Chapter 1499

Chapter 1499 - Reinforcements

From another aspect, this also proved that Imperial Pass had successfully arranged their ‘own people’ in the other side, or else there was no way they could receive news this quickly.

Outside Heavenly Beast Forest, even though many people were excited and stirred up, believing that He Ziming and the others could definitely kill Huang, there were still some who weren’t too satisfied.

“If the great supreme beings who came here took action, they definitely could have killed him!” Someone said quietly, feeling like they were sending out too many, that it was about time to end things.

Since there were supreme beings who came, why didn’t they take action? This was what some people were awaiting expectantly on.

“Fool, if supreme beings could enter Heavenly Beast Forest, would we have waited until now? We would have brought back that rotten wooden chest a long time ago.” Someone said with a sigh.

There was a mysterious power in Heavenly Beast Forest that made even supreme beings feel apprehension!

There were several supreme beings seated...

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