Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508 - Ancient Pool’s Origins

This was what the others were worried about as well. They all felt like getting rid of Shi Hao a bit earlier was better, either kill or capture him.

“Throw him up here!” Someone shouted, a young individual. He licked his lips, revealing a mouthful of snow-white teeth, his killing intent extremely strong.

“Correct, how can we just let him die like this? Our side’s elites can’t have died for nothing, he has to be brought before their graves and sacrificed, kneel before my side and apologize for his sins!” Someone suggested.

The group of youngsters were all noisy, excited and stirred up. At the same time, their expressions carried coldness and killing intent.

“Just throw him up here!” An elder nodded as well, feeling like capturing Shi Hao was better than killing him. They could obtain more secrets from his body.

In the lake, the Fearless Lion’s large claw already slapped down, golden light shining brilliantly, extremely dazzling, shaking up the entire lake.

It was currently transforming, so its actions were severely restricted, but it was still much stronger than others, able to take action as usual.

Meanwhile, underneath the water, Shi Hao’s entire body felt like it was splitting apart. This lake was like a terrifying millstone that could wipe out all gods and devils, crush him below into a bloody paste.

Blood flowed from his seven apertures, but his body still shone. It was as if a comet smashed into the great earth, about to deliver the lion a fatal strike.


Unfortunately, his injuries from this place were too severe, his loss of life force severe. Together with the lake water’s suppression, he couldn’t display his greatest power.

The result was easy to see. When that large claw descended, he received serious injuries.

The Fearless Lion was extremely large, its great claws like golden hooks. One of them brushed Shi Hao’s body, cutting open a gash of flesh and blood, the injury so deep bone could be seen, almost making Shi Hao’s inner organs fly out.

“Interesting, you can actually still move in the lake, your strength not completely sucked away by the lake water.” The Fearless Lion said.

The creatures on the shore were all moved, because they had previously given it a try, but no matter what kind of power they used, it would always be completely dissolved.

According to what the golden lion said, the pain one endured here far exceeded the limits of their own cultivation realm.


Right at this time, a string of blood spurted from Shi Hao’s shoulder. His shoulder ruptured, entire right arm about to leave his body.

Then, he released a muffled grown, his right leg trembling, becoming badly mangled. His leg bone broke into several pieces, almost crushed apart.

The situation was becoming worse and worse. There was no need for the Fearless Lion to take action at all, Shi Hao was breaking apart on his own. His current situation was extremely dire.


Then, a bloody hole appeared in Shi Hao’s chest. His breastbone broke, the lake water wishing to rush inside. One could see his inner organs splitting apart.

Heh heh… it has finally reached this step. It seems like I’ll be able to remove your head if I just give it a light twist. So you were nothing more than this.” The golden lion said with a smile.

On the shore, many youngsters were jealous. Huang was going to die under the Fearless Lion’s hands in the end, just how enviable of a battle accomplishment was this? The glorious Huang was going to die.

Even those of the older generation revealed strange expressions, because this time, the golden lion’s contributions were too great. In the end, the rotten wooden chest could be considered to be seized back by it.

Once Huang died, all the Fearless Lion had to do was fish up the rotten wooden chest and he would have successfully accomplished the mission.


Even though Shi Hao was in an impasse, on the verge of destruction, he suddenly developed a strange feeling. It was because even though he suffered injuries, it wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t resist it. There was an extremely small sphere of light that released strange life force.

Moreover, it was precisely because of this type of resistance that he could transfer some of his body’s magical force, his movements also becoming a bit more swift.

He used the Willow Deity Technique, treating his injuries, hoping for his arms, legs, chest, and other parts to recover.

Unfortunately, this wave of life force was extremely weak, healing extremely difficult, unable to immediately be treated. Moreover, in the end, the injuries he was taking on from the lake were greater, so his overall condition was still worsening.

Yi?” The golden lion seemed to have noticed something. His heart jumped, quickly taking action. It became a bit worried as well.

In its opinion, Huang couldn’t be judged with normal reasoning. If he really managed to stick it through, becoming the second Immortal Monk King, then this would undoubtedly become a disaster for him.

Even if he successfully forged the golden body, before a second Immortal Monk King, he would still seem lackluster.


The Fearless Lion’s large claw slammed over, moreover starting to grab towards that rotten wooden chest.

Shi Hao didn’t face it head-on. He felt that type of transformation. His perseverance, powerful constitution, and other factors came into effect, perhaps it will gradually develop in a good direction. Maybe he really can produce an even stronger fighting body through this.

That was why right now, the most important thing to do was to protect himself, to live. He couldn’t fall here.

He shifted outwards. Sure enough, this swamp-like lake wasn’t able to completely restrict him, his movements extremely quick.

