Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 - Impossible

Everyone was staring at Shi Hao, even the Fearless Lion like this. It felt like something wasn’t right. Even after so much time had passed, Huang still didn’t dissolve!

“Don’t tell me that this human can make it through!” An elder said with a sunken voice.

At the foot of the mountain, a few more creatures came up. There were sixty to seventy people by the lake, all of them revealing strange expressions. Regardless of how much enmity they had for the youngster in the lake, they had to admit that this was an exceptionally terrifying opponent, his talents freakishly great.

“Impossible! There is only one Immortal Monk King, the only one, no one can take his path!” The golden lion said with a shocked expression.

Everyone stared at the lake. Blood was trickling out from that young man’s lips, his entire body cracking apart, but he just didn’t die, still holding on.

“Even his body is cracking apart, he can’t hold on much longer!” Someone said, revealing a smile. It was because they saw that Huang’s injuries were worsening. If this continued, he was definitely heading down a road of death.

Shi Hao’s body’s injuries were becoming greater and greater, the cracks becoming thicker, bones even becoming visible!

When the golden lion saw this scene, it released a breath of relief, completely relaxing.

“Bring that chest up!” Someone suggested.

Victory was now within grasp, they were about to complete their mission. Huang was trapped here, doomed to inevitable death. The rotten wooden chest was almost in their hands as well.

However, what everyone felt rather awkward over was that this Reincarnation Pool was too special, the water corroding everything. Just now, even a great cultivator already suffered because he was too rash. How were they going to bring the rotten wooden chest up?

It seemed like only the golden lion could do this.

“Seniors, please wait a bit. I am remodeling the golden body through the Reincarnation Pool, already reaching a critical point, needing a bit more time.” The golden lion said with a smile.

These words made everyone here tremble. The golden body of the ancient monk bloodline, just how terrifying of an accomplishment was this? It had the title of Vajra Unbreaking Body!

Once it was refined, it would be extremely difficult for external power to injure its body. They would be extremely powerful. At the very least, in the same level, it would be hard for other creatures to harm its body.

Now, this lion was about to accomplish this, achieve a perfect golden body!

They believed that the golden lion was definitely moulding a perfect golden body without any flaws. This was an astonishing feat!

Among the ancient monks, many people cultivated the golden body, but how many of them reached the flawless level? It was always a bit flawed. The Fearless Lion was this calm, carrying a confident smile, he was clearly heading towards an unmatched realm.

This pool was made for it after all, about to create an undefeatable expert!

Unbreakable Golden Body, this signified that one would be innately undefeatable among others at the same level!

The Immortal Monk King back then was precisely like this. He stood there, Zhang Six Golden Body not moving, letting others attack him, yet no one could move him. He really was ridiculously powerful.

Cough! Shi Hao was coughing blood. This time, it was even more serious, blood flowing out from his mouth and nose. Moreover, in the end, blood even poured out from his eyes and ears.

This was extremely terrible, his body enduring tremendous damage. This pool’s water was extremely terrifying, crushing him.

The change of the liquid in the pool from extreme cold to extreme heat was a small issue, not much. Right now, the biggest thing was that the sparkling liquid had a demonic type of power, crushing down on his body like a millstone.


One could clearly hear the bones in his body cracking, his flesh even more so deforming, cracks everywhere. He was about to break apart soon.

Blood flowed out from his injuries, dyeing the lake water red.

“I refuse to believe that there is no way to fish up that chest.” A few youngsters ashore were unconvinced, to the extent where a few older generation figures also felt like that wasn’t impossible.

There were some who took action, a few youngsters competing with each other, displaying ancestral techniques, deriving natural laws, forming large hands or great nets, fishing towards the lake.

In the end, when they just approached the lake surface, they completely collapsed.

It was because the lake water boiled, endless multicolored light rushing out, breaking the energy apart, and then completely absorbing it into the lake, in the end completely vanishing.

These youngsters’ faces turned green and white, finding this really hard to accept. The golden lion in the lake was forging a golden body while they couldn’t even enter the lake, the difference extremely clear.

“Interesting, is it really that magical? Let me give it a try.” Another great cultivator took action. His strength was exceptional, at the peak of the Self Release Realm.

He was one of the best of this group of creatures. He activated divine abilities, operating all of his cultivation. His five fingers unfolded, producing great ripples, grabbing towards this lake.


However, waves reached into the skies, completely blasting the ripples apart, plundering the divine force he released.

The elder was stupefied, expression dumbstruck. The situation was clear, what the golden lion said was real. The lake was extremely strange, there was no way to make contact with it.

These creatures believed that once they fell inside, there would definitely be danger to their lives.

Even the most powerful elders felt incomparable restraining fear, not daring to take the risk.

Yi, he still didn’t die?” A few people revealed strange expressions.

