Chapter 1500

Chapter 1500 - Counterattack

This golden war chariot was extremely fast, moving through the forest. It was extremely blurry, as if a faint void figure merged into the mountain region, extremely difficult to detect.

It was just like how those from the war chariot said, this was a formidable precious artifact. Not only was it extremely fast, it could also enter stealth.

“Little friend, would you let this old one take a look at that chest?” That elder asked. He had long spoke his name, saying that he was Yi Chuan, a Self Release Realm cultivator from Imperial Pass.

Shi Hao nodded, handing the wooden chest over. At this moment, everyone on the war chariot were shaken, looking over together.

Yi Chuan ran his hand along the wooden chest, carefully sensing it, but no matter how he used his divine force or spiritual awareness, there was no result. This wooden chest didn’t show any reaction.

The elder frowned, continuously trying again and again, but there were just no effects.

“Is this really that treasure from that dangerous place?” A youngster said in doubt.

Yi Chuan’s finger shone, starting to use force, trying to break open this chest. The others all watched nervously, but no matter how they tried, they still couldn’t do anything.

He was a Self Release Realm great cultivator, yet he was already sweating, as if a flame was burning within his body. He was already doing everything he could, yet he just couldn’t break open this wooden chest.

Shi Hao’s expression remained calm, long foreseeing this result.

“Shameful, this old one got too excited. After seeing that this wooden chest belongs to my Imperial Pass, I was too impatient, immediately wanting to know what is inside, which is why I took action recklessly. This is still little friend’s after all.” The elder Yi Chuan said, apologizing. He held the wooden chest, returning it to Shi Hao.

“This wooden chest is already about to rot, so why is it still so sturdy? Even someone as strong as a Self Release Realm cultivator can’t open it?” A young individual from the side asked.

“Correct, it is extremely sturdy, difficult to open.” Shi Hao nodded.

“This type of supreme treasure has been buried underground for at least a great era or two, not completely rotting even now, this alone is enough to prove its value!” Yi Chuan said with a sigh.

“Dao brother should have seen the dark red great grave open yourself. What kind of special scenes were there when the wooden chest first emerged?” A thirty something year old male asked.

The elder Yi Chuan nodded, looking towards Shi Hao and saying, “This wooden chest cannot be opened except through special methods. There should have been some type of revelations when it appeared, right?”

“There weren’t, or maybe I didn’t notice anything. Even now, I have no way of opening this chest.” Shi Hao shook his head.

“Is there really nothing else?” Someone asked a step further.

“Nothing.” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

“Dao brother really isn’t candid, not honest. When this type of heaven-defying supreme treasure appears, there will definitely be auspicious signs, symbols around it. This might be where the key to opening this wooden chest lies.” At this time, a youngster suddenly said.

“What are you implying? Are you saying you know more than me even without personally experiencing it?” Shi Hao revealed a look of discontent.

Heng, who knows if you are keeping it to yourself out of selfishness, trying to hide this supreme treasure, thus not willing to offer it to Imperial Pass, leaving all of the secrets and opportunities for yourself?” This youngster was a bit overbearing.

Shi Hao’s face immediately became cold. “If this ancient artifact can help Imperial Pass overturn the world, I will naturally hand it to Great Elder and the others, why would I need you to say these things? Moreover, this is something I risked my life to obtain, so it is mine to begin with. It isn’t something that needs you to comment on.”

“You are clearly acting out of selfish desires. Why can’t this chest be opened? You are definitely hiding the method. When this type of supreme treasure appears, there is always an inheritance that reveals the method, passed along to later generations.” That youngster continued harshly without letting him go.

“What are you all trying to do?” Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention, instead looking at the others.

Cough, little friend, do not misunderstand, he is too impulsive, there’s no need to bicker with him.” The elder Yi Chuan said. Then, he scolded that youngster, telling him not to act rudely.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, not saying anything.

“Little friend, actually, you cannot blame him, we also worry for Imperial Pass… we really hope this divine object can stop the foreign great army.” That middle-aged man said.

“Indeed, along the way, for the sake of rescuing little friend, we slaughtered our way from Imperial Pass all the way here, charging into Heavenly Beast Forest, really paying quite the price to do so, some people dying along the way.” Elder Yi Chuan also said with a sigh.

The youngster who was berated before immediately said, “Right? We worked so hard to slaughter our way here. Before entering Heavenly Beast Forest, there were even people who died along the way, hot blood shed, yet in the end, the one who is saved isn’t even grateful, still hiding things. This really leaves us feeling bitterly disappointed!”

Shi Hao sighed and said, “I really am not hiding anything, this is the truth.”

The corners of the youngsters’ mouths all sneered, not believing him. The middle-aged men frowned, starting to think to themselves.

The elder Yi Chuan’s eyes were deep, not saying anything, looking at Shi Hao just like that.

Right at that moment, even though there were no powerful divine waves, Shi Hao still felt a wave of uneasiness. This was an instinctive reaction.

Normally speaking, everyone had divine awareness, just that some were stronger than others.

Shi Hao’s divine awareness was clearly extremely terrifying, this also one of the abilities that allowed him to safely reach where he was today after experiencing all types of dangers.

If it was a normal person, they might overlook this, unable to sense that type of icy coldness, but right now, Shi Hao felt uneasy. He knew that the elder on the other side harbored malicious intentions towards him.

He believed in this type of primitive intuition. After experiencing dangers again and again, it has always allowed him to be on guard a step earlier, allowing him to avert disaster.

“This old thing and this group of people all wish to harm me!” Shi Hao’s thoughts flew at lightning speed.

In reality, he didn’t believe this group from the very start, because they appeared too abruptly, and he didn’t truly have confidence in them.

