?

This was the ancient monk pure land that the golden lion spoke of, the final land of eternal rest? Bones were piled up everywhere, it really was a bit strange and terrifying.

Shi Hao was greatly shaken up, at the same time, he was at the most dangerous moment of his life. The golden multicolored light was released precisely by these bones, wishing to completely refine him.


This was especially the case when on the bone piles, there were a few bones that were golden to begin with. They were incredibly divine, releasing gentle light, surrounding him, wishing to completely refine him away.

Right now, his condition was extremely terrible. He already lacked a complete human form, becoming a mass of flesh and broken bones. If he continued to be restricted like this, it would be extremely dangerous.

This sphere of light burned like a golden furnace, burning and roasting him. One could clearly see that Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was also breaking apart, just like his body, unable to remain whole.

“Am I really going to just die here?” Shi Hao really was unwilling!

He wasn’t willing to give up, still resisting, struggling. The breakthrough process just now was interrupted, now, he already didn’t have any greater strength.


Shi Hao’s lump of flesh exploded, crushed once, becoming a bloody mist, even his bones becoming sand-like particles. He was now completely crushed apart.

At this moment, his primordial spirit turned into many fragments, shining here, about to scatter in all directions.

However, Shi Hao was still struggling without end. He used all of the methods he knew to prevent himself from dying, wishing to hold on.

At this moment, all types of precious techniques appeared, all types of symbols blossomed together. He used all methods he could think of.

A type of strange scripture sound rang out. This time, it was even greater than before, and it allowed him to become fully aware that this was the Imperishable Scripture. It turned into symbols one after another, merging with his fragmented flesh, continuously tangling about them.

It was as if clay was being made, crushed and forged repeatedly.

The Imperishable Scripture was a powerful technique for cultivating the flesh to begin with. In this domain, it could display unimaginable miraculous effects.

After tempering hundreds to thousands of times over, that lump of flesh actually began to squirm, starting to grow again. In the end, it took on the appearance of a body again.

His bones were also growing, connecting again. A body began to condense once more.

Shi Hao wanted to scream, wanted to roar out. Even though his flesh had been recreated, slowly recovering, his primordial spirit wasn’t that lucky, still in pieces, possibly breaking to pieces.

Imperishable Scripture was known as an unmatched great method, in the past known as one of the top three most powerful ancient scriptures. The only unfortunate thing was that the primordial spirit couldn’t be fixed, or else it would be number one under heaven.

Without a doubt, in terms of cultivating the flesh, this was the number one scripture. It allowed Shi Hao’s flesh to be reforged, reappearing. However, the primordial spirit would continue to remain fragmented, still on the path of disappearing.


Shi Hao released a great roar, his primordial spirit light doing everything it could to rush into his body. Those fragments headed towards his skull, but in the end, a golden skull pulled at them, preventing him from doing as he pleased.

At the bottom of the lake were many divine bone pieces, one of the golden bones even more mysterious, actually about to suck Shi Hao’s primordial spirit away.


In the end, these primordial spirit fragments shone, left without a choice, they rushed into Shi Hao’s chest, merging into his inner organs, not willing to come back out.

“Reconstruct the flesh, reconstruct the primordial spirit!” Shi Hao said with a low roar.

He was hoping to break through, transform here. The Imperishable Scripture operated, healing his injured body, condensing a powerful, imperishable body.

During this process, his body also underwent a strange process. Within his inner organs, it was as if a mysterious palace formed, consecrating the primordial spirit fragments.

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