Chapter 1498

Chapter 1498 - Continuously Killing Geniuses

An enormous army was charging into this dangerous place!

This was the reality. The foreign great army charged into Heavenly Beast Forest, preparing to surround some important areas.

From these movements, it seemed like they were extremely nervous, wishing to immediately find Shi Hao and seize the rotten wooden chest!

More than ten groups rushed out separately, already rushing into the forest before the army.

The foreign side’s strength was great, but they still didn’t dare send the entire great army into this dangerous place, only able to send out a portion of their men to chase after Shi Hao.

It was because just in case something unexpected happened, they wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences.

Even though the other side was strong, it still wasn’t to the point where a single hand could cover the skies. Otherwise, why would Burial Land, Heavenly Beast Forest, Sea of Loss and Immortal Earth Remains be treated as restricted areas, not places where they could move about freely?

In the past, there were those from the other side who behaved recklessly, sending large groups of experts into some dangerous lands. In the end, they never returned after leaving.

These were things everyone knew about.

Of course, this was also because the undying existences couldn’t cross over.

Inside Heavenly Beast Forest, Shi Hao stood in place for a long time. He carefully looked around, observing his surroundings. He really was frightened, just what kind of ancient tree was that?

The branches were all dried-up, yet they actually had this type of power!

The Heavenly Mouse, old woman, which one of them weren’t Self Release Realm powerful cultivators? Yet in the end, they were easily pierced through. It was a bit horrifying.

Most of them all dired, only Self Release Realm cultivators’ bodies remaining, kowtowing with each step, gradually disappearing into the forest depths.

“What exactly is that Reincarnation Pool? Is this Heavenly Beast Forest really a prison?” Shi Hao frowned. There really were too many unknown things here, just too dangerous.

Shi Hao gave the forest before him a deep look, just feeling like it was extremely blurry, difficult to see clearly. Was that where the withered tree was rooted?

He took a deep breath, and then walked forward. He wanted to see everything more clearly.

However, as he advanced, he didn’t sense a hint of abnormality. This region was too calm, to the extent where Shi Hao didn’t see any withered tree even after traveling several hundred li.

What was going on? Where was the ancient tree that could impale the Heavenly Mouse to death? He already advanced so far, why couldn’t he sense its aura yet?

Shi Hao calmed down. He stood in place, releasing his divine senses, carefully perceiving his surroundings. He wanted to find where that tree was.

It was because he knew that this tree definitely noticed him a long time ago. It was this powerful, even able to kill the Heavenly Mouse with a single strike, this alone enough to prove how extraordinary it was. He wanted to try and communicate with it.


Shi Hao shivered inwardly. It was useless even when he concentrated on sensing it. Only when that withered branch’s appearance appeared in his mind first and he then tried to sense it was there something different.

“Heavens, could it be like Anlan and Shutuo, when their names are called, or when their appearance is pictured, their divine might would be displayed?” Shi Hao’s expression became serious.

At this moment, his heart began to pound, his chest tight, even his soul feeling like it was going to leave his body!

This was definitely serious. He was already a Void Dao Realm cultivator, yet in the end, when he tried to sense the ancient tree, there was this type of reaction. It really was a bit terrifying.

In the end, Shi Hao gradually rose into the air, quietly watching from the distance. He felt like he saw a tree quietly taking root several hundred li out.

Shi Hao turned around, immediately leaving, not staying for even a moment longer.

It was because in that instant, an extremely uncomfortable feeling emerged from within him. His expression immediately became overcast; he couldn’t come into contact with that withered tree, or else there would be a great disaster!

Shi Hao headed into the distance, changing directions. That ancient tree was too dangerous. He felt like there was no way of communicating with it. If he accidentally ran into it, it would definitely be a fatal disaster.

In the following two days, Shi Hao’s expression remained extremely unpleasant. He could sense a great danger arriving. He continuously ran into foreign troops, resulting in bloody battles, each time only managing to escape with great difficulty.

