Chapter 1500

Chapter 1500 - Counterattack

This golden war chariot was extremely fast, moving through the forest. It was extremely blurry, as if a faint void figure merged into the mountain region, extremely difficult to detect.

It was just like how those from the war chariot said, this was a formidable precious artifact. Not only was it extremely fast, it could also enter stealth.

“Little friend, would you let this old one take a look at that chest?” That elder asked. He had long spoke his name, saying that he was Yi Chuan, a Self Release Realm cultivator from Imperial Pass.

Shi Hao nodded, handing the wooden chest over. At this moment, everyone on the war chariot were shaken, looking over together.

Yi Chuan ran his hand along the wooden chest, carefully sensing it, but no matter how he used his divine force or spiritual awareness, there was no result. This wooden chest didn’t show any reaction.

The elder frowned, continuously trying again and again, but there were just no effects.

“Is this really that treasure from that dangerous place?” A youngster said in doubt.

Yi Chuan’s finger shone, starting to use force, trying to break open this chest. The others all watched nervously, but no matter how they tried, they still couldn’t do anything.

He was a Self Release Realm great cultivator, yet he was already sweating, as if a flame was burning within his body. He was already...

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