Chapter 149 - Golden-Winged Peng (Teaser)

Chapter 149 - Golden-Winged Peng

“Truly conceited!” The big red bird was speechless.

The giant golden bird soared into the sky, its body enveloped in radiance. It looked like a deity, incomparably terrifying. It carried a type of dominant aura as it looked out disdainfully everywhere.

The Nine-Headed Lion, Rainbow Luan, Flame Crow and the others were apprehensive. This creature was extremely domineering, and possessed a powerful strength to match it. That type of aura truly made people frightened.

Even the the Three Eyed Race that used eye techniques had their hearts alarmed and their bodies leaping in fear. They were not willing to look at it face to face, because that creature’s golden pupils were like soul devouring vortexes.

The little guy did not raise his head, and didn’t even look at the giant golden bird. Instead, he waved the sword, chopping towards the dim-eyed White Tiger that only had the upper half of its body left. He did not want to overlook any potential danger.

“No, you can’t kill me!” The White Tiger shouted loudly, its eyes full of dismay. There were no creatures that did not fear death, and when the final moment arrives, even a deity would feel their hearts tremble.

The little guy did not say anything. After fighting up to this point, if he softened his heart and showed reluctance now, he would only be leaving behind a great danger.

“Brother Peng, save me!” The White Tiger shouted loudly while gazing into the sky. It was turning hysterical, and its fear carried a type of madness as it begged that creature.

When everyone heard what was said, their hearts all began to develop fear. A cold air began to rise from the bottom of their hearts; they were incomparably shocked. Was this really a Peng?!

The little guy’s face was expressionless, and he was not reluctant in the slightest. The broken sword in his hand hacked down, and with a pu sound, blood splashed out. A tiger head flew out, blossoming with blood.

The White Tiger’s eyes were suffused with unwillingness. In the last second, its pupils burned vigorously, as if they were lumps of flames as they combusted. His frontal bone quickly cracked in all directions, soon after destroying its own snow white fierce teeth.

The little guy sighed. This was truly a pity. Even though the White Tiger was already falling apart, it still had enough strength to destroy its primitive symbol bone while at death’s door, making him extremely regretful.

This meant that the White Tiger race’s precious method was so close, yet it passed him!

A creature typically did not grasp many precious artifacts. The reason they were so rare and precious was precisely due to what just happened. It was extremely...

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