Chapter 1503

Chapter 1503 - Unmatched Ancient Beast

Everyone stopped. All of them were shocked, feeling that this was inconceivable, staring at this restricted land!

Even though they had heard rumors about this place, how many of them really saw it before?

It was rumored that there was an ancient beast sleeping in Heavenly Beast Forest, its strength matchless, an ultimate existence all heavenly beasts would worship.

However, regardless of whether it was Imperial Pass or the other side’s creatures, few knew its true origins.

Where everyone was standing, the grass was fresh and clean like jade, sparkling green and shining, rich with life essence energy, while up ahead, it was extremely barren, entirely different.

“Number Two Under Heaven?!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out.

This mountain region’s environment was extremely strange, but it wasn’t the reason why everyone shivered with fear. The main reason was still because of that creature.

Everyone was like Shi Hao, a bit petrified. They stood over there, looking towards that stone mountain where not a blade of grass grew, watching the surging immortal energy,...

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