Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 - Impossible

Everyone was staring at Shi Hao, even the Fearless Lion like this. It felt like something wasn’t right. Even after so much time had passed, Huang still didn’t dissolve!

“Don’t tell me that this human can make it through!” An elder said with a sunken voice.

At the foot of the mountain, a few more creatures came up. There were sixty to seventy people by the lake, all of them revealing strange expressions. Regardless of how much enmity they had for the youngster in the lake, they had to admit that this was an exceptionally terrifying opponent, his talents freakishly great.

“Impossible! There is only one Immortal Monk King, the only one, no one can take his path!” The golden lion said with a shocked expression.

Everyone stared at the lake. Blood was trickling out from that young man’s lips, his entire body cracking apart, but he just didn’t die, still holding on.

“Even his body is cracking apart, he can’t hold on much longer!” Someone said, revealing a smile. It was because they saw that Huang’s injuries were worsening. If this continued, he was definitely heading down a road of death.

Shi Hao’s body’s injuries...

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