This was still because he encountered many Self Severing Realm cultivators, these cultivators’ cultivation levels only a level higher than his!

The foreign creatures knew that his natural talents were exceptional, even though he was young, his strength was outstanding. If normal cultivators were sent in, they weren’t his opponent, but if they sent in Self Release Realm cultivators, it might result in tremendous losses.

It was because this was Heavenly Beast Forest, there was a chance of death no matter who entered, a possibility of never being able to return.

That was why the ones sent out were carefully chosen. Their strength was great, but definitely not ridiculously so. Void Dao Realm cultivators were support, Self Severing Realm cultivators were the main force, the few Self Release Realm cultivators were the leaders.

Shi Hao experienced several bloody battles, his body covered in injuries, fleeing for his life. He felt like his situation was becoming worse and worse.

He continuously broke out of enclosures, discovering that there were people who entered from all the major directions of Heavenly Beast Forest, practically setting up an inescapable net. Even though this forest was incredibly vast, the other side still set their resolution to seal up this forest.

“This place is too dangerous, I should go back into hiding, escape from Divine Medicine Mountain Range’s side.” Shi Hao said to himself.

He already experienced a great battle, fighting a bloody battle against some Self Severing Realm cultivators. Then, before Self Release Realm cultivators hurried over, he quickly escaped again.

“This place is blocked!” Shi Hao hid in the forest. He took a deep breath, feeling a bit helpless.

There were already no safe paths leading to Divine Medicine Mountain Range. There were too many people from the other side, that entire region sealed up.

“Since you guys are all crazy, sending over this many experts, then I’ll play around with you all!” Shi Hao said coldly.

He completely went for broke, running towards a certain direction.

It was because he already noticed that every time he exposed himself, the dozen or so groups scattered throughout Heavenly Beast Forest would also change directions to outflank him.

Those people had strange magical artifacts that resonated with each other, able to immediately inform their companions where Huang fled towards.


Outside Heavenly Beast Forest, a few foreign elders were furious, extremely angry. It was because they just received reports that a group of elite soldiers were lost during these past few days.

The first group was completely wiped out, not a single one alive, because they couldn’t be contacted at all anymore.

They had no idea that they were killed by the withered tree.

“It’s definitely not because of that brat, they probably encountered some terrifying heavenly beast.”

Then, there were more news. There were a few important figures among the Void Dao Realm cultivators who were killed, Self Severing Realm experts also attacked, their losses not light.

“The Nine Headed Qi[1] Clan’s prince has been killed, cut down by Huang within ten moves, all nine heads smashed apart, not even nine lives enough to save him!” An elder said.

This was an extremely serious matter. The Nine Headed Qi Clan’s prince had great potential, his status extremely noble, but because he started late, he didn’t have time to compete, challenge others and enter the rank of experts. However, there were people who believed that as long as he was given time, his name would definitely spread throughout the foreign side.

In the end, this youngster with endless potential was killed by Huang just like that.

“Who let the Nine Headed Qi Clan’s descendant in? Didn’t everyone already say that Huang is extremely dangerous?!” An elder roared with anger.

The death of this type of genius really was a tremendous loss. He had been regarded as one of the seeds for becoming a future undying existence.

“He said he wanted to defeat Huang, and there were powerful individuals following him. He never expected that something unexpected would happen to himself!” A middle-aged man said in grief. He was an elder of the Nine Headed Qi Clan.

Everyone knew just how famous Huang was, this was someone who gained an outstanding reputation from slaughtering the foreign side’s younger generation. However, there were still some geniuses who were unconvinced, especially those who had only just left their ancient lands. They all wanted to defeat Huang, to make their name known through a single battle.

“Reporting! Not good, Qi Lun Heavenly King has died, killed by Huang!” Another piece of bad news sounded.

Not long ago, the foreign side younger generation’s number three King Clan expert Qi Lun encountered Huang. He was beheaded, dying in Heavenly beast Forest.

