Chapter 1496

Chapter 1496 - Heavenly Beast Forest

Heavenly Beast Forest was incredibly vast. There were giant trees everywhere, every single one over ten thousand years old, incredibly large and thick.

According to normal reasoning, this type of ancient tree should have long developed intelligence, however, just ike Burial Earth and Divine Medicine Mountain Range, no matter how long these plants lived for, it was still difficult for them to develop intelligence. Moreover, even if there were some ancient trees who were powerful, their wills were still indistinct, as if they lacked souls!

This was a type of extremely strange phenomenon. This region seemed to restrict the intelligence of creatures.


Right at this time, a dark green long vine moved about, sweeping towards Shi Hao like a great python, making even the surface rupture.

This mountainous vine was extremely thick, as wide as a house. If one didn’t look carefully, it really did look like a young dragon. The dark green color carried a bold and strong feeling. With a peng noise, it directly pierced through Shi Hao’s body.

He dodged, quickly escaping. That mountainous vine withdrew into the distance, becoming still again, wrapping around a mountain peak.

“A Jade Flood Dragon Vine, a powerful species. As long as it reaches the thickness of an arm, it can activate the imprints passed down by its ancestors, begin cultivation, yet this vine’s consciousness is also blurry.” Shi Hao was shocked. This was originally a type of divine vine!


Tiger roars echoed through the forest, the mountain region trembled. A black tiger charged out, its size as tall as a mountain peak, carrying a terrifying aura. It rushed past, when its four claws landed on the ground, the great earth collapsed, ancient trees snapping.

One could see that there was an area here that was completely barren, clearly the result of its roaming.

Fortunately, Heavenly Beast Forest was vast, otherwise, how could a normal mountain forest be able to tolerate its existence? It was incredibly massive, able to easily ruin large areas of land.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This was definitely a heavenly beast. It was massive, strength powerful, at the peak of the Self Release Realm!

The so-called heavenly beasts normally referred to giant ancient beasts who had lived for an endless amount of time, moreover with strength at the Self Release Realm, some even at the Supreme Being Realm!

Otherwise, why would they be called heavenly beasts?

This black tiger’s eyes were scarlet red, carrying a malevolent aura, as well as an ancient feeling. It had lived for too many years.

Shi Hao had long went into hiding. His entire being was like a dead dead tree, without the slightest bit of activity. He sighed inwardly, feeling like he really was unlucky. He encountered a heavenly beast right when he entered this forest.

However, he was a bit curious as well. This black tiger’s condition seemed a bit off, even though its eyes were scarlet red, a bit sinister, they lacked intelligence, a bit sluggish.

Hou…” In the distance, another beast roar sounded, as if released in provocation, also as if it was issuing a challenge to fight.

This entire mountain range began to tremble because of these soundwaves.

The blood radiance in the black tiger’s eyes burned brighter. It raised its head, roaring out in response. Then, it turned into a streak of black lightning, a mountain ridge collapsing under its feet, leaping towards the direction where the provocative roar sounded.

“As expected, regardless of whether it is the Heavenly Beast Forest or Divine Medicine Mountain Range, the intelligence of these creatures have all become muddled. Otherwise, they might have already noticed me.” Shi Hao released a breath of relief.

When he chose Heavenly Beast Forest, he had long made mental preparations, knowing that it was going to be incredibly dangerous, because there were just too many powerful creatures here.

He had no other choice. The foreign creatures cut off the other paths of life, he could only take a risk with this place.

Fortunately, there was something wrong with these heavenly beasts’ intelligence, their divine senses not that sharp!

Shi Hao became more and more careful. He had just entered Heavenly Beast Forest, so only heaven knew how many problems there would be once he went in deeper.

When he left the area where the black tiger roamed, Shi Hao discovered that this forest was extremely quiet, as if it lacked life force, lacking the vitality it ought to have.

“What do those giant beasts even eat?” Shi Hao wondered.

Perhaps at their cultivation realms, they only need to take in heaven and earth essence energy, this was what he thought. However, did these heavenly beasts not have any descendants?

Suddenly, Shi Hao’s fine hairs stood on end. He quickly shifted sideways, evading a wave of alarming killing intent.


Sparks flew in all directions. Shi Hao’s body shook violently, entire body flying out. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, receiving heavy injuries.

If not for him putting on the Lightning Emperor’s armor before entering the mountain forest, he would have been blasted through. That wave of power was too great, difficult to resist.

Even though he had the armor protecting him, his body was still splitting apart, smashed by that powerful wave of power until his flesh was badly mangled, some of his bones already cracked.

How terrifying of a thing was this? One had to understand that his flesh was incomparably powerful, difficult to find others in the younger generation who could compare.

However, while wearing the Lightning Emperor’s armor, he actually still suffered serious injuries!

Shi Hao tumbled out, quickly drawing the Everlasting Sword Core to protect himself.

This was a purple mouse. It wasn’t that large, only the size of a palm. It really was shifty-eyed, carrying malice as it stared at him.

