Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494 - Great Storm

This streak of light opened up a passage that tore through the void, linking up to the outside world. They directly disappeared from this ancient palace just like that, leaving Burial Abyss.

During this process, the void continuously exploded, overflowing with color, extremely dangerous. This passage was extremely unstable, great void cracks hacking down from time to time.

If these landed on an ordinary person’s body, then they would be directly hacked apart!

Shi Hao hid in the Darkness Immortal Gold Cauldron, treating this situation seriously, on guard.

Those two individuals’ eyes were still closed, not waking up, but they were fortunate, not a single void crack touched them, remaining unaffected this entire time.


A loud noise sounded. They were sent out of the passage, triggering cries of alarm.

“They came out!”

“They actually made it out safely, this… really is a tremendous opportunity! Could it be that they have a chance of becoming Burial Kings?”

It was clear that they arrived above Burial Abyss. A group of Golden Undead Knights still didn’t leave. When they saw the three individuals struggle free, they were all stupefied, revealing great shock.

However, the passage that was opened up was too extraordinary. It was accompanied by the leftover radiance of the ancient palace, blasting through this place and extending straight to the surface.

One had to understand that this underground cave’s rocks were extremely special, incomparably tough, difficult for even long life medicines to use earth to escape, or else it wouldn’t have been trapped here. However now, it was easily blasted through by that radiance.


A streak of light flickered. The long life medicine fled, leaving Shi Hao’s body, escaping in the smoke and dust.

All of this happened too quickly!

It was because just now, Shi Hao was still in the ancient cave, still standing in the palace, facing a life and death threat, trying to think of a way to deal with it, who would have expected that he would have instantly escape from that dangerous place?

He quickly chased after it. Even though he obtained the rotten wooden chest, that long life tree was also one of his objectives. If he could obtain it, it might solve Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s greatest problem!

A stalk of long life medicine could definitely create a true immortal, even if the environment changed, no longer permitting immortal ascension!

However, he was extremely unfortunate, the immortal medicine was too slippery. It had lived for an endless amount of time, long become sentient. The moment it escaped the ancient palace, it chose to run, seizing the only chance it had to run.

Shi Hao rushed to the surface from the underground burial vein. He saw lush plants of all different types, just didn’t see the old medicine.

This filled him with incomparable regret. He was just that close! The old medicine was originally even at his side, yet he still let it go.

Sunlight scattered down, warm as it scattered down on one’s body. Shi Hao lowered his head to give the underground world a look, that place was a bit cold and gloomy. Even though his time underground was short, if was as if he was in a whole different world, the dark Burial Abyss like hell itself.

“The underground is the undead knights’ world.”

Shi Hao said to himself. Then, he quickly left, turning into a streak of flowing light, vanishing from this place.

When he had just left, a few undead knights rushed to the surface. Meanwhile, Shenming and Sanzang woke up, staring into the distant mountain range.

“What do you think? Is he really my race’s Golden Undead Knight?” Shenming asked.

“I don’t think so, we will meet him again, heh heh…” Sanzang carried a smile, his head of long golden hair fluttering about.

“What are your plans?” Shenming asked.

“To see the outside world. Since someone can enter my Burial Earth, then I naturally can enter their world as well!” Sanzang said.

When the other undead knights looked at these two, they all felt like they changed. There was an indescribable feeling about them. Could it be because they obtained natural luck in Burial Abyss?

“It is as if I returned to the world of yang from the nether world!” Shi Hao walked in the divine mountains, saying to himself. Interacting with undead knights really took quite a toll on him.

Just what kind of species were they? Most of them were like ancient corpses, buried in underground coffins, a few of them like those from the outside world, some even more divine, impossible to differentiate.

Burial region was too mysterious, no one willing to head into its depths, even less people daring to truly dig up the graves!

“This thing is too troublesome, I don’t have any way of putting it away.” Shi Hao felt a bit helpless. He held the rotten wooden chest in his hands, there was no way of storing it inside of him at all, nor could he place it in any spatial magical artifacts.

If he continued to carry it in his hands like this, it would be too conspicuous. Once the foreign creatures saw him, they definitely wouldn’t hesitate to chase him across hundreds of thousands of li.

Of course, if Anlan and Shutuo knew, then they would likely cross realms to kill him and seize this rotten wooden chest!

Shi Hao felt a headache. He felt like things weren’t too good. If he was discovered by the Fearless Lion, Gu Clan, or Emperor Clan’s young great one, then he would be in danger.

He had to hurry and return to Imperial Pass. Otherwise, there was a chance of him dying at any time.


In an isolated place, Shi Hao attacked the rotten wooden chest with everything he had, trying to see what was inside. As a result, multicolored light overflowed, the noises deafening, but it just didn’t budge!

It was to the extent where he drew the Everlasting Sword Core, hacking at the chest, but it was similarly useless. This chest was ridiculously sturdy, not opening no matter what he did.

Sigh, this sword core has always acted passively, never taking the initiative to attacks. When it completely displays its power after being stimulated, I’ll use it to hack at this wooden chest.” Shi Hao was unwilling to accept this result.`

He raised his head towards the sky, and then towards the verdant mountain forest. What kind of place was this?

He had to return, but he definitely couldn’t take the path through where the undead knights resided. That place definitely led to the Ancient Burial Land, if he really headed in that direction, then he would definitely be gone forever!

