Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497 - Complete Eradication

This group arrived extremely quickly. They were only a group of the large army, taking the risk and entering Heavenly Beast Forest. They never expected that they would really run into Huang here!

From this aspect, one could see just how much importance the other side attached to this rotten wooden chest, not hesitating to have these people risk their lives, enter this vicious place.

This group was extremely lucky, actually running straight into Huang after entering!

Even though the old woman felt uneasy, berating that youngster, when she saw the rotten wooden chest in Shi Hao’s hands, she also became stirred up, her breathing hurried.

The mountain forest was full of thistles and thorns. At first, these would have stopped these people, but now, everyone saw what was in Shi Hao’s hands!

Haha… All of our efforts weren’t in vain, what we seek if right here!” A young King Clan individual laughed in an extremely brash manner.

Even the old woman and other older generation figures couldn’t remain calm, all of them crying out in alarm.

“I really never thought that Huang would...

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