How dangerous was Heavenly Beast Forest? The crucial checkpoints were all intercepted by the other side, great armies defending them. Normally speaking, it was extremely difficult for these people to quietly enter.

Not even this war chariot could do it!

That was why he had always remained on guard.

However, at the time, the foreign side’s people cut off the rear, in that type of situation, it was the same as being surrounded, so he could only brace himself and get on the war chariot.

“This… could it be that this is Imperial Pass’ traitor?” Shi Hao thought to himself. A wave of anger immediately surged within him.

When he headed into Divine Medicine Mountain Range, he had previously been chased by a Self Release Realm individual, thus exposing his whereabouts. Later on, Shi Hao learned from a captured foreigner that it was someone from Imperial Pass who told the other side where he was.

Despicable, hateful!

Shi Hao really wanted to kill that traitor, get rid of that clan.

These people were now right before him, yet they were still putting on an act, trying to deceive him, if not because they wanted to know more of the rotten wooden chest’s secrets, these people would have most likely long taken action against him.

Shi Hao immediately made his decision!

He knew that this act wouldn’t last, that the other side was going to take action against him.

“Perhaps…” Right at this time, Shi Hao frowned, starting to adopt a thinking appearance.

Yi, little friend, could it be that you thought of something?” The elder Yi Chuan asked.

“Could it be related to this?” Shi Hao said to himself.

The group of people on the war chariot all revealed strange expressions, some of them even more so revealing expectant looks, pleasantly surprised.

“Please tell us!” A middle-aged man said.

“Senior, please look at this wooden chest…” Shi Hao held the rotten wooden chest, bringing it before Yi Chuan’s eyes.

“What is it? I already examined it quite extensively, but still didn’t notice anything.” The elder said.

“It’s over here. Back then, a bit of light patterns flickered about here, but I didn’t pay it too much attention at the time.” Shi Hao said, pointing at a place on top of the wooden chest.

“What kind of light patterns?” Many people spoke out at the same time, extremely impatient.

“Little friend, please draw it out, let us study it for a bit. Who knows, we might just make a great discovery!” The elder Yi Chuan said.

“Okay!” Shi Hao lowered the rotten wooden chest. He raised a hand, drawing out a character in the air, inviting him to take a look.

Everyone’s attention was completely concentrated, staring at that place!


Suddenly, Shi Hao’s finger released a streak of dark red radiance. It was too fast, and too tyrannical!

“Younger generation, you dare!” Yi Chuan cried out.

As for the others, they were first stumped, and then they revealed cold smiles. They knew that they had all been exposed, but they weren’t worried at all. What was Shi Hao’s cultivation realm at right now? How could he injure the elder?

However, things didn’t go as everyone expected. Even though the elder’s reactions were fast, a layer of divine light appearing on the surface of his body, protecting him, the space between his brows was still pierced through!

This really was hard to believe. A Self Release Realm expert was actually killed by someone from the younger generation, primordial spirit destroyed!

Everyone on the war chariot screamed, all of them stunned. They all felt like this was absurd.

For the sake of this attack, Shi Hao had endured for an extremely long amount of time, making them drop their guard. He finally succeeded!

His finger released a dark red streak of light. This was obtained the last time he faced tribulation, the strand of scarlet red divine radiance the immortal killing guillotine left behind, merged into a finger. He hadn’t used it all this time, but now that there was danger, only then did he reveal this trump card.

It was just like how it was difficult for a young child to threaten a mature person even if the child had a sharp weapon, grasping powerful weapons didn’t necessarily mean that he could win.

Only in this type of situation where the other party was almost within reach, when Yi Chuan thought that Shi Hao was showing him some ‘secrets’, thus suddenly acting out, was there a chance of success.

This streak of divine light left behind by the immortal killing guillotine was too powerful, able to blast through even the body protecting barrier of a Self Release Realm cultivator!

Yi Chuan really was a great cultivator, but his death really was pitiable. He was originally scheming against Shi Hao, wishing to suck him dry, yet now, he was killed instead.


All of this happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint. Meanwhile, Shi Hao pointed outwards again, aiming at others.

Of course, his targets were those who were older, killing the leaders in order to ensure himself a greater chance of survival.

The second attack succeeded. Shi Hao eliminated one of the middle-aged experts!

The warship immediately became chaotic. Everything happened just too fast, the situation reversed in the blink of an eye, it was all just too hard to accept.

It was as if this place exploded, completely erupting.

In that instant, multicolored light overflowed. This place became chaotic, great life and death battles breaking out while they were all extremely close to each other.

Shi Hao fought a bloody battle, at the same time, he was glad that the elder was the only Self Release Realm cultivator, none of the others were!

However, soon afterwards, his expression changed. He carried the rotten wooden chest, then grabbed a youngster, immediately jumping out of the war chariot, quickly running into the distance.

There were powerful ripples that spread from the horizon, powerful experts approaching.

“Speak, which clan from Imperial Pass are you from?” Shi Hao interrogated the captive, shouting as he ran.

“Evil creature, where do you think you are going?!” A furious roar sounded from the back. A group of elders slaughtered their way over in a group, clearly of the same clan as the elder who died. Just now, they had always followed behind, not getting on the war chariot.

At the same time, Shi Hao’s pupils contracted. He saw another foreign expert, precisely the Self Release Realm cultivator who looked like he had been killed by Yi Chuan.

“You all were colluding with the foreign side after all!” Shi Hao said between gritted teeth.

“Huang, where are you? Do you dare fight?!” Right at this time, a voice sounded from another direction, shaking up this region, an expanse of light was flickering. He Ziming came, incomparably divine, surrounded by golden light.

“He’s mine!” Another voice sounded, the voice calm. This was the Emperor Clan young expert, also finding this place from a different direction.

“Then let’s just compete to see who can kill him first!” Gu Clan’s inheritor also came!

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