Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494 - Great Storm

This streak of light opened up a passage that tore through the void, linking up to the outside world. They directly disappeared from this ancient palace just like that, leaving Burial Abyss.

During this process, the void continuously exploded, overflowing with color, extremely dangerous. This passage was extremely unstable, great void cracks hacking down from time to time.

If these landed on an ordinary person’s body, then they would be directly hacked apart!

Shi Hao hid in the Darkness Immortal Gold Cauldron, treating this situation seriously, on guard.

Those two individuals’ eyes were still closed, not waking up, but they were fortunate, not a single void crack touched them, remaining unaffected this entire time.


A loud noise sounded. They were sent out of the passage, triggering cries of alarm.

“They came out!”

“They actually made it out safely, this… really is a tremendous opportunity! Could it be that they have a chance of becoming Burial Kings?”

It was clear that they arrived above Burial Abyss. A group of Golden Undead Knights still didn’t leave. When they saw the three individuals struggle free, they were all stupefied, revealing great shock.

However, the passage that was opened up was too extraordinary. It was accompanied by the leftover radiance...

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