Chapter 1499

Chapter 1499 - Reinforcements

From another aspect, this also proved that Imperial Pass had successfully arranged their ‘own people’ in the other side, or else there was no way they could receive news this quickly.

Outside Heavenly Beast Forest, even though many people were excited and stirred up, believing that He Ziming and the others could definitely kill Huang, there were still some who weren’t too satisfied.

“If the great supreme beings who came here took action, they definitely could have killed him!” Someone said quietly, feeling like they were sending out too many, that it was about time to end things.

Since there were supreme beings who came, why didn’t they take action? This was what some people were awaiting expectantly on.

“Fool, if supreme beings could enter Heavenly Beast Forest, would we have waited until now? We would have brought back that rotten wooden chest a long time ago.” Someone said with a sigh.

There was a mysterious power in Heavenly Beast Forest that made even supreme beings feel apprehension!

There were several supreme beings seated in the skies above, not saying anything this entire time. Primal chaos surrounded them.

The quarrels below were meaningless to these people, they didn’t pay them any attention. These were precisely the supreme beings, any one of them could easily pluck the stars, seize the moon.

“He Ziming, do not dishonor your ancestor’s reputation!” Finally, a supreme being spoke.

It was because a youngster arrived from the distance, slightly drawing a supreme being’s attention.

He Ziming had a head of long golden hair, entire body covered in a layer of divine radiance, auspicious, sacred, possessing a type of indescribable aloof temperament.

His golden pupils flickered with confidence, possessing great strength that was difficult for outsiders to imagine. His figure flickered with every step, quickly arriving from the horizon!

“On orders from the decree, I will definitely kill Huang!” He Ziming said confidently.

In the skies, those supreme beings didn’t say anything else. Primal chaos surrounded them, their figures becoming more and more blurry.

“He Ziming, I heard that Ancestor He has come out of seclusion and even gave you some pointers. is this true?” There was an elder who asked, eyes burning fervently, holding Ancestor He in incomparable admiration.

“Correct!” He Ziming nodded, confirming the rumors.

What kind of person was He Wushuang? He didn’t belong to an Emperor Clan, but he overtook his peers step by step, continuously exceeding them, in the end becoming far above them, now almost becoming comparable to Shutuo and Anlan.

He was that generation’s most brilliant individual, now already close to becoming an ancestor.

“He Ziming, we believe you can definitely kill Huang. If he is killed by a Self Release Realm cultivator, even though we can vent a bit of our resentment, we won’t be able to raise our heads for a long time, still feel great regret!” Some of the younger generation shouted.

They wanted Huang’s life to be ended by someone of the younger generation!

“He Ziming, whether or not the He Clan will become an Emperor Clan will depend on you! You are the testing stone!” An elder spoke, implying some other things.

“Correct, based on normal reasoning, your current cultivation shouldn’t be weaker than those of Emperor Clans, right?” Someone asked.

He Ziming was known as number one of the ten great young kings, but everyone knew that he was far stronger than the other nine, that he wasn’t weaker than an Emperor Clan youngster.

Now, the legendary Ancestor He came out of seclusion, giving him guidance. As such, there should be a nice surprise coming!

“Everyone, wait for my news!” He Ziming entered Heavenly Beast Forest. He was full of confidence, auspicious golden light covering his body, an auspicious rain of light accompanying him as he disappeared.

In the depths of Heavenly Beast Forest, Shi Hao’s body was in tatters, already several wounds on him that connected from front to back. There were many bloody holes, unknown just how many bones were broken.

He breathed in and out heavily. After suffering the pursuit of Self Release Realm cultivators, his injuries were naturally terrifying, body and spirit almost extinguished.


He drank a type of precious elixir. Golden light surged, a sweet scent assailing the nostrils. Immediately afterwards, his body began to recover. It was as if beans were being fried in his body, the noises sounding continuously.

This was the divine elixir he obtained from that underground cave in Divine Medicine Mountain Range, previously used to nurture that golden bull.

If he didn’t have this precious liquid, Shi Hao would have died a long time ago.

Along the way, he suffered life-threatening injuries several times. Based on normal reasoning, he should have already died six or seven times.

Each time, he would rely on this type of divine liquid to make it through and recover.

In reality, there were two or three times where Shi Hao’s body even broke apart, but he still forcefully returned from the gates of hell.

“Bastards, just wait until I break through, I’ll slaughter you all one by one!” Shi Hao said to himself. He drank another mouthful of golden liquid. His injuries healed, bones connecting. He quickly ran.

He wanted to find a suitable place to advance into the Self Severing Realm!

