Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495 - Inescapable Net

“It really is unexpected, Huang’s life really is tenacious, escaping from disaster even after running into Divine Medicine Mountain Range. In the end, he even entered that legendary place while holding that ruined diagram, obtaining great natural luck!”

In Imperial Pass, there were many people who were discussing this matter.

It was because the news they received from Desolate Border was too shocking. The other side’s great army gathered in Divine Medicine Mountain Range, converging in Burial Earth’s underground vein. It was to the extent where they even dared enter Heavenly Beast Forest! They really mustered large forces!

They already obtained definite information that many experts from the other side moved out, swarming towards that hornet’s nest. All of them went crazy, searching for Huang.

This triggered great commotion in Imperial Pass, none of them expecting a Void Dao Realm young expert to have actually smashed through the heavens!

“We must save him, there is no need to think too much about it. Huang definitely obtained something that has made the other side’s eyes red, that artifact can most likely produce fatal threat to the other side. Otherwise, why would they go crazy like this?”

Inside Imperial Pass, the pro-war faction suggested, wishing to immediately provide assistance, fight to the end with the other side’s experts.

Of course, the hidden disturbance was even more unimaginable. Both sides were arguing...

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