Chapter 1501

Chapter 1501 - Chase to Kill

There was no way Shi Hao would stop in this type of situation. If it was just He Ziming here alone, then he would have definitely turned around to fight.

However, right now, there were several Self Release Realm great cultivators chasing after him, so if he turned around to fight, he would die for sure.

He had long suspected that this would be the case, but when his backup really turned out to be traitors, Shi Hao was still furious, really wanting to completely pull their clan out by the roots.

At the same time, he felt a wave of helplessness inside, a feeling of powerlessness. Imperial Pass’ powerful clans actually turned to the other side like this, betraying the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

This clan still didn’t expose themselves yet, but once the decisive battle happened, this clan would definitely become a great disaster.

“Huang, where are you running? Are you scared of a fight? If you dare stop, I can give you ten moves!” He Ziming shouted.

He surged with golden light, shining even more brilliantly than before. Now that they met again, his strength could be said to have advanced by leaps and bounds, couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. Divine...

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