Chapter 1496

Chapter 1496 - Heavenly Beast Forest

Heavenly Beast Forest was incredibly vast. There were giant trees everywhere, every single one over ten thousand years old, incredibly large and thick.

According to normal reasoning, this type of ancient tree should have long developed intelligence, however, just ike Burial Earth and Divine Medicine Mountain Range, no matter how long these plants lived for, it was still difficult for them to develop intelligence. Moreover, even if there were some ancient trees who were powerful, their wills were still indistinct, as if they lacked souls!

This was a type of extremely strange phenomenon. This region seemed to restrict the intelligence of creatures.


Right at this time, a dark green long vine moved about, sweeping towards Shi Hao like a great python, making even the surface rupture.

This mountainous vine was extremely thick, as wide as a house. If one didn’t look carefully, it really did look like a young dragon. The dark green color carried a bold and strong feeling. With a peng noise, it directly pierced through Shi Hao’s body.

He dodged, quickly escaping. That mountainous vine withdrew into...

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