“The place where the rotten wooden chest resided is in between Divine Medicine Mountain Range, Burial Earth, and Heavenly Beast Mountain Forest. Burial Earth definitely can’t be taken, Heavenly Beast Forest is also extremely dangerous, don’t tell me I have to return through Divine Medicine Mountain Range?

Shi Hao felt a headache. He didn’t know if the foreign side’s people were still holed up in that place. The path of return was going to be difficult, what did he have to do to peacefully return to Imperial Pass?

Divine Medicine Mountain Range, Burial Earth, Heavenly Beast Forest, these were all strange places with strange environments. It was extremely difficult to open a spatial passage through these places, or else they wouldn’t be known as danger spots.

These regions successfully interfered with the normal paths of cultivators, just like a heavenly moat.

“This won’t do, I have to choose a different path. Otherwise, those bastards from the other side will most likely have their pouches open, just waiting for me to jump in!” Shi Hao mumbled.

He was anxious and frightened, but after carefully thinking things over, he felt that Shutuo and Anlan shouldn’t be able to do anything to him!

It was because they had prepared for many years, and only then did they display that realm crossing strike. However, in the end, they still failed, stopped by a Burial King. If they wanted to take action again, the degree of difficulty would most likely be unimaginable, and they had to wait for a long time.

However, Shi Hao knew that the foreign side’s creatures were most likely going to move out on a large scale soon.

In reality, the current outside world was even more tense than he had imagined, even more terrifying. News of Shi Hao pursuing the rotten wooden chest was leaked out, triggering a great commotion!

Even if they weren’t sure if he could catch that stalk of immortal medicine, this stirred up a heaven shocking storm.

For the other side, the appearance of the ancient artifact created a huge disturbance!

At the very least, the cultivators in Divine Medicine Mountain Range all went crazy. An order has long been released, which was that Huang must be captured no matter the cost.

Of course, they wanted to find that stalk of medicine as well!

The long life medicine was incredibly precious, but in their opinion, its value was far less than the rotten wooden chest. The reason why it was being pursued was completely because of that chest.

“I refused to believe that Huang can catch that immortal medicine. That thing is too cunning, it can fly into the sky and escape through the earth, possessing an innate advantage!” This was the judgment of ninety percent of people.

However, the other side still weren’t willing to relax. All those who came into contact with that rotten wooden chest had to be seized!

This was especially the case right now with Huang chasing after that stalk of immortal medicine. They just feared that he might obtain it. If that happened, then things would be much more troublesome.

“Damn it, isn’t that a stalk of medicine? Why did it end up getting involved?” Someone from the foreign side cursed.

Many experts were speechless. This was just a stalk of old medicine, yet it was this crazy, competing with them over the chest. They really didn’t know what to say about this.

This matter was even more serious than what Shi Hao imagined. The foreign side’s creatures simply went crazy, large numbers of men rushing over, about to overturn this place.

“Why aren’t we asking Anlan and Shutuo ancient ancestors for their opinion? They can definitely find where the rotten wooden chest is right now!” Someone suggested.

“Do you think we need you to tell us? However, there is no way of deducing the whereabouts of that chest, there won’t be any results. When it is the target of divination, only an expanse of primal chaos can be seen.” Someone said with a sigh, feeling extremely helpless.

Not even Anlan or Shutuo could do anything. After all, they were stopped by Heaven Abyss on the other side, moreover, that chest really was too extraordinary.

The reason why the foreign side could find that piece of vile earth wasn’t because the undying kings deduced that area, but purely because of an ancient map.

“Reporting! Gu Clan’s supreme being has arrived, Emperor Clan’s supreme beings have also arrived. This matter has been stirred big now, the most powerful creatures this world can tolerate have personally come!”

In Divine Medicine Mountain Range’s vicinity, there was a Self Release Realm great cultivator who said.

This triggered a huge commotion. Emperor Clans were extremely few, and Gu Clan was a race comparable to immortal kings. With even the supreme beings of this type of race appearing, the effects of this matter would definitely be unimaginable.

It was clear that the foreign side’s highest level was completely disturbed. If the undying existences could cross over, they would definitely flock over!

Outside Divine Medicine Mountain Range, everything already erupted. This was an unprecedented great disturbance, and then it quickly turned into a great storm!

As for the warning Shi Hao previously had the female undead knight release, making some dried-up bones walk out from Divine Medicine Mountain range, give a warning in the desert, it made Great Elder Meng Tianzheng stop, he didn’t enter this place.

Actually, Meng Tianzheng knew just how dangerous it was. However, for the sake of rescuing Shi Hao, he didn’t hesitate to put himself in danger!

When Great Elder learned that Shi Hao wasn’t in danger inside Divine Medicine Mountain Range, using a different method to declare his safety, moreover give him a warning instead, he temporarily calmed down, staying far away from this trap.

Now, this region became a source of chaos. It already exceeded the anticipation of both sides in the beginning, all of this because of the appearance of the rotten wooden chest.

“Huang might have obtained that thing? This won’t do, hurry and move out, seize that wooden chest!”

It wasn’t just the other side, even Imperial Pass found it hard to calm down, producing great waves.

“Huang, your life really is quite persistent! Not only did you not die, you even seemed to have obtained that ancient object. However, it doesn’t belong to you!”

Shi Hao never would have expected that the little butterfly that was himself, with just a slight flap of its wings, would stir up a storm in both sides. Great waves surged, a great storm approaching.

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