Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502 - Number Two Under Heaven

Heavenly Beast Forest became chaotic, more and more people entering. A group of powerful cultivators were all chasing after Huang!

It was because whenever they discovered Shi Hao, there would always be people who would activate special magical artifacts. It would release dazzling light into the sky, expose his location

Fortunately, Heavenly Beast Forest really was too large, no boundary in sight. A single valley might stretch for hundreds of thousands of li, a mountain ridge extending for millions of li. Only a region as large as this was enough for Shi Hao to move through, give him space to escape.

Apart from this, the most crucial part was that the most dangerous creatures in this forest weren’t the foreign cultivators, but rather the heavenly beasts.

Once, Shi Hao was already almost caught, but in the end, he gritted his teeth, rushing into a cave, immediately drawing out an ancient beast that unleashed chaos in the entire mountain ridge.

There was another time where he was almost beheaded. In the end, he fell into a marsh, startling a rarely seen Light Dragon, six Self Release Realm cultivators swallowed up in one gulp as a result.

Comparatively speaking,...

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