Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 - Past Overlord

The Fearless Lion recognized the ancient beast?

The group of cultivators all looked towards it, revealing startled expressions.

“Number Two Under Heaven, this is the evaluation given to it. It previously fought with the most powerful True Dragon, in the end suffering a defeat!” The Fearless Lion said.

It told everyone that this was a creature from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. It was exceptionally powerful, only appearing a few times in the world. It previously challenged the True Dragon for the title of the strongest, aiming to seize the ‘true name’.

“What does that mean, seizing the so-called true name?” Someone asked this in confusion.

“Just what kind of creature is it exactly?” It was because many of the foreign experts didn’t even know what kind of creature it was. It actually dared to compete with the True Dragon for the title of strongest.

“It is also a True Dragon, but its evolutionary form is different. There was a dispute with another bloodline’s True Dragon, which resulted in a decisive battle. Unfortunately, it lost.” The Fearless Lion said.

This was a True Dragon? Everyone was stunned. They looked...

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