They saw Shi Hao vomiting large mouthfuls of blood just now,  mouth, ears, and eyes all covered in bloodstains, yet now, he was actually still alive and not dead.

“His vitality really is tenacious, I thought that he was going to become a lump of bloody mist soon, yet in the end, he is still bitterly holding on.”

A few people commented, all of them feeling that it was strange.

“I feel like we have to send Huang on his way. Letting things run their course like this really is letting him off too easy!” A young foreign expert said.

“Indeed, letting him die alone here is too benevolent. Just how many of my side’s elites did he kill during this period of time? He needs to be suppressed and killed!” There were people who nodded, eyes cold.


Someone sent a fist smashing over, striking at the space between Shi Hao’s brows, ferocious and domineering.

Unfortunately, divine light surged, neutralizing that fist. All of the divine force was absorbed by the lake, completely unable to approach.

That person’s face fell. This was just a fist formed from divine force, if it was a real fist, it would have most likely melted.


Someone produced a weapon, a precious engraving. It was a square block, grinded from some type of divine bone. It carried faint essence energy, divine light swirling around it. It smashed outwards.

The block was like a small mountain, surrounding the lake.

As a result, great waves overflowed, surging towards the sky, engulfing this precious imprint, collecting it into the lake. Then, no traces of it could be seen anymore.

“It was dissolved!” That youngster’s face fell.

This was extremely embarrassing. They couldn’t kill Huang even if they want to, all power would be dissolved when it approached the lake, be broken down into essence energy.

“I am almost done, wait for me to kill him!” The golden lion said.

The benefits it obtained were tremendous, making one feel jealousy and envy. Golden light overflowed like a great flame furnace, refining it thousands of times over. Essence energy poured into its body.

It was exchanging its blood, also shedding its fur. Its flesh was becoming more powerful, walking down the path of a perfect golden body.

On the contrary, Shi Hao’s hands and feet were almost broken, about to melt in this pool of water, become a part of this lake.

The Fearless Lion looked towards Shi Hao, its golden pupils surging with divine radiance, saying, “Don’t vainly try to compete with me over natural luck. Why don’t you look around you, see what kind of place this is? The Reincarnation Pool can dissolve all things, end all living things. Unless you are of the ancient monk bloodline, once you enter, there is only death!”

Shi Hao didn’t pay it any attention. Even though his flesh and spirit were about to be torn apart, he still didn’t give up. He was persevering on, struggling.

He didn’t believe the golden lion’s words, because he had previously seen the Heavenly Mouse enter here. It shouldn’t have melted.

At this moment, Shi Hao’s hands were still gripping the rotten wooden chest, never letting go. He opened his eyes, two bloody lines flowing out. He suffered extremely serious injuries.

Even his pupils were contaminated with blood, let alone the other parts of his body. He looked towards the golden lion, seeing that the other party was forging a golden body as expected, at the crucial moment.

“You talk too much!”

Shi Hao spoke up, his voice resolute. He moved with everything he had, doing his best to break free of this lake’s restrictions, wishing to take action against the Fearless Lion.


Great waves surged into the heavens. This lake surged violently, essence energy roiling, rushing into the heavens like smoke signals. There were tens of thousands of streaks, this place extremely terrifying.

Shi Hao actually moved, raising his hand with great difficulty, slapping in the golden lion’s direction.

“After being restricted for such a long time, your vitality should have been completely dissolved, yet you can actually still move, this really is something quite formidable!” The Fearless Lion said, extremely shocked.


It released a great roar, taking the initiative to attack Shi Hao. Even though it was forging a golden body, unable to make movements that were too great, it still couldn’t hold itself back.


Suddenly, the part of the body Shi Hao exposed on the surface also sunk. His entire body entered the water, avoiding the lion’s sound wave attack.

The attacks of others could be disregarded, as the lake would neutralize it, but this lion was special. It had an innate advantage here, not suffering the resistance of the lake. Shi Hao had to remain on guard.

“Why hasn’t Huang died yet? He can actually take the initiative to attack. Look, he actually moved in the lake!”

Everyone saw Huang move like a fish, rushing at the golden lion from underwater. However, behind him, there were large amounts of blood, the bloodstains clear.

Heh heh, this scene really is amusing. Struggle as you will, no matter how you try, what you do, in the end, you will still be killed.” The golden lion laughed, not worried. It narrowed its golden pupils, saying, “Killing you like this, I wonder if it is similar to killing a drowning dog?”

This was a type of humiliation. It spoke these words extremely calmly while slowly raising a large golden claw, directly pressing towards the lake!

“Don’t be careless, hurry and get rid of him! If he really becomes the second Immortal Monk King, then things will become extremely troublesome!” An elder on the shore said seriously.

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