Chapter 1492

Chapter 1492 - Most Powerful Choice

Shi Hao’s thoughts were all over the place. Through his conversations with Shenming and Sanzang, the more he understood, the more he feared that ancient artifact on the sacrificial platform!

What exactly is this? Even Burial Kings had to maintain a respectful distance, this really was too freakish!

Even though it was divine, releasing nine-colored brilliance, illuminating the entire ancient palace, surging with immortal mist, primal chaos interweaving, it still made Shi Hao feel a wave of alarm.

He wasn’t like Shenming and Sanzang, longing for this type of thing, eyes full of fanaticism, instead feeling great apprehension, always feeling as if something wasn’t quite right.

Even those as powerful as Burial Kings weren’t willing to come! This chest really was too heaven-defying.

Shi Hao thought of many things, every thought making him shiver all over. He felt like he should leave as soon as possible, best if he left this thing alone!

It was to the extent where he had reason to suspect that regardless of whether it was Sanzang or Shenming, even if there were Burial Kings supporting...

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