He felt like he already polished himself enough, his dao foundation already sturdy enough!

Only, there was danger lurking on every turn, difficult for him to find a suitable location.

“Huang, is it really you?” Suddenly, someone said quietly, transmitting sound from the distance.

Shi Hao suddenly turned around, looking in that direction. There was someone who was currently waving in his direction. Shi Hao’s pupils released cold light. Was he discovered again?

However, immediately afterwards, he was stupefied, because this was someone who wore clothing from Imperial Pass.

“We came to offer support, come here!” That person said quietly, speaking the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ language.

Shi Hao was suspicious. Even Imperial Pass’ people came here?

Then, two others appeared, wearing black armor, spears in hand, completely Imperial Pass’ armor. Moreover, one of the spears was covered in blood, a foreign expert’s corpse hanging from it, clearly just killed recently.

“You all came from Imperial Pass?” Shi Hao asked.

“Correct, we have an ancient war chariot that can display an astonishing escape method. It can go into hiding, and it can move extremely quickly, which is why we secretly rushed in. Right now, the foreign side haven’t discovered us yet.” One of them explained, telling him that they had a precious chariot.

The void distorted. Sure enough, an ancient war chariot appeared, quickly arriving. Shi Hao was extremely on guard. He still couldn’t confirm if this really was someone from Imperial Pass.


However, a corpse was thrown over, leaving him shaken, changing his opinion.

This was the corpse of a Self Release Realm great cultivator, the space between his brows pierced through, dying a violent death. Blood was still gushing out, clearly just killed.

This was a great foreign expert, someone who was still chasing after Shi Hao an hour ago, previously making Shi Hao’s body break apart once, almost dying.

Shi Hao recognized this cultivator, his aura unmistakeable!

Shi Hao never thought that this person would be killed. This made him release a breath of relief. He looked at the other side, saying, “This place is too dangerous!”

He was already sure that these were people from Imperial Pass. He never expected there were experts who rushed over, really providing support.

“We have to come even if there is danger. As long as you are saved, even if a group of experts die, it is still worth it!” An elder walked out from the chariot, saying seriously.

He held a war halberd in hand, on it traces of blood. It seemed like it was him who killed that great cultivator.

En? Shi Hao stared blankly. He was already sure that this was a great cultivator from Imperial Pass, because he had previously seen him on the battlefield, seeing him courageously kill enemies.

Now, Shi Hao was already sure that there should be no problems, this was someone from Imperial Pass.

“It isn’t worth it for me alone. If I learned that many people died to save me, it would be difficult for me to have a good conscience.” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

“It is worth it, worth it no matter how many die!” The elder sighed, deeply moved. He looked towards the rotten wooden chest in Shi Hao’s chest, saying, “The foreign side’s people are all going crazy over that thing, it is definitely extremely important. That is why we aren’t only coming to save you, but also to bring it back to Imperial Pass so those great supreme beings can research it.”

Shi Hao’s pupils contracted. He nodded, saying, “Correct, this thing should be quite extraordinary, having great secrets.”

“Little friend has obtained it for a period of time already, have you noticed anything peculiar about it? Do you know about some of its strange uses?” The elder asked.

“I still haven’t found out any of this chest’s mysteries.” Shi Hao shook his head.

“This is related to too much. Little friend, when you obtained it from that vile earth, when the great tomb opened, were there any auspicious signs that granted any forms of enlightenment?” The elder asked.

“This…” Shi Hao frowned.

“Dao brother, why is there a need to mumble? This chest might be the key, perhaps it can deliver a fatal blow to the other side! Hurry and tell us!” A youngster urged.

“You cannot act disrespectfully!” The elder stared at him.

“Little friend, we should hurry and leave, this place is too dangerous. Apart from the foreign cultivators, there are also traitors from Imperial pass!” The elder gnashed his teeth in anger.

“There are also threats from Imperial Pass?” Shi Hao was naturally aware that Imperial Pass had traitors, just that he temporarily didn’t express anything.

“Correct, there are some who defected to the other side. We have to hurry and leave!” The elder said, inviting Shi Hao onto the war chariot.

“Not good, people are coming from that side, we have to hurry and go!” The people next to the war chariot cried out in alarm.

Shi Hao sighed, he also sensed this. The rear had been sealed off, there were powerful experts rushing over. There was no way out.

“Go!” The elder stirred on the war chariot, and then rushed over, bringing Shi Hao onto the chariot, quickly leaving.

“Don’t worry, this war chariot is a rare precious artifact, perhaps it can evade them and smoothly return to Imperial Pass!” A middle-aged man said, trying to make Shi Hao feel more at ease.

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