Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495 - Inescapable Net

“It really is unexpected, Huang’s life really is tenacious, escaping from disaster even after running into Divine Medicine Mountain Range. In the end, he even entered that legendary place while holding that ruined diagram, obtaining great natural luck!”

In Imperial Pass, there were many people who were discussing this matter.

It was because the news they received from Desolate Border was too shocking. The other side’s great army gathered in Divine Medicine Mountain Range, converging in Burial Earth’s underground vein. It was to the extent where they even dared enter Heavenly Beast Forest! They really mustered large forces!

They already obtained definite information that many experts from the other side moved out, swarming towards that hornet’s nest. All of them went crazy, searching for Huang.

This triggered great commotion in Imperial Pass, none of them expecting a Void Dao Realm young expert to have actually smashed through the heavens!

“We must save him, there is no need to think too much about it. Huang definitely obtained something that has made the other side’s eyes red, that artifact can most likely produce fatal threat to the other side. Otherwise, why would they go crazy like this?”

Inside Imperial Pass, the pro-war faction suggested, wishing to immediately provide assistance, fight to the end with the other side’s experts.

Of course, the hidden disturbance was even more unimaginable. Both sides were arguing with each other, different opinions represented different interests.

“We are going to provide assistance. Open the gates, we will go to war immediately!”

This was the city’s unanimous cry, this place erupting with noise!

Soon afterwards, the city gates were opened. A spatial path was opened, sending out group after group into the great desert outside the city.

These were several different groups of people, released in batches!

Even though there were many people shouting loudly, as for which people were sincere and which carried hidden motives, that was hard to say.

They always shouted ‘to rescue Huang’ because they wanted to leave the city, this was a major reason!

There really were some who wanted to save Shi Hao, incredibly nervous, scared that he might die, that he might be killed after being captured by the foreign army.

However, there were others who had cold expressions in their eyes, not saying a single word after they left, quickly rushing out. They wanted to find Huang a step before the others, obtain the natural luck from his hands.

As time went on, many people inside Imperial Pass also knew that there was a great grave in the vile earth, that what ultimately emerged from it was a rotten wooden chest.

It had to be said that Desolate Border was too crazy. Because there were just too many people, this place became extremely noisy as a result, that was why there weren’t any secrets left. Even the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths knew about this.

Of course, there were still some people in Imperial Pass who had additional channels of information, long obtaining reports.

“Hurry up, we need to hurry over, definitely have to save Huang!”

This was a group of hot-blooded knights, all of them seated on powerful barbaric beasts, covered in armor that flowed with dark light. It was as if a stream of metal flew across the air.

The barbaric beast mounts were incomparably massive. They flew through the sky, speeds extremely fast.

This was Imperial Pass’ most powerful group of people, iron-blooded and vicious. In the great battles against the other side, they were the most courageous and powerful.

It was precisely this group of people who insisted on supporting Huang.

It could be said that this group’s numbers were great, but they knew that once they entered Divine Medicine Mountain Range, they definitely had to fight a bloody battle, many of them wouldn’t be able to return to Imperial Pass. However, they still charged forward bravely, wishing to slaughter their way in.

“We aren’t doing this for selfish reasons, but rather for the public good! Huang might have obtained something incredible, so it has to be brought back, we cannot allow it to fall into the hands of the other side!” There were powerful individuals who roared out, boosting everyone’s morale.

In reality, there was no need for any encouragement, everyone had already set their resolutions to fight to the death.

This wave of steel stream rushed through the sky, absolutely deafening, killing intent overflowing into the heavens. However, they were intercepted along the way.

This was a single youngster covered in golden armor, aura matchless. He stood there, stopping everyone.

“Great Elder Meng Tianzheng!” Someone cried out in alarm, recognizing him.

“Return, do not throw away your lives. There are many foreign supreme beings there, it is useless no matter how many head there!” Great Elder stopped them, not allowing them to throw away their lives.

“But Huang is inside there! Even if we don’t save him, that thing can’t be lost!” Someone said.

