Chapter 1498

Chapter 1498 - Continuously Killing Geniuses

An enormous army was charging into this dangerous place!

This was the reality. The foreign great army charged into Heavenly Beast Forest, preparing to surround some important areas.

From these movements, it seemed like they were extremely nervous, wishing to immediately find Shi Hao and seize the rotten wooden chest!

More than ten groups rushed out separately, already rushing into the forest before the army.

The foreign side’s strength was great, but they still didn’t dare send the entire great army into this dangerous place, only able to send out a portion of their men to chase after Shi Hao.

It was because just in case something unexpected happened, they wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences.

Even though the other side was strong, it still wasn’t to the point where a single hand could cover the skies. Otherwise, why would Burial Land, Heavenly Beast Forest, Sea of Loss and Immortal Earth Remains be treated as restricted areas, not places where they could move about freely?

In the past, there were those from the other side who behaved recklessly, sending large groups of experts into some dangerous lands. In the end, they never returned after leaving.

These were things everyone knew about.

Of course, this was also because the undying existences couldn’t cross over.

Inside Heavenly Beast Forest, Shi Hao stood in place for a long time. He carefully looked around,...

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