However, the golden lion had the advantage here. This lake’s restrictions on it were limited. One of the golden hook-like claws slashed over, almost piercing through the space between Shi Hao’s brows. Strange symbols flickered about, terrifying beyond compare.

“Kill him!” A few elders’ expressions also changed, having the golden lion take action decisively, deciding to not take captives.

“Good, killing him like this can also be considered rather tasteful.” The golden lion said coldly.

It moved slightly, pressing forward, because its golden body was about to complete its forging, so it didn’t have to worry much anymore. The new skin was as bright as silk fabric, extremely dazzling.

Divine force immediately surged here, essence energy surging on, divine chains of order covering everything densely.

Shi Hao sighed. He really entered a place of death today. There was a group of people ashore who glared at him like tigers watching their prey, many of them great cultivators. There was no way he could go up.

However, the water was so strange, his body about to be crushed. There was even a ferocious Fearless Lion attacking him.

In the end, Shi Hao clenched his teeth, and then while carrying the rotten wooden chest, he took a deep breath, swimming towards the bottom of the lake. Regardless of whether he would end up dead or alive, he didn’t want to fall into those people’s hands.

“Where do you think you are going?!” The golden lion’s expression changed, following him down the lake.

However, Shi Hao was decisive, also moving quickly, not caring about the dangers of his own body breaking apart. Even if he died, he wanted it to be of his own choices, he couldn’t let others kill him.

During this process, his arms, inner organs, and other things were all crushed, and then they shattered. In the end, his entire body warped, deforming, even his skull splitting apart.

One had to understand how powerful his flesh was. However, right now, it was still cracking apart like porcelain.

This lake was too terrifying!

The golden lion chased a set distance, and then its expression completely changed. It couldn’t continue down any further, because it was forging a golden body. If it continued down, it would damage its own dao fruit.

Before the transformation was complete, this so-called golden body would be destroyed!

Its eyes flickered with cold light, only when it saw that figure gradually sink further and further, moreover Shi Hao’s body breaking to pieces, only then did it release a breath of relief and relax.

No one understood better than it what kind of place the lake bottom was. It was even more terrifying than the upper parts!

The lake water surged. The golden lion appeared on the surface again, its expression incredibly overcast.

On the shore, many foreign cultivators were shocked. That rotten wooden chest wasn’t brought up?

“Where is Huang? Is he dead? Where is the chest?!” An elder hurriedly asked.

The wooden chest was a major issue, it definitely couldn’t be lost!

“Don’t worry, he is dead, he won’t be able to live. When I finish forging my body, I will try to head to the lake bottom and bring up the chest.” The Fearless Lion replied.

This reply left everyone shocked. It said it was going to try to head to the lake bottom, this alone enough to prove how difficult it was. Was the lake bottom extremely terrifying?

“The lake bottom is extremely shocking, far more extraordinary than what everyone imagines!” The golden lion said, as if it saw through their curiosity.

“Just how did it form? What is there at the bottom of the lake?” A great cultivator asked.

“It was constructed by the buddhas, within it stored unique heaven and earth order, as if it is displaying reincarnation. You all think this water is extremely terrifying, but in reality, it is an unmatched medicine, it is divine liquid.” The golden lion’s great claws moved through the water as it spoke.

“Divine liquid?” The creatures ashore didn’t understand. This water corroded their bodies, they couldn’t get close, there wasn’t much holiness to talk about.

“There is a type of saying that after generation after generation of great monks died in meditation, their possessions were all dissolved in this lake, ancient buddhas dying generation after generation, bones buried in the Reincarnation Pool, becoming divine liquid.” The golden lion said.

This gave everyone a horrifying feeling. The liquid in the pool was formed from the past venerable individuals of the ancient monk bloodline after they died?

To soak in this type of lake, just the thought alone made the skin of everyone on shore produce a layer of goosebumps!

“Everyone is overthinking. As immortal monks, how can their bodies have any impurities? Their bodies are full of divine auras, flesh and blood long purified. Even though they are monks who haven’t achieved long life, after entering this pool, they long purified their bodies. Instead of saying their bones are buried here, it is better to say that their divine force ultimately gathered here.” The Fearless Lion said.

“If Huang goes down there, what if he survives, ends up obtaining benefits?” Someone hurriedly asked.

“How can that be? The lake bottom is even more dangerous, as long as one enters, the flesh will definitely explode, primordial spirit become a rain of light, completely scatter!” The Fearless Lion said.


“The lake bottom is different. It is rumored that there were some ancient monks who were too powerful, in the end, they didn’t completely dissolve, their body’s remains still existing, gathered at the lake bottom. If Huang goes down, how can he endure that type of pressure? His body and spirit will definitely be erased!” The golden lion said.

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