“This is something that I will think about. Huang has previously found a way to pass on a message, telling us that we should not approach. The foreign troops had long opened up their bags, just waiting for us to jump in and throw our lives away. Moreover, Huang is momentarily safe from danger!” Great Elder said.

That place was clearly a tiger’s den, dragon’s pool. The foreign side’s people have all gone crazy, all of them searching for Shi Hao, even an Emperor Clan’s supreme being came. It was incomparably dangerous.

Great Elder understood that it wouldn’t change much no matter how many people went out to rescue him, that they would only be throwing their lives away.

This was the reason why he left alone before, not bringing any troops with him.

Great Elder had already seen that Shi Hao definitely carried similar worries. He was willing to take on everything alone, not wishing to drag down Imperial Pass’ men with him, not wishing for them to throw away their lives.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng decisively stopped these people. He really wanted to rescue Shi Hao, but he couldn’t let these people’s blood splatter across the demonic earth.

There were several other waves of power who also came from Imperial Pass, not encountering Great Elder, intentionally avoiding him, not following this group of knights.

There were people within these cultivators who were discussing amongst themselves too.

“Huang, you are dead for sure! Establishing a grudge with my clan, today, your natural luck will be ours, it will be used to complete the old ancestor. Desolate Border will be your burial ground!”

“Exactly, that thing might allow my clan to rise up, produce an existence comparable to an undying king!”

It was clear that they came from long life families, having a sharp intuition towards that item, understanding a bit. Now, they hid their auras, wishing to intercept and kill Huang!

This was a group of extremely dangerous power, the destructive force they carried could be extremely terrifying.

There was another wave of power who were even faster, all of them approaching the Divine Medicine Mountain Range, but they didn’t stop, not scared of encountering the other side.

“If we charge forward like this, won’t we be discovered by the other side? If that happens, this is simply suicide!” There were people in this group who were worried.

“It’s fine, we aren’t truly getting close, but rather moving around. Moreover, I have a bone tile here that can ensure that we won’t be attacked!”

“What? Those from the other side will let us go if they see this tile?” The faces of the  youngsters in this group went pale. They understood clearly what this meant. They were immediately stunned, instantly understanding many things.

They were defecting!

This word now truly appeared in their minds. Could it be that their clan was going to betray Imperial Pass, collude with the foreign side?

The recent commotions about matters of betrayal actually had to do with their own families! This made these youngsters shiver inwardly, the mental shock too great.

“There’s no need to think too much about it. I know all of you are intelligent. The reason why you all were chosen to leave the pass is because of our trust in you all!” An elder said. He was the leader.

In reality, there weren’t that many youngsters, most of them top level experts in the clan. Otherwise, their uses here wouldn’t be that great.

“It doesn’t matter even if we tell you all. This isn’t only true for our clan in Imperial Pass, at the very least, we know there is another clan that has renounced the dark to seek the light, making considerations for their own clan’s fate, making considerations for leaving behind a path of life.” The elder said.

His words left a few people shocked, difficult for them to say anything.

“Forget it. Before returning to Imperial Pass, I will remove this piece of memory from your minds to avoid things being leaked out. There definitely must not be any mistake.”


“Remember, we have to move fast, be the first to find Huang. Move even faster than the other long life clans in Imperial Pass. We have to be the first one to receive him!” The elder shouted.

According to what he said, this was related to their clan’s fate, this was a moment of great contribution.

“Are we really betraying Imperial Pass or not? Are we going to provide support for Huang?” A youngster was confused.

“Fool, we are obviously providing support from the surface, or else how could we guide out Huang? This is what the other side’s experts asked us to do.” The elder shouted.

If Shi Hao was here, a chill would definitely be running through his back. The men who were providing him with reinforcements were extremely terrifying, staring at him like venomous snakes, wishing to draw him out, and then act viciously.

It was because the other side had already been searching for a long time, yet just couldn’t find Shi Hao. They believed that he went into hiding inside of the Burial Land or Heavenly Beast Forest and other places.