“This is bad!” Shi Hao was shocked. This rat had spiritual senses. Even though it didn’t seem that strong, comparatively speaking, it could still be considered a rather normal creature.

This rat was at the Self Release Realm!

“Heavenly Mouse!”

When Shi Hao focused his attention, he recalled a species recorded in bone books. Even though it was of the mouse species, its innate skills were extremely great, able to seize all types of heaven and earth natural luck, and grow to extremely terrifying levels. They were known as Heavenly Mice.

It was because this type of creature would ultimately become comparable to heavenly beasts!

Its only fault was that it couldn’t breed as rapidly as other mice species. Their numbers were always small, or else this really would be a species that was difficult to deal with.

“Scoundrel, you dare mount a sneak attack on me?!” Shi Hao shouted.

Immediately afterwards, he chuckled inwardly. Even though he encountered great danger, running into great trouble, the word scoundrel still made him relax a bit, this word too fitting for that purple creature, even though it was a Self Release Realm expert. 

Sure enough, this rat was angered, exposing its mouthful of terrifyingly sharp snow-white teeth.

“By seizing this rare chance where I managed to gather my consciousness, perhaps I can borrow your body to leave this damned place!” This rat said with a cold smile.

Shi Hao had a strange feeling. In the past, which one of his opponents weren’t bold and powerful, huge and sturdy? This was the first time he faced this kind of small mouse, moreover feel this threatened.

At the same time, he was shaken up as well. From the Heavenly Mouse’s words, it seemed like there were secrets here. This Heavenly Beast Forest restricted their spiritual intelligence?

These creatures would occasionally become clear-headed?

“What kind of strangeness is there with this place? Can you and those other heavenly beasts recover from this?” Shi Hao backed up while asking.

“It’s not a big deal even if I tell you, because you need to know these things to properly take care of this body for me.” The Heavenly Mouse harbored evil intentions as it stared at Shi Hao, desiring his body.

“You scoundrel, speak!” Shi Hao wasn’t polite at all.

This palm-sized mouse’s whiskers jumped, really wanting to act out, slap him to death. Even though it was of the mouse race, it was still a Self Release Realm great cultivator in the end, yet it was actually looked down on by a human race brat, ridiculed like this!

“This mountain forest is a prison. After entering this place, if one stays here for too long, then they will forever be trapped here, the flesh also becoming cages that seal the spirit.” The Heavenly Mouse said.

Heavenly Beast Forest was a prison? Just how shocking was this?

Eventually, one’s own flesh would become a cage, this was even more terrifying.

No wonder it had its eyes on Shi Hao’s body. This was a chance to escape after finally being clear-headed after endless time had passed.

“Damn rat, you dare scheme against me? Keep dreaming!” Shi Hao shouted. He fiercely waved the sword, releasing blazing radiance. Then, he turned around to run.

Fighting head-on against a Self Release Realm cultivator would only result in death, especially against this type of rat that had lived for an endless amount of time.

Shi Hao began to run for his life, in as sorry of a state as he could possibly be. He was being chased by a rat, this really was something that had never happened before.

“Damn rat, if you have the guts, then go fight those other fellas. Chasing after me doesn’t mean anything!” Shi Hao didn’t care about keeping up a proper appearance at all, cursing at it along the way.

At the same time, he wanted to leave this place as fast as possible. Otherwise, he might lose his rationality as well, trapped in this prison.

The Heavenly Mouse’s eyes were cold. It clenched its teeth, slashing out with its claws. It enlarged to the size of a small mountain, smashing apart this entire mountain range, the shockwaves extending extremely far out.

However, soon afterwards, the Heavenly Rat released a cry of alarm, actually revealing a look of alarm. It discovered that it had been careless, leaving its territory.

Then, Shi Hao saw a terrifying scene. A withered branch extended from the mountain ridge, carrying a great dao aura, countless dao law fragments flying about. This scene was terrifying to the extreme.

Pu! The Heavenly Mouse was extremely powerful, speed also extremely fast, but it just couldn’t escape. It was directly impaled by that withered branch, blood splashing everywhere. It screamed miserably.

A heavenly beast was struck down just like that? Shi Hao was shocked.

“Do you guys hear that? Something is going on over there!” Voices sounded from the distance. Several dozen figures moved through the air like streaks of lightning, quickly landing in this mountain forest.

“Huang, you really are bold, you really did flee into Heavenly Beast Forest! You can’t escape!” Someone roared with laughter from the other side.

One of them raised a banner carrying foreign symbols. The most terrible situation happened.

However, Shi Hao didn’t run. He frowned, not saying anything.

Yi, there is also a dead rat. Haha, Huang, you really are interesting. Don’t tell me you had to go all out against a rat? You truly disappoint us!” A youngster ridiculed, laughing loudly.

“Shut up!” An old woman shouted. She felt that something was strange, becoming a bit nervous. She felt like after entering this place, something really wasn’t quite right.

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