Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505 - Reincarnation Pool

On the massive stone mountain, there was a mysterious lake, its name Reincarnation Pool!

This made Shi Hao suspicious, wondering what was special about this place. Meanwhile, the Fearless Lion was extremely direct, confident that there was great natural luck here.

“Is what that little lion said true?” At the foot of the mountain, an elder’s eyes revealed strange radiance, a bit hopeful. He looked at the people around him.

Anyone could see that this place was extraordinary. There was actually a type of True Dragon locked up here, its strength powerful beyond imagination. Even though there was danger, it also signified that there might be great opportunities!

That was why some people became moved.

Even if they came for Huang this time, the main reason was because they wanted to bring away the rotten wooden chest. If heavenly opportunities appeared along the way, why wouldn’t they go after them?

“We should just take action a bit faster, capture Huang and the rotten wooden chest!” Another person spoke, not wishing for more and more...

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