“What? When did Qi Lun go in? Who let him in?” Those elders were now truly angered.

This was another individual with great potential, ranked number three among the young experts! He had the title of Heavenly King, the disciple of an undying existence, yet he was killed just like that.

“His death is just too much of a pity… Huang’s reputation has long spread, why did Qi Lun leave?!” The elders’ expression were ice-cold.

No one replied, because the answer was the same. Qi Lun was also unconvinced, and as a result entered Heavenly Beast Forest, wishing to kill Huang, but ultimately died as a result.

“This really is a type of humiliation! A single person killed more than half of the ten great young King Clan experts, what face do we even have left!” An expert couldn’t endure it anymore, releasing a roar.

Ever since the last battle in the great desert, with the deaths of the ten great young experts’ Martial Heavenly King and others, it could be said that Shi Hao’s power shook the entire foreign younger generation, everyone wanted to get rid of him.

Meanwhile, those of the younger generation even more so hoped that someone of the same generation could kill him one on one.

This was especially true for the geniuses who had just left their respective families’ ancient lands, needing accomplishments to increase their ranking, making them want to kill Shi Hao even more.

Qi Lun could be said to be the highest ranked young expert Shi Hao had killed thus far, of course, there were people who believed that the Nine Headed Qi Clan’s prince had greater potential, that when he reached maturity, his ranking might be even higher.

“Reporting…” Another person ran over to issue a report.

“What is it now? Don’t tell me Huang killed another important young seed from my side!” An elder said coldly.

“This is precisely the case, the ten great young experts’...” The one who came braced himself and reported.

“Are you all going to tell me that all ten of the young great experts are going to die, all of this because of him alone? How many are even left now?!” That elder screamed.

This really was the case. The ten great experts were about to be completely wiped out!

“Reporting!” When his voice just dropped, sure enough, another person came to report.


“In total, Huang has killed a total of twenty-three young experts with great potential from our side, at the same time killing thirty-nine Self Severing Realm experts!” The one who came reported.

This was the newest total. It immediately made everyone frown.

The losses were too great!

“All of you are trash! So many of you entered, what about the Self Release Realm individuals? None of them could do anything about him?” Finally, someone exploded in anger.

“They already seriously injured Huang a long time ago, but he is extremely slippery, continuously running away. Currently, we’ve already grasped his whereabouts, believe that it won’t be long before he is dead.” Someone said quietly.

“This is shameful! Is there not a single person from our younger generation who can kill him?”

“When Emperor Clan’s young great one heard the casualty count just now, he entered himself. Gu Clan’s inheritor also moved out!” Someone replied.

The inheritors of these two clans were definitely terrifying. When everyone heard this, they all released a breath of relief.

“He Ziming came!” Someone said quietly.

“He finally came! I heard that after he gained some insight, he then received personal guidance from his ancestor He Wushuang, cultivating the Imperishable Scripture. This time, he came specifically for killing Huang!” Someone else said excitedly.

“The one who was specially sent out to kill Huang has appeared!” A few people became excited, because they really had been humiliated badly recently. There was actually no one from the younger generation who was Huang’s match.

It had to be said that Imperial Pass wasn’t weak either, actually immediately seizing this information, creating a city-wide sensation.

“Huang is this powerful, continuously killing the foreign side’s seeds?”

“Isn’t he too strong? The so-called ten great young King Clan experts are all about to be wiped out by him! If this really happens, it will be a magnificent feat, leaving behind a legendary story!”

Many people in Imperial Pass cheered, because the news that was brought back really was inspiring.

“I heard that the Emperor Clan young expert also went, someone from Gu Clan also moving, to the extent where there’s even someone who was specially sent out to kill Huang…”

“What kind of nonsense are you saying? I hope that Huang can continue to display might, completely wipe all of them out, make the other side’s old faces completely fall off!”

1. Qi part of Qilin.

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