Meanwhile, if Imperial Pass’ people came, then he would definitely show himself!

This was something that couldn’t be guarded against. Once Shi Hao appeared, he would suffer a disaster.

A vicious storm was stirring about. Desolate Border was noisier than ever before, experts emerging forth in large numbers, all of them looking for Huang!


“Open!” This was Shi Hao’s voice.

Along the way, he really didn’t want to give up, continuously trying, wishing to open up this rotten wooden chest. It was extremely regretful, he had this thing on him, yet didn’t know how to use it, unable to open it.

His speed was extremely fast, not reduced. Even when he was researching the rotten wooden chest, he was still like lightning, traveling through the mountain ridges, rushing straight through, heading towards the distant great earth.

This region was extremely vast. The amount of land Divine Medicine Mountain Range, Burial Land, and Heavenly Beast Forest covered seemed endless, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Shi Hao sped along. Ancient trees towered in the mountains, there were all types of dangerous places, but he was more scared than hurt, not encountering anything too dangerous.

He headed for Heavenly Beast Forest, of course, he didn’t run straight there, but rather remained close to the Divine Medicine Mountain Range side. He planned to pass through this way.

It was because Burial Land was directly rejected by him, there were countless graves there, every one of them possibly burying a powerful expert, there was no way for him to safely move through it at all.

If he really rushed in, only heaven knew just what level of existence he would run into. It wouldn’t be too strange even if he ended up seeing the Burial King who raised a phoenix as a chicken.

As for Divine Medicine Mountain Range, he definitely couldn’t move through that place now. He knew even without thinking about it that there were troops everywhere. The foreign army was definitely wandering about that place.

As a result, there was only one direction left, Heavenly Beast Forest.

Before that, Shi Hao didn’t see this as an option at all, because this place was too terrifying. There were powerful heavenly beasts whistling past above the mountain forest. Once he encountered one, it would definitely be extremely dangerous.

However, Shi Hao had no choice. If he didn’t go this way, the other two paths could both be considered paths of inevitable death.

He arrived after who knew how much time had passed. Shi Hao approached Heavenly Beast Forest, passing through the boundless mountainous regions, actually really hurrying here.

He was extremely shocked. One had to understand that the area Divine Medicine Mountain Range, Burial Land, and Heavenly Beast Forest encompassed was extremely terrifying, a single mistake and there was a risk of dying.

However, he was more scared than hurt, the journey could still be considered rather smooth. He arrived at Heavenly Beast Mountain.

“There were actually no creatures who attacked me along the way?” Shi Hao said to himself, feeling like things were a bit strange. Things went way too smoothly.

Up ahead, the forest was lush, trees incredibly large and tall, many reaching over a thousand zhang in height, to the extent where there were even ancient trees that were several zhang tall, even more grand than mountain peaks.

Shi Hao sighed, this was worthy of being Heavenly Beast Forest.

He felt a bit of hesitation. He walked forward, making it through this place.


A loud roar sounded, shaking up all of the ancient trees until they swayed back and forth, leaves falling, even heaven and earth shaking.

Just how terrifying of an ancient beast was this? It could release this type of matchless force even from an endless distance away!

Shi Hao rose up, gazing into the distance. Moreover, he opened his Heavenly Eyes, seeing a shocking scene.

There was an ancient beast that was incredibly large. A rusted giant war spear was impaled in its skull, passing right through the other side of it.

That war spear carried faint immortal energy!

“This is…” Shi Hao was incredibly shaken.

Just how powerful was this ancient beast? It was unimaginable!

He thought of a legend. It was rumored that Heavenly Beast Forest had an ancient beast that didn’t have its own consciousness, because in the last great era, its skull was impaled by a war spear. However, it just didn’t die, living in this ancient forest.

He actually encountered it?

Even though Shi Hao felt some hesitation, in the end, he still rushed into this forest. It was precisely because there was this ancient beast, that there was a chance of stopping the foreign great army.

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