Chapter 1506

Chapter 1506 - Ancient Monk Remains

This lion’s smile was just too dishonest. The giant lion head looked extremely bold and powerful, and also extremely malevolent, the golden mane several feet long, the snow-white fierce teeth in its wide mouth sharp like daggers.

When Shi Hao landed inside the water, his entire body went rigid, as if he was frozen. Of course, the temperature here was far lower than that of an icehouse. His flesh was being squeezed, simply feeling as if he was going to crack apart.

He inwardly cried out ‘not good’, quickly resisting.

However, immediately afterwards, the extreme cold disappeared, the pool water suddenly boiling, becoming who knew how many times hotter than magma, divine force overflowing in the pool.

As a result, Shi Hao was inwardly shaken, at the same time, he was frightened. His flesh actually felt as if it was being cooked through, at the same time about to be torn apart. This pool was extremely strange.

He didn’t sense any natural luck, instead feeling as if he was going to be ripped apart.

From extreme cold to extreme heat, this transformation happened just too quickly.

“All of you, do not come!” The golden lion shouted.

It was because at this time, six or seven figures rushed up the mountain, now overlooking...

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